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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Makeup Revolution The Matte Blush In Nude Review

I have a love/hate relationship with Makeup Revolution. Some of their products perform beautifully. Others not so much. After being disappointed with their Sugar & Spice Blush Palette, I didn't buy anything from them again. LOL Two beauty bloggers, Ashley of Ashley Sue Makeup and Lily of Beauty With Lily, showcased Makeup Revolution's The Matte Blush in Nude (I linked their reviews) and my eyes lit up. I became really smitten with the swatches I saw. I thought it would be a great color for me, and for only $5 I was like what do I have to lose!?! LOL I purchased it from ULTA and I love it. The brand describes it as a nude with a touch of pink. So I guess it's considered a pinkish-brown. It's a beautiful color! Now, let me tell you about Makeup Revolution! Their makeup is PIGMENTED! HIGHLY PIGMENTED! ALL OF IT! If you swirl your blush brush in this blush (tongue-twister), you better tap, tappity, tap...tap...tap (off the excess). Even after tapping, you'll have enough to do BOTH cheeks. The results are beautiful, but that you need to know. Now I used a blush brush, but when I went back to Lily's video she suggested using a stippling brush. I will have to try that the next time. This blush should last a really long YEARS! HaHaHa You don't need much! It also has staying power! It never faded on me. It's beautiful. There are 5 other shades to choose from, so catch one of ULTA's sales where they sell them Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off. I'm also wearing NYX Wicked Lippie in Wrath.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  Makeup Revolution The Matte Blush in Nude is Sweet

It's Time For A Sweet Surprise! I haven't done one of these in a couple of months (ahem June)! My Sweet Surprise recipient is Shireen of Reflection of Sanity blog. Shireen's blog encompasses makeup & skincare reviews, exercise (yoga), personal fashion, her family and boy does she have some delicious recipes to share. I think I've saved all of them! What I admire about Shireen is her personality (she's super fun, funny and frank) and her desire to try new things. Shireen's skincare and makeup reviews are the best! She will have you laughing over her past experiences, trials & tribulations. She's very relatable! And she gives excellent, detailed reviews! You can read through them with ease & never get bored. Plus, you will learn about some wonderful new brands! I can also appreciate her honesty. She's not afraid to say if a product is good or bad (despite it being sponsored). So, she's very credible! Shireen is a faithful commenter. She will comment on your blog and even reply back to comments on her own blog. She reaches out to bloggers on social media (instagram & twitter). She does daily instagram stories. She juggles ALL of these things while being there for her family. I'll never forget one of our first conversations (via email or something). Shireen said, Kim are you Asian? LMAO I was like, no Shireen I'm Black ... African American! HaHaHa We both laughed! That brings me to the next thing I like about her...she's diverse! She reaches out to all! Shireen SHINES! That's why I'm gifting her Laura Geller's Ballerina, Peach Glow, Gilded Honey and Charming Pink Highlighters! Shireen, you were also the winner of my Coola Giveaway, but I was waiting for you to come back from your vacation. Shireen, you are lovely both inside & out! Continue teaching & reaching out to others! Spread positivity throughout the blogosphere. Always let your beautiful light SHINE! I'm very proud of you.


  1. Oh that is a lovely colour - and great that it's such a pigmented and lasting formula, even if it can be a little too strong if you don't take care to go lightly with it :)

    Shireen is a lovely blogger too, her prize is well deserved :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Hahaha, oh man, tappity tap tap tap indeed! Sounds like its got amazing pigmentation, that's for sure xD
    Now that the weather's cooling off, I'm getting back into my interest of makeup. Aha, everything was just too sweaty to apply too much before. That or I'm a lazy wimp lol. But oooh, this blush looks lovely!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Visit my YouTube channel!

  3. Oooooo...I've heard a lof about Makeup Revolution. Good to know these are really highly pigmented. Thanks for the review, Kim:)
    And yay for Shireen! She's a sweetie, eh? And LOL on her asking if you're Asian...that girl...hehe

  4. Congrats to Shireen, it's always fun to read her beauty reviews. It's nice to know that there is still plenty to work with even after tapping off the excess. I actually really like the colour a lot! I've not used Makeup Revolution, so this was good to read. Thanks for the review Kim. Have a great weekend.

  5. I'm SO glad you decided to give this brand a second chance and even happier that you loved the blush. It's a gorgeous everyday color...I wear it almost everyday. LOL! And I'm glad you found my video and thoughts helpful, Kim, thank you for sharing my are so sweet! Wicked looks stunning on you!
    Congrats to Shireen! I just adore her, she is so funny and works so hard on her blog.
    Happy Friday, Kim, hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  6. This color is so pretty on you! I think it would be great on my skin tone too. Congrats to Shireen! I can see why she asked if you were Asian. You do look it a little. My husband has a lot of ethnicities in him. His last name is Spanish and people do a double take because he does not look Spanish at all. He actually looks a little Asian to me by this face shape and eyes yet does not have Asian in him. His Finnish blood give him that look.

  7. I've definitely heard good and bad when it comes to Makeup Revolution though it's a brand I've yet to try myself. You were definitely right about this color Kim. It looks beautiful and gives your face such a nice natural glow. Congratulations to Shireen! She is such a hoot and a sweetie! You're the best to for doing this Sweet Surprise series :)

  8. This blush is gorgeous on you, Kim! I love the color, which gives a nice subtle flush to the skin and I'm swooning over that lip color on you! Hahaha, I love Shireen, too. I just can't, the woman is hilarious! I always read her comments on other blogs because she's just too funny without trying and I, of course, love reading her content, too. OMG, I literally cracked up for a good few minutes at the conversation you two had. But honestly, you can pass for being mixed with Filipino, so I get why she asked. Anyway, great post as always, girlie! I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!



  9. the shade is really pretty


  10. That blush is beautiful and looks great on you! Now I feel like I need this blush in my life! Great review and congrats to Shireen for winning the giveaway and getting some Laura Geller goodies!

  11. Kim, I have no words other than thank you so much for your sweet words, honestly from the bottom of my heart. Getting to know you through the blogsphere has been one of the highlights of my blogging journey and your support means the world to me. And OMG, yes about the first conversation we had! HAHAHA! After you told me that you're African American, I asked my husband if you look Asian or is it just my eyes and he told me that I need to get my eyes checked. LMAO!

    And I can't even describe how thrilled, over the moon, freaking excited I am to be chosen as your sweet surprise and the Laura Geller highlighters!!! I wanted to try Laura Geller since forever so thank you so much! You are a sweetheart, the way you appreciate your readers are out of this world. Thank you for being you, Kim. Hugs!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  12. I don't do blush or bronzer my Irish/English skin is way too ruddy. In fact I glimpsed myself in the mirror at a CVS today and was dismayed at how red it was, ugh so no blush needed.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  13. This is a really pretty color! nice swatches.

  14. I don't know how I missed this post last week! Ahh!! This blush looks sooo pretty on you Kim, in so glad you love it and that me and Lily inspired you to buy it lol!! It's such a good one, and so affordable! I want more of these from this blush line. I use a stipple brush for my blush, and it works amazing for overly pigmented ones like this. Definitely give that a try!

    And congrats to Shireen for the sweet surprise! She's absolutely amazing and I loved and agreed with everything you said about her! She's been an amazing friend, and how awesome she won your other giveaway too!

  15. I get mixed results with Make-Up Revolution as well, but the products I love, I really love - their contour kit is one of my favourites, particularly the highlighter. And this blue looks gorgeous, too!

  16. This blush looks amazing on you. I can't find the right one now. My eye-shadow crisis has turned into whole makeup crisis except mascara. I need to try new stuff! I don't think I could make up with the fact it's very pigmented. A normal light blush makes me look like a clown lol!
    Regarding Shireen, she is super lovely indeed. I love her blog and her personality, I'm so happy she won two contests! Tons of love to both of you!

  17. thanks for the introduction...she sounds amazing.

  18. I have also had a love hate relationship with MR but this blush looks gorgeous. And it looks lovely on u by the way... :)

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