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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Neocell Biotin Bursts Acai Berry Review

PR SAMPLE - I'm going to share a personal story with you today. In July, a YouTube beauty vlogger (that I really admired) recommended Hask shampoo & conditioner. So, I got excited and decided to buy it! The company also reached out to me and sent me products. When I tried it and gave myself a relaxer, my hair broke off (read my post HERE). I never told my readers how bad it was...but the breakage was REALLY BAD (see picture below). I was really upset, because my hair finally recuperated from an ordeal I experienced with a hairdresser! Well the YouTuber, in a separate video (but not titled Hask) admitted that she had to STOP using their products because it was drying out her hair! TOO LATE FOR ME! That's why, I'm a FIRM BELIEVER of TRULY testing out products and THEN giving your honest opinion! NOT just testing a product for a day or week! What you say or write can affect others! Try the product several times! If she would've tried it more than once, I would still have my hair. Because anything drying, I would've avoided. I knew it wasn't the relaxer because I hadn't had any problems with the relaxer. But those two products DID NOT react well with each other. So I always encourage my fellow beauty bloggers & vloggers to tell the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY! There is a silver lining...

BIOTIN! When my hair was really healthy, I took GNC's Women's Ultra Nourishair Biotin Vitamins. I heard and read really good things about biotin. When I took these pills, my hair felt softer, silkier, stronger and healthier. Biotin, also known as B7, aids in brittle nails, hair loss, wound healing and many other things. Biotin can also be found NATURALLY in foods such as mushrooms, fish, turkey, avocado, eggs, sunflower seeds, liver, peanut butter, cheese, cauliflower, almonds, soybeans, beef, bananas, berries, whole wheat bread etc. Since this incident, I started back on Biotin again to speed up my hair growing process (which affected the front and crown of my head). The GNC vitamin's (PILLS) I took were 1,200 mcg. Neocell reached out to me about their Biotin Bursts Acai Berry (SOFT CHEWS) which are 10,000 mcg! There's a HUGE difference in dosage! Since taking Biotin my hair has thickened, gotten stronger and is filling in. It still has a VERY LONG WAY TO GO! I've had to wear hats, caps and scarves during this ordeal. I was just able to put a dark rinse in my hair. I really prefer the Neocell Biotin Acai Chews, because they have a great grape like taste! It's like eating candy! Plus, I've experienced NO SIDE EFFECTS! I took a picture of the top of my head to show you, how my hair has filled in. I feel very vulnerable posting these pics, but felt it was necessary to show you how Biotin personally worked for me. I am not a doctor, nurse or anything medically related, but these are my results and honest opinion! You can also read general Biotin testimonials on WebMD HERE. FYI, that is a twistie on the back of my head. The back of my hair is short but wasn't as affected as the front. I have enough to put it in a little knot :( The WINNER of the Disney Villains Giveaway is Jackie H (USA) of Beautify Jackie Harrison blog! Congratulations Jackie! I sent you an email. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh my gosh! That sounds so scary, and to think she eventually came out telling everyone that she had such a bad experience too :( Its definitely a huge heads up to thoroughly test products before sharing them with tons of readers so thank you! You've made absolutely amazing progress and my mom has said I should start taking Biotin so these soft chews seem like a great alternative as me and pills don't always get along haha.

  2. Oh wow this sounds like a really interesting product, I have actually never heard of biotin bursts before

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  3. Oh Kim I'm so sorry that this happened to you & I totally agree that you should try out products before showcasing them or recommending them. It really winds me up when influential people recommend stuff that they haven't even tested.

    These sound really good & it's great that they've worked for you. Anything grape flavoured is a bonus in my eyes haha.
    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

  4. this sounds like a good product and it really helped you xoxo

  5. It's so horrible you had such a bad experience, but wonderful that you've found something to help your hair! :)

    I've had so many people comment on my hair/skin in pregnancy - it's definitely down to all the vitamins you have to take every day!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  6. I recall when you share that devastation and I call it that because who knew by using a product could cause so much damage. Acai is has so many benefit and it does not surprise me how well it work for you. Your hair looks healthy and thick that is an important thing for us ladies so happy you found a product that could revive and gives shines. So happy you share your story I know it must had not been easy but thank you this is a awaken moment for all of us to keep in mind. Cool I won sweetie omg love Disney this is awesome.

  7. Wow it's very effective.
    And i think people should start taking this one as the weather changes every time that can thin our hair

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  8. Hi Kim!
    I remember reading about your experience with these products. I am sure that the relaxer was not the problem. Some products contain too much protein. And sometimes the relaxer will burn your scalp before actually breaking the protein bonds to make the hair straighter. I am taking biotin too, but mine is only 5,000 mcg. It's a miracle in a bottle. If your skin starts breaking out, or if your urine looks more yellow than usual, drink plenty of water. It's a sign your body is trying to get rid of the extra B7. I love the fullness of your hair. You will have your hair back in no time, doll!

  9. Oh wow! That's a big difference, Kim! Yay for the Biotin. And man! I remember that post you did about your experience with that line:( That's just so unfortunate, and I agree. When doing reviews, it's really necessary to try them out longer before one can give an honest opinion. That's why I love reading yours and others I trust who I know really test out the products.

  10. I started taken Bioten when I went Natural with my hair and the result was amazing!
    I stop for a while though but I will get back on it.
    My doctor suggest taking it for 5 months straight and then taking a break for a while and then start again. Drink a lot of water with it too.

  11. I still remember when you shared your horrible experience with those hair products. I'm glad that your hair is growing and recovering now and it's good that these biotin supplements have also helped. You're one of my fave bloggers because of your openness and honesty Kim and I trust you. I know it can't be easy to share the incident with your hair but I know you do it in the spirit that it will help someone else. I'm with you on being able to fully test out products before sharing reviews. Some companies want you to post reviews immediately and it's like I've barely even had the chance to use it to give a thorough assessment.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  12. Oh, Kim, I so feel your pain about hair woes. Although I can't blame a specific product, I've really struggled with hair loss on and off for the past two years; just when things seem to be on the right track, I have a set back, and there's no discernible reason for it. Recently I've started seeking out foods that contain a lot of biotin in the hope that this helps, but these chews sound like a great way to supplement, too - and it looks like they've really worked for you! Here's hoping you continue to see good progress :)

  13. So true Kim, the truth is the right way, it is also far more responsible to tell it like it is. So scary with your hair, what a mess. Glad it's back now looking good.

    Have a great day sweets xx

    Anya from the hygge journal xx

  14. Oh my gosh, I feel so terrible for you - how awful to have tried out a product upon recommendation only to find it damaged your hair so badly. I keep to a very select, small group of products out of fear, so I can entirely imagine how awful this must have been for you. With that said, I'm SO pleased to see your hair looking thick and healthy again - literally breathing a sigh of relief for you!! A happy end to a horrible story :) have a lovely week Kim (and stroke that beautiful healthy hair of yours haha)! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  15. I'm so sorry that happened to you, Kim! I remember that post. A lot of bloggers and vloggers don't understand that people do buy things based on their recommendations. You can't give a rave review when it's a just okay or bad product! So glad Biotin is helping your hair!

  16. Oh Kim...I am SO sorry that happened. Honestly I get SO mad at youtube "gurus" sometimes because they are sponsored for everything and even if it sucks they say it is great. Thankfully I have only experienced that with makeup reccs from them, not this. You are so write, testing things needs to a be a longer process than just once...that's a first impression MAYBE. I am glad this biotin is helping!

  17. OMG, Kim! That is really a nightmare and how horrible about that product! I'm sure it may work for some people, but like you said, if only the youtube blogger would have tried it more than once she could have saved your situation. :( I can't believe how dramatic the difference is too. I can totally relate and have tried Biotin in the past when I went a little crazy with the bleach and really damaged my hair. I was also taking pills for my skin in college that killed my hair and lately after have the baby I am definitely losing more strands than normal. I will be looking into buying these when I'm back in CA next month. Thanks for sharing (and your honest review). So happy they worked so fast for you.


  18. I'm not a huge fan of hair products.. I try to keep things simple. That story about the Youtuber is so horrifying.. and your experience as well! but glad this product worked better for you!

  19. I remember when you reviews the hask hair care line and you said it effected your hair really bad Kim! I'm so sorry for what happened!! when I was in cosmetology school I went through something similar. Too much bleach on my hair and it broke off really bad. On one side or was so much shorter than the other I actually would glue a piece of extension/weave on the side on my head to even it out. It took over a year for my hair to get healthy again so I understand the struggle, frustration, and the self consciousness of having your hair ruined!
    Anyways- I'm glad that biotin is working for you! I have such a hard time remembering to take vitiams so I like how these ones you're reviewing are chewy ones!! I want some haha!!!

  20. I remembered your horrible experience with HASK, Kim and I was initially worried that it would affect my hair too but thank goodness nothing happened mine after testing it for two weeks by washing my hair everyday. Maybe it's the different range that causes it? I'm still using it close to a month now and my hair is good but it could also be my hair is not dyed?

    I have read LOTS of good stuff about Biotin and was tempted to purchase for myself when I was experiencing hair loss after delivery but none has such high mg! I'll need to check for this and see if I can get it here, your hair looks AMAZING in such a short time and it shows this product truly works!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  21. What a horrifying experience, I would die if my hair broke off. I have been using the HASK macadamia nut deep conditioner and hair oil and luckily my hair is fine, although I don't relax my hair. But a good point, if I ever decide to relax my hair, I would stop using the HASK.

    The Biotin sounds fabulous, I was looking to take a supplement for hair, and I did read up a bit on the biotin a while back. Now you have peeked my interest again. I'm happy this is working out for you.

    Keisha xo
    The Chrysalis Gal

  22. The berry chews sounds great and the results look great too. I'm glad it helped!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  23. I'm so happy to hear that your hair is growing back well Kim. So sorry about what happened to you. It is such a shame about those other products, I use Biotin with my multi-vitamins daily supplements. I am always very particular with hair and skincare products, and have not used those other products. I try to use natural products on my hair with a few other items. I don't relax my hair, but I do use flat iron, since my hair is actually a bit curly. Everyone's hair is different, my sister can use dry shampoo, but I cannot. Thanks for sharing your review and experience Kim. Have a lovely weekend.

  24. You poor thing Kim, that sounds like a horrible experience! I did try a Hask treatment oil once before and thought it was good but it's so inexpensive I got a bit suspicious - I will steer clear now!

  25. Oh Kim, so sorry that you went through that experience but so glad that your hair is healthy again. And thank you for sharing the photo and the experience. I think I may know what it feels to be vulnerable to show hair loss at the crown of your head. For me, it wasn't any specific product but I noticed that my hair was thinning at the crown in my late twenties. It has been a slow progress but now I notice that it's more and more noticeable. Last year I tried a apple cider vinegar rinse for my scalp because I read that it helps with hair loss and stimulating the roots but it hasn't really helped. I am also trying this new shampoo which is supposed to be anti-hair loss/hair growth but reviews say don't expect hair to grow back but it does help with volume. I am not sure if these supplements also helps with hair loss that may just be in the genes but I am willing to look more into it and see if it may be a fit for me to try out. :) thanks!

  26. I am so sorry about your hair experience. I am glad that these Biotin products are helping and giving good results for you. Xxx

  27. Yes me too so sorry that you had that horrible experience with your hair. Glad the biotin is working for you.
    I hope you are having a nice weekend.

  28. glad you found something that works for you. i can see the progress in the photos. these are so delicious...i couldn't wait to take them everyday.

  29. Omg Kim, I'm so sorry to hear about this. I'm glad your hair is looking healthy again. Don't worry too much, you are a good person and I'm sure only good things will happen to you, my dear.

    xo Jo

  30. OH how terrible - as a person with alopesia I KNOW HOW AWFUL it is to lose hair and anything that works against it. I make a lot of efforts and spend a lot of money on trying to keep the little hair I have…
    GLad to hear this worked for you.

  31. hey kim~ just wanted to let ya know that i actually purchased these and started taking them yesterday :) thanks for the review!

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