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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sara Happ & Sprinkles Red Velvet The Lip Scrub Review And Giveaway

Do you like red velvet cake or cupcakes? I don't indulge very often, but through experience I've noticed the darker the red velvet cake ... the better. One time I ate a slice of bright red velvet cake (crayon red) and broke out into hives. I said, never again! LOL I think it had something to do with the dye. So always look for a burgundy or maroon-colored red velvet cake! Just my two cents. Well recently, popular cupcake brand Sprinkles & lip scrub connoisseur Sara Happ collaborated on a new lip scrub! Red Velvet! I got very excited about this collaboration! It's perfect for the holidays and I've heard so many good things about Sprinkles. I've never had a Sprinkles cupcake, but I've seen them throughout social media. Plus, I think their cupcake vending machine is the cutest. I love Sara Happ's lip scrubs! So I thought this was the perfect pairing. I've been testing this lip scrub for about two weeks and half of it is gone! LOL Not only did Sara Happ get the red velvet cake taste down right (even to the proper color), it also tastes like cream cheese. How fab is that!?! I mean, what is a red velvet cake without cream cheese frosting or icing? Plus this lip scrub exfoliates & moisturizes just like all her other lip scrubs. I purchased my Sara Happ Sprinkles Red Velvet Lip Scrub from Nordstrom (it's also available on Sara Happ's website) and an extra one for a lucky reader of A Very Sweet Blog. I had to share the sweetness! This giveaway is open worldwide (anywhere USPS ships)! Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter! And good luck! Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my last post :)

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  Sara Happ x Sprinkles Red Velvet The Lip Scrub is Supersweet



husna favaz said...

This looks so yummy😄 I really liked the idea, cheese cakes and lipscrubs, wow!


sonia de macedo said...

The best part about red velvet is the cream cheese frosting! Hehehehe. I've never noticed the darkness of the cake before, I end up gobbling them up within seconds. But I do think I'll start paying attention now. The worst red velvet cupcake I ever had was from a supermarket who used plain vanilla frosting instead of cream cheese. Blah. It was vile!


Emmylou MW said...

I'm like Sonia...I do usually just gobble them up and not pay attention to the colour! And your Sara Happ posts really make me wanna try the line now! Such a bad influence you are:P hehe

little luxury list said...

I'm definitely a red velvet fan, but mostly because of the cream cheese frosting! All red velvet cakes certainly aren't equal though. I prefer darker colors ones too. Ooh I still have to try the lip scrub you gave me and will definitely do it soon!

Samantha Mariko said...

I've actually been looking for a good lip scrub - thats great you gave this one a super sweet rating!

Sharmili R said...

Omg, thank you so much for introducing this to me! I love sprinkles and red velvet is one of my fav flavors! I'll definitely need to try out this scrub :D Also, the packaging is absolutely adorable!

Mili | Sharmtoaster

Cee said...

I recently tried a Sprinkles cupcake in NYC and it was delicious - I'm not much for sweets, particularly in North America; I find so many of our desserts are just too sugary. But the Sprinkles cupcake was delicious, so this collaboration really intrigues me. I'm not a big fan of red velvet but my best friend is, so I'll be on the lookout for this lip scrub for him.

Lorena said...

Ohhh I can only imagine the feel ! I ran out of lip scrub so I am just gonna cross my fingers : )

Ela BellaWorld said...

I can't say it is my favourite, but I love red velvet cake. The colour is really catchy! That lip scrub sounds so yummy, is it edible? :)

Ela BellaWorld

Tanya Dufour said...

This sounds lovely! The color is pretty on point too!

Miss Val's Creations said...

This product looks yummy! I remember my first time trying red velvet cake thinking, yuck the cake is red. Well I was pleasantly surprised!

Mica T said...

Love that packaging, what a cute lid! It sounds like a really nice scrub too that smells amazing!

Such a shame you reacted to that cake Kim, but good you've avoided a repeat reaction so far!

Hope you're having a wonderful week :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Lauren Carter said...

Oh, goodness! A red velvet lip scrub sounds like perfection! I've heard of people being allergic to red dye. So sorry that happened to you!

Shira said...

ooh yum that sounds amazing! I'd just want to eat it haha.


Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I once had to taste test red velvet cupcakes from bakeries all around NYC to find the best one for a project at work. We concluded it was Billy's btw. I avoided anything red velvet for awhile after but enough time has passed that I'm ok with it again. I like Sprinkles since they do a sugar-free version. This lip scrub sounds just amazing Kim!

Ann-Marie Cato said...

I love red velvet cake. The lip scrub sounds so yummy. I would probably eat it up...Lol

Face to Curls | http://facetocurls.com

Rebeca Muñoz López said...

That looks delicious that cake! The scrub and texture looks nice!


Ashley Sue said...

This sounds amazing Kim! I know how much you love Sara Happ's lip scrubs so I'm glad this one was amazing too! You have me hungry at 1:30 am talking about red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting LOL!! That's so crazy about you breaking out in hives from the lighter colored cake, when you said that I instantly thought of red dye too!

Jalisa Giron said...

Girl, you seriously host the best giveaways! This is too cute and I love the whole concept, I've entered. I, too, never tried a Sprinkles cupcake, but have seen photos all over Instagram! You know what, come to think of it, you're so right. Darker red velvet cakes taste a lot better than the brighter ones. Plus, I think they look more appealing and less artificial. Thanks so much for sharing and hosting yet another great giveaway! I hope you're having the best week so far!



jo said...

I love red velvet cupcakes but it's very hard to find good ones. That's too bad you haven't tried Sprinkles, but I'm sure there are some decent cupcakes in your city, Kim!

xo Jo


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