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Monday, July 2, 2018

Ulta Beauty Lipstick Beauty Smarts USB Charger Review

ULTA Beauty came out with a lipstick-themed cell phone charger. It's called Beauty Smarts USB Charger ($16). I thought it was so cute (I'm a lipstick girl), so I bought it. Well, I've tested it out and the thrill is gone. LOL I'm not going to waste your time or mine with this review. So here are the highlights! You have to charge this thing 2.5-3 hours (to fully charge), either via the USB port on your computer or USB outlet to a wall. FULLY CHARGED, this charger will only give you an extra 50% charge. That's it! So if you're down to 30% on your phone, it will bring you to 80%. If you're at 50% on your phone, it will bring you to 100%. That's not much! This is a "break-the-glass-in-case-of-an-emergency" charger OR you better purchase 2-3 of these if you need more power. Someone did review this on ULTA's website and mentioned it's not compatible with all cell phones. She specifically mentioned the Samsung Galaxy S8 (so you should be cautious). It worked for my iPhone. I don't even know why there's an On/Off button because when you press the button, it doesn't automatically turn off. It kind of does its own thing. Cute, yes! Practical, no! Buy something that gives you more power...longer lasting power. And something that doesn't take 3 hours to charge! Sheesh! Double Sheesh!
Packaging, Lipstick Charger, USB Charger Cord
Red Blinking Light (Charging or Almost Out Of Power) - Red Solid Light (Fully Charged) 
Blue Solid Light (Giving Out Power)
Takes 3 hours to Fully Charge. Requires a USB port.
Input/Output Sources 
The USB cord they supply, will only charge the lipstick charger. 
It cannot be used to attach your cell phone to the charger. You will need your own cord to attach to the charger.
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