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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Anastasia Beverly Hills LIp Gloss Collection

Let me give you a little beauty scoop! Did you know Anastasia of Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics is friends with the Jenner/Kardashian family? Yes, she is! I follow her Snapchat account and she attended/showcased Kris Jenner's annual Christmas Party & spoke about their close friendship. When I was in graduate school, I remember a girl telling me Beverly Hills was very small. Much smaller than what people think. So it's not surprising that everyone knows everyone there. Anastasia also congratulated Kylie Jenner on her successful LipKitByKylie liquid lipstick collection on her instagram page. When I learned those two things, I started putting things together. If you look at the actual packaging of ABH lip glosses & Lip Kit By Kylie's liquid lipsticks, the packaging looks exactly the same (other than the print/branding of course). Also, the ABH lip glosses have ALMOST (they're not as frosted cake, but they are sweet and smell REALLY GOOD) the same scent as Lip Kit By Kylie's liquid lipsticks. Friendship. Similarities. Hmmm? If Anastasia didn't help Kylie with these, there surely was INSPIRATION from Anastasia's products. HaHaHa I've been on my head to try Anastasia's lippies! I kept a list of colors I wanted to try and I think it was the night before Thanksgiving I saw they were going to be like $9 instead of $16. So I waited for midnight, 2 am or some odd time (along with the rest of the beauty world LOL) and scored these. Let me tell you! She ships super-fast! I'm NOT A LIP GLOSS GIRL! However, these are SUPER FANTASTIC! I don't even want to call them lip glosses. They are pigmented. They are rich. They are creamy. They are non-gummy. The formula is ingenious, because I experienced NO STREAKING. This formula just glides on your lips. LOOK at those light colors on my lips! I DO NOT wear light colors well, as many of my older readers have witnessed in past reviews. I knew if they worked, then the darker colors would be easy peasy. I purchased a lot of pink & brown shades, but there are a zillion colors to choose from. All the colors pack a punch, but remain SOFT & WEARABLE! Her stuff is CLASSY SOPHISTICATED CHIC! You can't go wrong with these. I can't wait to buy more. NOW, I know why everybody and there grandma were up waiting for the sale. SO WORTH IT! Plus they literally smell sweet. Not frosted cake sweet as Kylie Jenner's liquid lipsticks, but SWEET. Anastasia has restored my faith in lip glosses again :D. I know I'm kind of jumping back and forth, but if you love looking at different places AROUND THE WORLD, follow her on snapchat. She is from Romania and travels extensively. She walks around Romania, Paris, St. Barts, Italy etc. She SHOWS you the INSIDE of all these fabulous shops and places to eat. She snapchats exclusive parties! You will see things, you never imagined. If you THINK you know someone who is rich, you haven't compared to the people she knows. HAHAHA Her snapchats are long, but always entertaining. After I'm finished watching them, I'm like DAYUUUM! >.< Oh she also showed the Christmas decorations inside The White House! It was like a personal tour. You will learn so much from her snapchat. I know I do. Again, this is NOT a sponsored post. I purchased all of these with my own little money (I catch sales). I'm super impressed with them, her snapchat and just wanted to pass on my thoughts to YOU :)

Anastasia Beverly Hills BUTTERSCOTCH Lip Gloss

Anastasia Beverly Hills UNDRESSED Lip Gloss

Anastasia Beverly Hills DAINTY Lip Gloss

Anastasia Beverly Hills PEONY Lip Gloss

 Anastasia Beverly Hills METALLIC ROSE

Anastasia Beverly Hills VINTAGE Lip Gloss

Anastasia Beverly Hills KRISTEN Lip Gloss

Anastasia Beverly Hills GILDED Lip Gloss

Anastasia Beverly Hills WARM BRONZE Lip Gloss

Anastasia Beverly Hills TARA Lip Gloss

Anastasia Beverly Hills SEPIA Lip Gloss

Anastasia Beverly Hills FUDGE Lip Gloss

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Glosses are Supersweet


  1. OMG how can every shade be so perfect!!! AHHH I love

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I love metallic rose and fudge lip gloss color.
    Looks great on you.

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  3. You got so many nice colours! "Vintage" is my favourite on you, but they all look good! :)

    Glad you managed to score them on sale too, always great when that happens :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. I absolutely love the metallic rose on you - gorgeous stuff Kim <3 <3

  5. Aaaaah, I am sooo jealous!
    these are ALL suuper duper sweet!!!!!! SO in love with them!!!!!

    xoxo, Colli

  6. Someone on youtube state the same about ABH and KJ lip products similar and the texture pigmentation also the same. ABH has a stunning shade collection great review.

  7. Holy smokes these look SWEEEEEEET.

  8. You know, I've never tried any of the Anastasia products...even the brow ones which she's known for. What's wrong with me?!? These glosses all look so fantastic. And yeah....Kylie's line is probably produced in the same place where hers are. Apparently, there's only a few of them that do it for all the cosmetic lines.

  9. I've been hearing so much about these glosses recently, but they aren't readily available in Canada and, unfortunately, the cost of shipping, duties and exchange is too much for me to even think about. Which is a shame because the colours and formula look so lovely!

  10. All these lip glosses are gorgeous! Great post Kim!

  11. Great review. There are so many beautiful colors to choose from. I'm intrigued since it is difficult to find non-sticky glosses!

  12. All those colors are so pretty Kim!! I can't even pick which one I like best because you look stunning in all of them! $9 is a great deal too, but even the full price of $16 isn't bad!!

  13. Now I kinda want some of these after reading your review lol

  14. Beautiful selection of colors, glad to hear they're good lip gloss because there are some terrible ones out there. I've heard of this brand and have been wondering what the hype was about, now I know :) Looking forward to catch a sale and try it! Great review!

  15. These are so pretty, I love metallic rose the best!! Looks so gorgeous on you, am glad you like them :))) xx

  16. Love all the chocolate/caramel shades and the finish very much. I just hope they stopped adding parabens to their line. Once upon a time I really wanted to buy some of the products, but changed my mind half way through because of the ingredients. :(

  17. I loved all the colors......very pretty!

  18. Oh! What can I say? I love each and every one of this collection, all shades are very well Kim! I wish I could find that brand in my city. Nice review hun.

  19. I'm not a gloss person, either. But, I love how you described these. That is what I want out of a gloss when I wear gloss. Great review!

  20. These look and sound incredible Kim. Oprah had a set of Anastasia glosses on her favorite things list last year and you know it has to be good to get both Oprah's and Kim's stamps of approval :)

  21. oh! a SUPERSWEEET!
    I am like jealous, like really jealous of your make up collection.

  22. What a fun post to read and I love all the swatches! I still need to try these glosses!

  23. These lippies are all the rave on YouTube and Instagram and I've never tried them. I don't know, I tend to only stick to YSL, Milani, Revlon and Top Shop (super creamy), but I really need to step up my lipstick game and start experimenting more! Your reviews are always helpful and thorough, which I love and appreciate. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and I hope you're having a lovely week so far!



  24. Wow, amazing warm shades! The vintage and gilded are gorgeous! Interesting connection with the Jenners, small world, hah!


  25. There are so many cosmetic products there in USA. The shades here are so pretty. Looks great on you.

  26. Thanks for the review and now I wanna follow her on snapchat (I may succumb!) I love how you look in the vintage and tara shades!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  27. Great to hear they were so very fabulous ! I always thought of her as an eyebrow gal I didnt know she also had glosses...
    Would you believe I do not have Snapchat ?!?

  28. I see what you are saying, Kim! The friendship is definitely there. They probably worked together on Kylie's project, too. But if the products work that's all that counts. I think the price is pretty decent too. Good thing you waited.

  29. Now that you mentioned it, I do see a similarities of ABH and Kylie Lip Kit; I want to try both of them!

    Kay ♡

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