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Monday, January 18, 2016

Lip Kit By Kylie Jenner: Candy K Dolce K & True Brown K Review and Swatches

I understand people's feelings about the Jenner & Kardashian family. I get BOTH sides (both the love & distaste...not so much the hate! To hate is pretty strong. LOL )! I never purchased anything from them in the past, because I never trusted their opinions when they endorsed a product. They seemed to endorse a million things! I felt everything they did was for money, without regard as to whether the product was good or not! Does anyone remember their Sears collaboration? The Kardashians and Sears, just never seemed right to me. LOL So after MANY collaborations (over the years) & product promotions, Kylie Jenner stated she was coming out with a liquid lipstick collection. When she started showing previews, I liked the colors (you know I love nudes)...I liked the packaging (it reminded me of melted chocolate)... and I loved that they were liquid lipsticks (you know I love lipsticks). Plus I collect makeup. So I decided to wait on the collection. It came out in November and sold out in seconds. You know my eyebrow raised up! LOL It then came out in December and I was able to get all 3. I had to purchase them separately and wait almost 15 minutes in-between each purchase, but I was able to get them. I tried them and they are really good! The packaging for the lipstick is absolutely adorable. The liquid lipstick comes in a clear casing, with a dripping/melted lipstick design, black top and Kylie's name in script. It has a doe foot applicator. What I find so fabulous, is the scent! Oh my gosh, it smells like CAKE! FROSTED CAKE! I could sniff it all day. The lipstick itself is like mousse. It feels so good when you apply it and the coverage is superb. This has NO PLUMPING effect you guys! So don't expect that. This lipstick dries down to a MATTE finish. The corresponding liners are very creamy and easy to apply. I must say these have staying power! You will seriously need to RUB to get these off your lips!

So the product is really good! However, there was a HUGE kerfuffle about dupes! Many mentioned some Colourpop shades as dupes, but if you watch popular YouTuber Amy Macedo's video, you'll see they don't exactly match up (some other brands didn't match up either). My favorites on me were Candy K and Dolce K. Both were very soft and easy to wear. True Brown K was more of a challenge. When first applied, it was streaky. So I had to put two coats on my lips below. I purchased a lot of brown lip glosses from Anastasia Beverly Hills, that I'll be featuring in the next post. They are a lot softer than True Brown K. So stay tuned :) In the future (if she releases more), I think I will stick to the lighter colors. As mentioned above the liner is very creamy, but the tip is all you get! It doesn't dispense any more product (it doesn't twist up...that's ALL the product you get). So I won't be lining a lot. LOL She is coming out with a Valentine collection soon and I show one of the colors below (Posie K) from her Instagram page.

Now, the bad points! Her liquid lipsticks are very hard to get (and she knows it). It doesn't have to be this way. She could sign with Sephora, Ulta, Saks Fifth Avenue etc. and they could sell her products. She could do a pre-order, so everyone could place an order, BE HAPPY and get her lipsticks. Instead, every time she releases them, HYSTERIA occurs. Girls are seriously crying and upset, because they are unable to purchase them. She has a huge, young fan base that looks up to her. At that age, FRUSTRATION sets in. Then it divides the ones who HAVE IT and the ones WHO DO NOT! It creates a tense and ugly situation. I was flipping channels one day and her mother (Kris Jenner) was talking to her father (Bruce Jenner). She was worried about Kylie (she seemed sad). This was before her popularity. Kendall's (her sister) modeling career had taken off and everyone else was pretty successful. I looked up and Kylie plumped her lips and her entire face had changed. There's nothing wrong with that and I think she looks great. I'm for anyone, doing anything that makes them feel better about themselves. But you would think, someone who went through feeling inferior wouldn't create such a popularity contest for others to get her lipsticks! She's now making other girls feel bad, when all they want to do is be like her. On another note, some complained about not receiving the product after paying or getting charged and then told they wouldn't be able to fulfill their order. So logistically, it's been problematic. I never had any problems with my orders! And I am very happy with all 3 liquid lipsticks! But I just wanted to share my thoughts on the entire situation. I purchased all 3 lipkitbykylie liquid lipsticks with my own money and would recommend anyone interested in purchasing them to do so. I could go on about my distaste when (she herself) people her age give someone the middle finger, call other girls bitches or basic but I won't. I hope it's a phase that disappears (as someone who is MUCH MUCH MUCH older than her). She has a lot of lovely qualities and so I just focused on those below. Those are my thoughts. Wishing you a lovely week.

Lip Kit By Kylie in Candy K


Lip Kit By Kylie in Dolce K


Lip Kit By Kylie in True Brown K


supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  LipKitByKylie in Candy K, Dulce K and True Brown K are Sweet 

(all pictures below are from the Kylie Jenner & LipKitByKylie Instagram page)

Kylie Jenner is coming out with a Valentine collection. Posie is one of the NEW colors.

I thought she looked very beautiful at a Golden Globe party. 
Her outfit and makeup was gorgeous.  I thought it was the perfect combination of sexy & ladylike.  
You don't have to show everything to be such!

She and her sister will be coming out with a clothing collection soon. 
Appropriately named Kendall + Kylie


  1. The browns look rally good on you Kim! I'm glad you were able to get them in the end.

    I agree with you that the Kardashians seem to put their name to everything - but hey if people buy it you can't fault them for trying to turn the popularity into a money maker! haha :) It helps when the products are good quality like these ones you tried :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Way to keep this super classy! I personally do not care for Kylie, but what you said about her was so on point and very mature (obviously because you are awesome :) ) and I do love all the colors on you. I am so glad you were able to snag them and I actually may get one because of the smell, as you mentioned, and how high quality they seem to be!

  3. Even if I don't like her that much, these lipcolours are amazing!
    Its suuuuuper sweet!
    Just saw its sold out :(

    xoxo, Colli

  4. In love with Candy K & Dolce K shades <3 I really wanted to get my hands on one of these ever since they were launched. I am a Kendall Jenner fan but nothing can beat Kylie's nude pout <3

    Fabulous review Kim, lucky you!!

  5. Candy K looks amazing on you! I again both love and distaste the Kardashians. I think they need to be more careful with the things they endorse, especially as their following are so impressionable. I have mixed feelings about Kylie, I think she's had to grow up far too quickly and I can't believe she's only 18. I agree that she should set up a platform where people can get her lipsticks easier. Also, that sucks that you get the tiniest bit of lip liner. I do really want to try these as I love liquid lipsticks, but I'm hesitant.
    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

  6. These look alright!! I'm not a fan of this family what so ever, I find them annoying really, haha!! But, these do look alright, but like you say, they should have them available in more places!!And I would most likely rather give my money to someone else than them x

  7. Im not a fan of the family either lol but Im super intrigued by this line too. Candy is my fave Kim and is very nice on u. Im shaken they went soon sold out and are almost rare to find. Have a good week! xo

  8. I agree with you 100% especially making young girls feel down when all they want to do is look like her. I'm not fund of them but I do not hate them, maybe because I do not understand the hype also their is to many of Kardashian wannabe and I believe be yourself. Her collection is pretty and the shades are stunning will I try it! To be honest unless is available in one of the store you mention maybe.

  9. That Dolce one looks so awesome on you, Kim! Well, they all looked great, but that's my fave IMO:D And you know...seriously, I don't get the hysteria over the Kardashians but must admit they're very smart when it comes to business. Momager Kris done good!

    PS Those girls who cry over not getting her products...SMH

  10. The colors do look great on you! I like the soft shades though I don't think I'd go overboard trying to get it either. At least it delivers!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  11. Liquid lipsticks always look like crap on me, but if that wasn't the case I would want to try these! But of course, I wouldn't be able to for all the reasons you mentioned. I 100% agree that Kylie should just contract them out so everyone can have a fair chance... her especially being that, until recently, she was the LEAST popular of that clan. It's a real shame.

  12. I was curious about these after all the hype so it's good to get your take Kim! You really rock these shades. I'm definitely not a fan of the Kardashians and I wouldn't waste my energy hating on them but I think they're very good at building up hype around everything they do.

  13. I think I own all of the near dupes of these shades from Colour Pop - without actually realizing what they were based on! Shows what I know about make-up ;) Honestly, I don't understand the false hype created around these products, it would, as you say, be so much better if she just signed with Sephora or Ulta to sell them. But lucky that you got your hands on them!

  14. I am not a fan of the Kardashians so I won't be purchasing anything that is endorsed or released by them. You wear all three shades really well, Kim and Dolce K and Candy K are my favourites on you. Can you sharpen the lip liner, Kim? It's so strange that you only get the tip!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  15. What do you mean NO PLUMPING? It is Kylie we are talking about here? I can understand why a lot of people don't like them, but at the end of the day, we are all human beings and should accept each other for who we are. I don't like some of the things that they do on TV either, but I just flip the channel to Dr. Drew ..... with his cute self! Anyway, I love the colors on you, Kim! And I love the point you make about her making the products available through other companies.

  16. Hey Kim!
    Here I am again and I totally agree with your opinion about the Kardashians and how they collaborate with just anyone and everyone! I, too was attracted to the beautiful packaging and the smell of frosted cake would sell just about ANYTHING to me, haha!
    I think that Jenner just wants to create a hype about herself and over-sell her stuff. I mean, if these things were available in stores, she wouldn't get the fame she's getting by her product being sold out in know what I mean?

    Have a good day, love :)

    La Belle Dame

  17. Even though these colours aren't for me, Kim you look great in them. I know the Kardashians get a lot of flack, and they aren't my favourite, but from a business standpoint, you have got to give it to the PR they get around the branding, haha. Thanks for the review Kim. x
    Event Styling

  18. Regardless of what people may think of the Kardashians as individuals, their businesses are nearly always faultless. I mean, this is one ridiculously perfect line Kylie has got going! The brown shades are so gorgeous and luxurious in appearance, and I had no idea she was bringing out a Valentine's Day collection too - thanks for the news Kim!

  19. Well, like you say at the beginning, I would not buy anything endorsed by the clan as I see it as a marketing move and not a real "I use this, i love it - endorsement". I am still at that stage.
    Now, at least the products were good.

  20. the colors look great on you. you're right though it would be much easier had she partnered up with other locations and sell her items on there. i would love to try it, but i don't think i would go out of my way waiting for one to be available. however, i'm not going to lie i would love to get my hands on it, haha. i guess what i enjoy about her lip collection are how neutral the colors look when you put them on. they look great and worth purchasing

  21. With the Kardashian name, these girls can get the best of the best to help them create products! I think its funny how people hate on them. If someone can make ridiculous amounts of money off their name and looks, why not? My only gripe is I would love to see them create a foundation of some sort to do something important that can change lives since they have the power.

  22. Ok so i admit I'm so jealous right now! I had to opportunity to by these and didnt because I thought the liquid lipstick was $29.99, I had no idea the liner came with it so I passed. I was so mad later for not paying attention. I was watching her snaps that morning and went to the site at 9am when she was said to have launched but simply skipped out on it. I wen ton ebay because a lot of people were selling it on there but they want like $100 for it. The candy k & dolce k are too light for my complexion so I was opting for true brown k. I still want this mainly for the packing I think it's so dope.

    Only The Brave Blog

  23. All three colors look beautiful on you Kim!! I'd like to try these but I probably won't bother with trying to find them and order them since they sell out so fast lol!! I don't keep up with th Kardashians, or any celebs actually. I only know about these through social media LOL!

  24. I'm glad to know that the product actually lives up to the hype! I love the colors, especially that dark brown. I know, the Sears collab was a bit odd, I mean, I would expect Nordstrom; Sears was very random! I actually liked the one they did with Bebe the quality was in fact there; I purchased a dress from the collection. I understand what you mean about her making her products so hard to get. It kind of goes against her whole no bullying advocacy she shares on her Instagram. Girls can, no, ARE mean and having a group who has them and those who don't is just wrong, when like you said, she can have them sold at Sephora and such. Nonetheless, I'm glad you were satisfied and perhaps I'll give them a try; if I can get my hands on them ;)



  25. All of these look really fantastic on you Kim! I'm not a huge fan of this family, so I am on the fence to purchase.

    Keisha xo
    The Chrysalis Gal

  26. They all look very nice on you but I just can't bring myself to purchase anything from this family. I think her sister, Kendell, seems the most classy of the whole group, but I could be wrong. I didn't even know these were out there, so thanks for the review.


  27. I'm not a fan of any Kardashian, so I will not check out this product. You're good in choosing lip colours Kim, they all look really good on you. Thanks for your opinions.

    xo Jo

  28. She is definitely not someone to look up to as everything she does causes quite a few alarm bells.
    That being said, the lipsticks do look lovely, but unless she releases at Sephora or what have you, I doubt I will ever purchase them.

    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  29. I think I like Candy K the most. The fact that they give you so little liner is a disappointment. I think I would prefer a dupe of these just because of the cost and lack of stock.

  30. There are some pretty colors, and these look great on you! I must admit my distate (I love that you used that word. It's perfect!) for the family, so I didn't bother with getting caught up in the hysteria. I felt the same as you about how they seemed to almost go out of the way to make these super exclusive. You make so much more money if you don't do that! lol Some of the new colors look like colors I would like. I think I would like to give these a try if I can get my hands on them. Thanks for the review, Kim! xoxo

  31. Ooooh you got the lip kits! I've been seriously tempted to nab one or two...they just look AMAZING. Though my opinion of the Kardashians tends to be less than positive, Kylie certainly hit on something genuinely awesome with these! :D

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  32. Every time I look, it's always sold out ~ I see that Kylie is coming out with new shades this year, I am excited but I think I probably won't be quick enough as it sold out within seconds every time. Great photos Kim, the colours looks gorgeous on you!

    Kay ♡

  33. yikes that is an unfortunate situation and i could see how it would play out like that among young girls. :(

  34. I'm glad that you included all the controversies around the family/brand/stock issues and didn't gloss over or ignore it. The shades look lovely on you and I am tempted to buy some...

  35. The colours look beautiful on you! I've just got my own lip kits and they are a gorgeous colour! Did you get the latest colour #22?

  36. You can sharpen the lip liners!! they are the same as any other lip liner pencil. So there is plenty of product in there! In fact you can sharpen it right down to the base so you get more product then you would a retractable. Kylie even posted this on her instagram

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  38. Girl, the tip of the liner is not all you get! You have to sharper it just like a regular lip liner. You can't expect it to be retractable. O_o

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