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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Finding the Right Rock: Conflict-Free Diamonds

Conflict Free
Although for many people planning to tie the knot will not really care too much about the background of the type of diamond they buy for their betrothal rings, this is not always the case. Indeed, there are more and more couples today that not only look for rocks that have not had anything to do with supporting a conflict in a developing country, but will actually campaign against such wars which usually leave a trail of devastation in their wake.

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Understandably, the last thing a young couple planning to have kids once they are married would want on their conscious is the possibility that the diamond they have on their wedding rings has in some way helped fund a brutal conflict in an African country. Fortunately for such people with good morals and admirable principles, there are plenty of like-minded providers of brilliant cut diamonds and other styles in New Zealand to choose from. In fact, what many people hoping to purchase an ethical diamond will do in order to achieve this is scour the internet for websites providing insightful blogs on the matter. For sure, there are websites that could prove to be extremely useful for couples who although want to buy a stone to be used for their wedding rings, do not wish to purchase anything that could be deemed as unethical.

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As we all live in a world where it is possible to find almost anything we can think of with an online search, there is no wonder that people after an ethical diamond will reach for their smart phone or laptop in order to get their search off to a start. However, because there are so many sites detailing information about how to snap up an ethical rock for our wedding rings, it might not always be clear as to which ones are more reliable sources of information.

When purchasing any of the engagement rings Wellington lovers prefer, one should be on the right track to buying the right kind of stone with regards to ethics. Just by spending a short amount of time going through the different options in beautifully designed wedding rings being sold by this leading New Zealand company, consumers should be convinced they have come to the right place at last.

Couples who would like to learn more about the best ways to source an ethical diamond would be wise to consider the following: 

  • Look beyond conflict-free rocks
  • Find retailers with social standards initiatives
  • Carry out extensive research on conflicts worldwide
  • Don’t settle for a donation to a specific charity
  • Remember direct activism can help change the industry

Fair Trade
It is probably true to say that lots of companies throughout the world that deal in the sales of diamonds and other precious stones will do all they can to ensure they only buy from companies that are involved in fair trade practices. 

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And couples planning to get married will not just think about where the diamonds they are interested in have come from, but also the fair trade of other goods they may need or want at any particular time. Of course, if we are determined to not have anything hanging over us with regards to the source of the rocks used to create our wedding bands, we will need to make the effort to ensure that we only deal with highly-ethical jewellery firms in New Zealand.
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