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Thursday, December 22, 2016

An Ideal Anniversary Present: Contemporary Silver Jewellery

Marketers are quick to tell everyone what the “proper” or “traditional” gift should be for nearly every year of wedded bliss. While it’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of trying to do things the “right way,” know that there are anniversary gifts which can be memorable, impactful, beautiful, desired, coveted and cherished: sterling silver jewellery. Silver jewellery is an incredibly appropriate gift for whatever age the recipient may be, and for pretty much every event you can think of: “push” gift, celebrating/congratulating a new baby, graduation, birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas…and, of course, a wedding anniversary.

Since your anniversary falls on the same day each year (tip-of-the-day: if you’re having trouble remembering, you’re likely to find the date engraved on the inside of your wedding band), it’s wise to start looking for your gift early. A great way to choose a gift is through a reputable online retailer. On a website, you can shop at any time of day, which means you can peruse their catalogue when the person you’re buying jewellery for is not around (or likely to sneak up from behind to check on what you’re up to). Check out contemporary silver jewellery collections online and see what your loved one might like. You are likely to know your partner’s style well – or if your partner is likely open to an entirely new style of jewellery; either way, you’ll have plenty of time to figure out exactly what you’d like to buy, and, if you choose to get a set, which pieces are perfect.

If you are still curious – and want to work a side gift or a mention in a card, poem or video message, to supplement a sterling silver present – here is a look at traditional U.K. anniversary gifts:

1st        Cotton
2nd        Paper
3rd        Leather
4th        Fruit and Flowers
5th        Wood
6th        Sugar
7th        Woollen
8th        Salt
9th        Copper
10th        Tin
12th        Silk and fine linen
15th        Crystal
20th        China
25th        Silver (bingo!)
30th        Pearl
35th        Coral
40th        Ruby
50th        Gold
60th        Diamond
65th        Blue Sapphire
70th        Platinum
80th        Oak
85th        Wine
90th        Granite

(Yes, we were wondering how young you’d have to be married to make it to your 90th wedding anniversary.)     For the first to 25th anniversaries, a gift of sterling silver jewellery is still appropriate, and can be further enhanced with any of the items listed. For example, for a second anniversary, you could give a gift of silver jewellery and add a box of stationary, a coffee-table style book or a framed map with the city you met (or where you became engaged) enlarged. The fourth anniversary is a “gimme,” (i.e. super easy add), but for the third, you might want to put her jewellery in a small leather coin purse or an exquisite leather pouch. For your sixth anniversary, you could buy some especially yummy or rare or imported chocolates or sweets and get an extra box, and put the sterling silver jewellery in that one – so you have two identical boxes, one with actual candy and the other with eye candy – that jewellery!

The popular on-line auction site, eBay, is a place where experts write about the items they both buy and sell. You can find a helpful blog entry: “Sterling Silver Jewelry: What is Real Silver and What is Not,” offering a numbered list of 10 facts regarding sterling silver and other metals that masquerade as silver. 

If you love silver, you want to keep your sterling silver jewellery looking as new and bright as the day you first put it on. and author Elena Zharina present the simple “Clean Tarnish Silver Jewelry.” Zharina offers easy methods to return neglected silver pieces to their beautiful origins.

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  1. Very informative piece! I never knew those anniversary gifts for each year either!

  2. I'm a huge fan of silver, even more so than gold, and I think sterling silver does make a great wedding anniversary present no matter what year:) And thank you for posting the traditional anniversary gift, Kim. Never knew leather was in there...heehee...

  3. I still have a way to go before my 25th wedding anniversary but my husband and I have gifted each other plenty of silver items over the years. We got sterling silver couple rings for our first year dating anniversary :)

  4. Interesting! I tend to favor all things gold but I have some friends that exclusively wear silver. Definitely more affordable that way haha.

  5. silver is so pretty! loved how informative this post was, I would also like to know how to make it to a 9th wedding anniversary haha

  6. Great tips Kim. I love that UK list. I never realized all those. It would be fun to follow that list. It is funny that is goes all the way to the 90th! My grandparents lived to 98 and 101 but only made it to a 75th anniversary.

  7. I love silver! My parents have been married for about 33 years. Actually, they got married on Christmas, so tomorrow is their wedding anniversary...I'm sure they're be very happy when it comes time for their 5oth anniversary, those are always so special...I remember seeing one old couple celebrating it in a restaurant with their family...they looked so much in love....

    Great inspiration! Silver jewelry is always a nice choice. Very informative post.

  8. Sterling silver jewelry is always a great option. I'm intrigued by the UK traditional gifts - salt as a traditional gift?

  9. Well I certainly prefer jewellery to, for example : linen and silk !
    I hope you had a great Christmas celebration my friend.

  10. I will always love silver. Thank you so much for sharing these info Kim! Happy Holidays!

    xo Jo

  11. I would love to get as a gift (on Janyary the 8th) a sterling silver bracelet and tons of sugar!!! Perfect timing babe!

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