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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

MAC x Selena Quintanilla Collection Review & Swatches

I unfortunately learned about Selena Quintanilla the day she died (3/31/95). She was only 23. I remember that day so clearly. I had just finished working out at the gym, sat in my car and turned on the radio. The radio host stated that popular Tejano (Tex-Mex) singer Selena Quintanilla had been killed. The outpouring of grief, sorrow and condolences I heard over the radio really got to me. I sat still in my car listening to everything. I barely knew her name. I had never seen her. I didn't know what Tejano/Tex Mex music was or sounded like. But from just sitting their & listening, I knew she was loved by many. I didn't have to see her. I didn't have to know her. I could feel & hear the love (through the radio). I drove straight home to find out who she was...

I read a book about Selena and when I finished it, I kept asking myself ... why would anyone want to hurt her, let alone kill her? She and her family formed a successful musical group, that was just about to crossover into mainstream music. They started out doing fairs, traveling in an old bus, but ended up selling out domes and large venues. Selena gave back to her community in Corpus Christi, Texas by raising money & awareness for charities. She opened her own business (a boutique shop), where she designed accessories & clothes, and had fashion shows. Coca-Cola had given her a contract to promote their drinks. She had a small role in a movie Don Juan Demarco. She loved her husband and wanted to start a family. They had a modest home right there in their community. Hers was definitely an untimely death. She had so much more to offer this world. It still brings sadness to my heart.

There had been talk among the beauty community for a MAC x Selena Collection. A petition was started and it gained enough signatures that MAC worked with the Quintanilla family on this collection. Her sister Suzette took on the project. She used Selena's own personal makeup bag to put this collection together. MAC recreated what she actually used. Selena loved the color purple, which explains the packaging. This collection didn't go without controversy. Because of the age difference, some thought this collection was about Selena Gomez. Many did not know anything about Selena Quintanilla to relate to this collection. Some YouTubers mispronounced names of the makeup (her songs). Some maliciously joked about the collection. Many bought multiples to re-sell on eBay at exorbitant prices. MAC pretty much sold the collection to customers who spent over $150 - $500+ a year.  Many of her true fans (even ones that signed the petition) were left with hardly anything. This collection sold out within minutes at Macys, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Belk, etc. There is good news! Because of it's popularity, MAC will be releasing this collection again (see below).

Some of my favorite Selena videos are No Debes Jugar and Donde Quiera Que Estes with the Barrios Boys. Both are such great dance songs. I love the way Selena connects with her audience in No Debes Jugar. She reaches out to them. They sing together. You can feel the connection & warmth. In Donde Quiera Que Estes, you witness Selena's awesome dance moves, style (the leather outfit she wore was gorgeous), and her ability to sing with others (duet). Her voice blended perfectly with that group.


supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff)


MAC x Selena: Techno Cumbia - Bittersweet & Brush - Sweet

(Bronzer & Blush Duo and Brush sold separately)

I love the blush! It's very pretty! As you can see from the pictures, they didn't give you much. I wish it was a pan by itself. The bronzer wasn't exactly my cup of tea. I had to use a very light hand. I don't know if it was just the type of brown, but it didn't compliment me as much as other bronzers do). But you have to realize, they copied a formula that was back in the 80's & 90's. The brush is very small! It's fine, if you want to swirl everything together, but just to use it for the blush does prove to be difficult.

MAC x Selena: Eyeliner - Bittersweet & Mascara - Sweet

The eyeliner is not very black, unless you constantly go over it. Many YouTubers ended up using their own eyeliner. It's also difficult to draw a straight line. It dries fast, so mistakes are unforgiving. MAC's mascara is really good. It gives you length and volume. The only problem I found, was after maybe a half a day it starts to flake :( But it starts off good. 

MAC x Selena: Amor Prohibido Lipstick - Supersweet

This is what I always loved about Selena. She was a lipstick girl and I am to! I always wanted to know what lipsticks she wore! I almost didn't order this lipstick. I thought it might be too light for me, but that wasn't the case. It's a gorgeous pink brown. I may just order another one, when they restock. It's a great everyday lipstick. It also compliments the blush color.

MAC x Selena: Como La Flor Lipstick - Sweet

Como La Flor is a beautiful red lipstick! It has a gorgeous shine to it. I love it. 

MAC x Selena: Dreaming of You Lipstick - Supersweet

....but I love Dreaming of You better on me :) I love berry colored lipsticks. 

MAC x Selena: Bidi Bidi Bom Bom Lip Gloss - Supersweet

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom is exclusive to MAC! It wasn't sold anywhere else. Let me tell you! This looks great alone, as a topper and looks fab with the amor prohibido lipstick above. People were paying BIG MONEY for this on eBay because of it's rarity.

MAC x Selena Eye Shadows - Sweet

There are 5 eye-shadows in this collection. The pigmentation for these are really good. I wasn't expecting them to be. I love all the shades. I didn't put together any looks using them. I plan to next year. Right now, I'm just trying to review what's left in my collection and get them sorted in my makeup room :P
As I mentioned above, Selena was about to crossover into mainstream music. She signed a deal with Coca-Cola (commercial below). She had her own boutique in San Antonio, Texas. She was always fashion forward. Ahead of her game! She designed clothes and had hometown runway shows (see video below). So as you can see, she was a beautiful girl both inside & out. Both men & women loved her respectfully.

I thought I would include some pics that I saw on Snapchat. MAC held a big event in Corpus Christi, Texas. They flew in beauty influencers. There was a dinner. The next day they sold makeup to fans. The fans lined up the night before to get the collection. I loved seeing their remembrance tshirts, costumes, nail art, and odes to Selena. Dunkin Donuts made specialty donuts for that day. The Quintanilla family was there (God Bless Her Mom...picture below). Selena's husband was there. There was a concert later that evening.

Do you feel the love? I have 3 cds of hers and I love her music. Her impact on me in death was very strong, so I can imagine her impact on people while she was living. She's what a person should be. You don't see qualities like hers much anymore. Whenever I get off track, I think about how she lived her life. When I use these products, that is what I'll think of. For me, this collection goes beyond the makeup...the colors...the quality! When I see her name, I think of her heart & soul. That's what's so beautiful.



  1. I have to admit, when I first saw this I thought it was a collaboration between MAC and Selena Gomez. Isn't the "Selena" signature similar to hers? I don't know, I'm not exactly a fan of hers but I too did make that connection sadly. I haven't heard about this Selena either, and it's such a tragedy to learn of her story. Why do the good ones always go first.


  2. It's very tragic she was gone at such a young age. I haven't really listened a lot to her music, but did see the JLo movie. So glad MAC was able to come out with this collection. I think the lipsticks are my fave out of the whole collection. All the shades look great:)

  3. Your post was very respectful of Selena's story and I'm sure many of your readers will find it a great tribute like I did. I must admit that I'm a bit shocked about Mac releasing this limited edition: Selena must have been hugely popular!! What I love the most are the lipsticks, not that much the gloss. Great article Kim... much love Valeria

  4. This is such a beautiful tribute to Selena. This will likely prompt another generation of fans. It is so tragic seeing young lives taken no matter who they are. The lip colors MAC came out with are gorgeous!

  5. I was a bit to young to know Selena but I do remember when she died and I still think it was such a tragedy. It's amazing that she is still so loved, though, that enough people would sign a petition to have MAC make a collection inspired by her - that just tells you what a difference she made to so many people! I love that the collection was inspired by colours from her own make-up bag, it seems like such a fitting tribute.

  6. I was very young when Selena died but I remember the day pretty well. My neighbors were Portuguese and I was very good friends with the youngest daughter. Her and her older sister were sitting out listening to her music and were so sad and upset about it all. I didn't know who she was before that day. I listened to her music with them and watched the Selena movie when it came out. My favorite song is Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, Dreaming of You and Como La Flor probably because those are the ones I remember from the movie. JLo was phenomenal in that movie and it is probably my favorite movie she has acted in to this day. This collection is so pretty! I love the blush too! The bronzer would probably be too dark on me too. Amor Prohibido is my favorite lipstick of the 3. Thanks for sharing!

  7. these products have a gorgeous packaging
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    have an happy day

  8. Like you I heard about her when she died and I agree it was so sad and she had so much going on for her.
    I had no idea about the MAC Collection and am glad to see that the lipsticks are so sweet - I love how Amor Prohibido looks on you Kim.

  9. Sadly I had also not heard of Selena Quintanilla until the news of her tragic death came out. It was really terrible since she was so young and had such a promising life and career ahead of her. Very interesting how this collection came about. It's good to hear that it was popular but what a bummer that a number of her true fans weren't left with much. Great news about the re-release and I hope they have better luck this time. The blush is so pretty Kim! It's too bad the bronzer wasn't as good. The lipsticks colors are gorgeous. You are definitely one of those who look good in virtually any lip color though.

  10. This collection looks so amazing, I've been seeing some amazing re-creations of Selena's iconic look on YouTube too.

    Abigail Alice x

  11. Wow, how lovely of them to do a collection dedicated to Selena. I was a teen when I heard about this tragic event but I remember how much I loved that film starring j.Lo. I did know of her music because my sister used to like it. This looks like an interesting collection aside from the flaking and eyeliner not as black as traditional ones. Those lipsticks look beautiful on you dear. Hope you're doing well and having a great week so far, Kim! :-)

  12. Anything Selena always gets me. She was such an inspiring woman! I love the lipstick shades!

  13. I have to confess I hadn't heard of her before Kim :( It's so sad when lives are cut short, especially by someone so talented and with such a great future ahead of them. It's nice of MAC to release this collection in her memory and to have a second release so more fans can enjoy the products. Apart from the eyeliner, they all sound like wonderful products. That first lipstick is my favourite on you, what a nice shade.

    Hope you're having a good start to the week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  14. I can never not see a photo of her or hear her songs without crying, so I teared up reading this post. I remember the day she died as well, I was little girl and she was an artist I looked up to SO much! I loved her music and tired to do my hair, makeup, and create outfits like her. When I first learned of her death, I didn't want to hear anything about her again. My mom wanted to get me a poster for my room and I remember that day like it was yesterday I was so upset, I didn't want to talk about it and I couldn't see anything regarding her because I was so young and didn't know how to process what I was feeling. My mom finally convinced me to see the movie at movies with J.LO and I remember everyone was so quite at the end, crying. She really does have something special about her that still lives on, I don't know what it is. Anyway, as for the collection, I'm not just saying this because it's you (LOL) but this is by far the best review I've read/seen. It's honest and aside from the face that we love her and are glad that there's a collection in her honor, it's still good to know what to honestly expect from these products and I feel as though everyone (at least the reviews I've seen) is saying the collection is amazing because it's dedicated to her. I love the lipsticks mostly, Dreaming of You does in fact look amazing on you, girl! Thanks so much for sharing, gorgeous, and I hope you're having the most amazing start to your week so far!



  15. I am totally guilty of thinking that the MAC x Selena collab was a collab with Selena Gomez XD Thank you so much for sharing more information on the right Selena! I had no idea that she was so young when she passed and that she was on the verge of making it big. It's a real tragedy that she isn't alive to see the huge impact she's had on so many people :(

    Onto the makeup, thank you so much for all the swatches! The lipstick shades are all so gorgeous, especially that pinky nude. Good thing you ended up getting it cause it looks gorgeous on you :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  16. This collection is so amazing, Although, I really thought that this is Selena Gomez at first! HAHA! I love that "Supersweet" lipstick on you!

    Your blog is so beautiful!

    Melissa the Mermaid ♥

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  18. This is such an informative and respectful post, dear. Much appreciated. I was too young to know what happened but later in life I found out who she was. I never heard her songs but if there's something I knew about her is that her music connected (and still does) with so many poeple in a very strong way. Their fans adore her so I understand why this MAC collection was sold out. The makeup itself looks amazing, especially the lipsticks. I'm really hoping this brings a new generation of fans, I'm sure she and her music deserves that. <3

  19. I love how personalized this collection is!

    xx Chelsea

  20. Those ebay resellers make me so angry! The lipsticks and shadows look beautiful.

  21. This is such a beautiful collection. All of those lip colors look beautiful on you Kim! And the swatches for the shadows are so pretty! The blush and bronze look pretty too, I would have wanted more of the blush instead of the tiny strip that came in the pan as well! And it's so sad about everyone re selling this one eBay for so much, especially when her fans couldn't get any of the collection because it sold out so fast. I'm glad they are re releasing it!

  22. I was very young when she passed away, but I remember so well. We listened to her all the time growing up, so hearing of her death was just devastating. It's so sad to hear that people are trying to make money off of this collection or don't even know her!
    I'm glad they are re-releasing it, I would love to get my hands on the lipsticks. They all look so good on you!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  23. Thank you for the fabulous review! I remember hearing her songs and feeling the impact of her loss from those around me. Amor Prohibido is a gorgeous color on you and goes wonderfully with the lip gloss! I'd definitely check out the collection if it comes back in stock!

  24. This post makes me so sad. I remember back in 1995, I listened to this song repeatedly on the radio and I've no clue who sang it. It was the only time I called the radio station and asked who was the artist and it turned out to be "Dreaming of you." Thank you Kim for this post!

    xo Jo

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