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Monday, September 26, 2016

Ittse Ready Set Glamour Squad Quad Review & Swatches

I LOVE big name beauty brands, but lately smaller indie beauty brands have been making my heart flutter. Have you guys heard of the makeup brand Ittse? I just learned about them this year, through YouTuber Michelle of Ready Set Glamour. She swatched some eye shadows on her channel and I couldn't get over how pretty & pigmented they were. Plus, the packaging was so precious. Well Michelle just recently collaborated with Ittse on a Ready Set Glamour Squad Quad (4 eye shadows). I thought this would be a great way to try Ittse eye shadows, so I purchased it. Below are my thoughts...

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  Ittse x Ready Set Glamour Squad Quad is Supersweet


Michelle of Ready Set Glamour

I love Michelle's You Tube Channel (ReadySetGlamour) & Snapchat (ReadySetSquad). She's friendly, personable and you can easily relate to her. She reviews and swatches all types of beauty, skincare and makeup brands. She's invited to the hottest brand events. She goes to the events and snapchat's THE PRODUCTS. Some YouTuber's go and hardly cover the products. Well that's what many of us beauty enthusiast want to see! So I appreciate that about her. She included a beautiful message to her fans and even a #squadquad tattoo :)

Ittse's Packaging

Ittse's packaging is to die for! They leave no detail un-turned! The box itself was wrapped in the prettiest orange-colored tissue paper. It's secured by a sticker (the brand's name). Their inserts have the loveliest illustrations! Think chic & modern paper dolls! These illustrations were on the packing slip, discount card and they even included a sticker. I loved it! The box containing the eye shadows (fits in the palm of your hands) is just as CHARMING! It's composed of intricately designed town homes (condos) or brownstones. Inside the windows you get a peek of baby grand pianos, people at a formal party,  someone's personal library, a cat on a perch and a woman in front of her vanity. It reminds me of those fancy expensive collector doll houses. Then there's a box that slides out from that box! Within it, are the eye shadows! LOL They're wrapped in brown tissue paper and secured with a sticker (ittse logo). On the outer cover of that box are teapots, hot air balloons, squirrels and all kinds of fun things.

The Ready Set Glamour Squad Quad

Ittse's eye shadows are individually wrapped (as shown below)! So they will need to go into something. They're magnetized on the back. Ittse has cases, but I already had a small Betty Boop Z Palette, so I put mine in that. Four eye shadows (quad) came with this set! Hashbrown, Chill Zone, Fifteen and Squad. I'm including Michelle's video below that explains the names she gave her eye shadows. It's really cute. These colors are PERFECT for FALL/AUTUMN! I can't wait to wear them. The quality of the eye shadows are over the top superb! Some of the major brands, don't have this type of quality! It's sad to say! ONE SWIPE you guys! ONE SWIPE on my hands below! I am beyond impressed!  I will be ordering more. Ittse has an assortment of different colors you can choose from. These eye shadows are still available on their website. Here's a discount code she included on her video: "USE CODE 'RSGLAMOUR20' at checkout to get 20% off + FREE shipping on your ENTIRE order! The quad ends up being $24 if you use the code at checkout; the bundle containing the quad + a magnetic palette in a color of your choice will be $36 if you use the code at checkout. 20% off coupon code will be available now through September 30, 2016".

Note: I just want to say, this is not sponsored. I don't know Michelle personally. I just watch her channel & snapchats; and follow her on Twitter. She's just one of those YouTubers that REALLY works hard. So I wanted to support her first collaboration. I have no affiliation with Ittse. This is my first time trying their products. I purchased this with my own money. You guys know I love trying different makeup products and telling you guys my honest thoughts on them. Ittse is a treasure and my new beauty love.



  1. Wow! All of the colors look so pretty. I'm a fan of ReadySetGlamour too! This review definitely motivated me to purchase the squad quad. :)

  2. Those shadows are so gorgeous! The swatches look really nice too! They definitely scream autumn! I haven't heard of this brand, but ill definitely check out their shadows so I can add to my collection of single ones in my z palette! I'm have to check out

    1. I'll have to check our Michelle's channel too, she's gorgeous! And I life finding good indie brands! Sorry D out the double comment, I accidentally hit publish before I was done typing, and it doesn't help that it's almost 3:30 am LOL

  3. I've never heard of her channel! Thanks for the heads up, Kim:) And you're so right...the packaging is just TDF (aside from the awesomeness of those swatches!).

  4. I have never heard of this brand. Love the packaging and the swatches on your arm are amazing. Love the shades. This youtuber is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I was so beautiful *crying face*, Lol. Thanks for introducing us to this brand Kim. xoxo

  5. What beautiful pigmentation! Details matter and i LOVE the packaging!

  6. I find that smaller brands tend to be better with the details or maybe it's because that they're small that they can pay attention. The pigmentation of these shadows looks incredible and these are definitely some great shades for fall. Thanks for the intro Kim!

  7. Ittse is totally new to me - I'm definitely not up on my indie beauty brands, since I don't change my daily look all that often. But I have to say, I am so impressed by the swatches from Ittse, the colours are so vivid! I definitely need to be looking for more alternatives in my beauty routine, I think I'm missing out by not doing more research.

  8. I follow Michelle and really like her too! The shadows look really nice!

  9. Wow these colors are so rich, creamy, and beautifully pigmented! I don't think I ever heard of this brand before. The packaging is super cute and $24 isn't bad at all! Thanks for sharing Kim!

  10. The packaging is darling! I am loving that squad color. Gorgeous for fall!

  11. I've never watched Michelle but I will. I love the great things you said about her. I've also never heard of this brand but how I love the products already. Very pigmented. Great shades too. Thanks for this intro Kim, I look forward to trying some of their shadows.

  12. Wow they are wonderful for just one swipe! :) Glad you tried the brand Kim, it looks like a wonderful one to have in your collection with the cute packaging and even better that the products are so good!

    Hope you've had a great weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  13. Holy cow! That pigmentation is intense, Kim and what a great purchase indeed. I'm tempted to place an order since there's a code but I wonder if the free shipping is US only? Will head over and check.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  14. The packaging is so cute and love those shades! Thanks for sharing!

    Chow Down USA

  15. Gorgeous pigments! I'd love to give them a try too. :D


  16. I hadn't heard of this brand before, but the shadows are so gorgeous and definitely look super-pigmented!

    Fizz and Frosting

  17. I haven't heard of this brand before, but it sounds interesting. The pigmentation looks incredible good and the colors are TDF!

  18. Xolors are really stunning.

  19. I've never watched any of Michelle's videos before, so thanks for introducing me to her; I'll have to check out her channel! I love that you're so honest and supportive of other hard working content creators, Kim, it really shows what kind of person you are! I love the fact that you mentioned that she actually shows the products when she goes to events. You know, I've attended NYFW a number of times and though it's a coveted and highly glorified moment for fashion, I often think what are us fashion bloggers doing with these event and show invites that can truly benefit our readers and followers and not just show the industry that we're significant. If it doesn't benefit the reader, or in her case, viewer, what is the purpose? So, I think that's awesome and I had to just point that out! As for the brand, I've never heard of it before, but the fact that they pay such close attention to detail and that the quality of their shadows is great is quite amazing! You can tell just by looking at the highly pigmented swatches that the quality is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you're having the best start to your week so far!



  20. Hi Kim! I can't keep up with all these brands! So awesome. How are you doing? Just in case, you're not aware, I'm back blogging, but with very sporadic posts.

    xo Jo

  21. Yet another brand that I had not heard of ... (you are educational to me KIM ;)
    I absolutely LOVED all the colors and all the detail in the packaging, the doll drawings remind me of Stila.
    Oh, those were the days of free make up, long gone..

  22. That looks amazing! I love the colours and the packaging. Happy Wednesday!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  23. I really like how pigmented these colours are Kim. It's also really great to hear about this Indie brand, as I didn't know of it, but I have watched Michelle's videos though. The packaging is adorable. Great feature!

  24. Did not know his channel, I have loved the eyeshadows have good pigmentation and those colors are perfect for fall! Moreover is she is gorgeous you feel good about those colors.

  25. Dear Kim, I cherish every word you use in your posts: I feel about your blog like you feel about Michelle's YouTube channel :-) that said, I've never heard of Indie make up brands, but the intensity of their eye shadows makes sense as I associate India with a bright palette of vivid colors. The packaging is so dainty on the other hand, with all the cutest details taken care of. The colours look fantastic. I think they would not compliment my skin colour but I want to check out the other colors available because it's hard to find such pigmented shades. I think cooler shades would suit me more. I'd love to see you wearing these colors!! Tons of love, Valeria

  26. Gorgeous gorgeous shades! And I love the packaging as well!

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