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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Diamonds from Your Jeweller

Many people opt to buy preset or mounted diamonds, meaning the diamond is already set in a ring design. It’s convenient and it’s easy, especially for those who want to buy a ring quickly.  However, not only does this limit your choices for engagement ring styles, but it limits how well you can examine the quality of the diamond. The real question is how do you combine the advantages of both and make it work for you?

Consider these benefits of loose wholesale diamonds:

1. Buying a wholesale diamond lets you thoroughly inspect the quality of the diamond, while it’s    difficult to see flaws if the diamond is already set in a prong. You can examine it from every angle, while checking it for flaws, how well the diamond was cut and faceted, and if the diamond is near colourless.

2. Loose diamonds are more cost-effective.  It can often save you up to 10% to 15% because you’re buying it according to your specifications, including carat size.  With mounted diamonds and traditional rings, your only options would be to look at another ring or increase your budget.

3. Purchasing a loose diamond lets you try different ring styles and designs, either by yourself or with your girlfriend. This is ideal cause of he still wants the ring to be a surprise he can bring his girlfriend in the jewellery store ahead of time and see which rings she gravitates to. Once he sees which ring designs and diamond shapes she prefers, he can come back and buy the diamond.

4. Diamonds are considered a worthy investment. Loose diamonds carry more equity than mounted diamonds, except if a mounted diamond comes with rich history but then it’s being sold for collectible value and not monetary.  Wholesale diamonds keep their value; so if you choose, you could even purchase a bulk set of loose diamonds and use the best one in your ring and invest the rest.
Are you concerned about how to propose with a loose, wholesale diamond as opposed to a traditional ring?  You may be concerned that proposing with a loose diamond doesn’t sound romantic, but some women nowadays would rather be involved in the ring selection process. However, you can do the best of both worlds and arrange for your diamond to be set in a temporary setting for the actual proposal and then both of you can select a new ring together.

Ringleaders in Brisbane is the most awarded jeweller with a staff who will be happy to assist you. Are you worried about how to make it work since you like things done quick and efficiently?  While buying a traditional mounted ring may be easier and allow you that convenience, does it spell romance? Seek the help of expert jewellers as they can give you all the tips and advice you need.

A final note: whether you give her the loose diamond or a temporary setting, your fiancé will be so touched that you took the extra effort to find a high-quality diamond and custom ring just for her.

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  1. Really interesting info! Hopefully one day soon I get to think about diamonds haha.

  2. Helpful post. I would never think to purchase loose diamonds as an investment. That is such a great idea! It would be way more fun and meaningful to design your own ring. :)

  3. Hehe...I'm hoping to upgrade my diamond ring. Gotta ask the hubs first :)

    xo Jo

  4. Diamonds are girl's best friend. Definitely worth buying and collecting.

  5. We went to a jeweler friend of my aunt's for my engagement ring and were able to get my diamond at wholesale. And because of that I was able to get a bigger and better quality diamond as well as a custom setting. I'm pretty sure if we went the traditional route I probably would not have gotten such diamond that was over a carat at the time. I think being able to design your own ring is plenty romantic ;p

  6. I haven't thought about this before, but it sounds like a clever idea, very informative.


  7. Diamonds are a girl's bestfriend right? Love this post! =)

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  8. I've been reading all sorts of thoughts on investing in gold these days and if it's actually worth it. Many are saying that the value has gone done tremendously, while some still suggest you invest. I've never really gave loose diamonds a thought until now! I'll have to discuss this with Eddie because this would certainly make for a great investment! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have the best week ahead!



  9. Very informative Kim. I've never actually thought of lose diamond as an option. Now I know. Happy Monday beautiful.

  10. Very interesting tips to keep in mind before making the big purchase of a diamond!

  11. Very good knowledge to have, thanks! I know a few people who buy loose diamonds and now I know why. :))


  12. This is an interesting post! I think I have a wholesale diamond company near me. I didn't know diamonds were less money if they aren't already in a setting.

  13. I've had other loose stones but never diamonds... I guess if I bought one I'd want to wear it right a away!

  14. I'd get a wholesale diamond! Oh I would have such ideas for the setting!

  15. Wow, I never thought about how to buy diamonds before but it sounds like wholesale is the way to go! Not only is it a better deal but it also sounds a lot more personalized :) Thanks for all the info, Kim!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  16. I didn't know about differences between wholesale diamonds and regular ones, and why wholesale ones are easier to inspect...but really it makes sense. When the diamond isn't already set in a ring, we can be more selective and we can examine it better.... so, I've learned something today!

  17. A custom gift is welcome, a custom diamond is a blessing!

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