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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Mad Beauty Soda Pop Lip Balm Review

This is NOT sponsored. Have you guys heard of Mad Beauty? They're a UK company. As you all know I'm into retro, vintage & foodie beauty type products and they carry ALL of those things. They carry realistic biscuit (cookie) lip balms, Slush Puppie cosmetic bags, lip balms & bath fizzers, all kinds of Disney stuff, Kellogg's bath milk (in actual milk bottles), Pop Tart lip balms. I could go on but you guys get the picture. Well I purchased these Mad Beauty Soda Pop Lip Balms in Cream Soda & Cherryade. Honestly, I purchased them for the packaging. When I received them I was pleasantly surprised that they worked. Let's talk about the packaging. They're very small (half the size of your finger), but the detail is amazing. They look like a can of soda. They have the pop top & everything. You remove the top and you can twist the lip balm up by twisting the dial at the bottom of the can. Really cute. The lip balms are highly moisturizing. They'll last a good 4-6 hours. There's no taste. The Cherryade is scented like a cherry soda (fizz & all). It gives a pink-reddish tint on the lips. The Cream Soda has more of a mint scent. It's barely there and it's clear in color. I'm impressed with the details and moisturizing properties. I know a lot of my readers have kids and I just thought this would be a cool website for parents to look at for parties. These are small, so I wouldn't recommend them for really young children. They would pose a choking hazard. But there are other cool things on Mad Beauty's website.

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