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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Urban Decay Naked Cherry: Review, Swatches & Video

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Not Sponsored: Cherries & Berries are the super hot colors for Fall Makeup. I've always been a fan of the hue. I love it on my nails. I've always kept a lipstick shade in that color. Deep purples can be alluring & sexy. Just as with Urban Decay's Heat Collection, my eyes did a jig & dance when I saw that they were coming out with a Cherry Collection. I nearly purchased the entire collection. Well, I've had it for a month now. I'm ready to share my thoughts with you. To see all of these Urban Decay Cherry products in action, view my YouTube Review, Swatches and Demo Video HERE.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff)

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Highlight & Blush Palette $34 - Bittersweet
From left to right, you get a highlighter...a blush...and a complexion topper (Nordstrom, ULTA, Sephora, JCPenney, Macy's). Let me go over each. The highlighter is a champagne gold. I applied it to the bridge of my nose, cupid's bow and right beneath my bottom lip. It looked beautiful! It really gave those areas a nice glow & sparkle. However, when I applied it as a highlighter right above my blush, it didn't want to blend with the blush. It just look awkward (watch my video). The blush (middle section), is a beautiful cherry hued blush. When I swatched it on the back of my hand it was very pigmented (2 strokes below). I was like wow this is a really strong blush. I'll have to apply lightly. LOL But when I used my blush makeup brush, it went on really lightly. This is good, because you can effectively control how much color to apply. Fair skin types may need one application. Medium skin types (such as myself will need to apply 2-3 strokes). Darker skin types may need 3-5 strokes of this blush. The blush is very complimentary to the collection and completes the final look. When I first saw the last shade, I said to myself THIS IS VERY WHITE! :D Now look at my hand below! It's a pinkish, purplish, white highlighter (iridescent). I tried this shade as a highlighter on my cheeks and its just too white for my complexion. UD states this can be used on the inner corners of the eyes (as a highlighter), but this color is just not agreeing with my skin tone. So bottom line with this palette, I feel the blush will work for everyone. The highlighter color, you probably already have in your collection. The complexion topper won't work for everyone. I kind of knew all of this when I first saw it, but I wanted the blush to complete my look. If you have a blush similar in your collection, skip this palette.

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Vice Lipstick in JUICY $18 - Sweet
I love Urban Decay's Naked Vice Lipsticks! I've purchased them in the past for Urban Decay's Heat Collection and on their own. Did you know that the Vice Lipsticks come in a number of FINISHES? Yes! Sheer, Cream (my favorite), Comfort Matte, Mega Matte, Metallized (my favorite), Sheer Shimmer, Shimmer, Matte and Glitter. I love them because of their color payoff and the fact that they stay put on the lips. Juicy (ULTA, Sephora, JCPenney, Macy's) is considered a peachy pink lipstick. It's also metallic. To achieve the color payoff that you see on my lips below, I applied this about three times to my lips. My lips are pigmented, so that is the reason why I had to apply so many times. This is a light color. Someone that doesn't have as much pigment to their lips will probably apply less. Beautiful color! I expected a light lip shade for this collection, because with the eyeshadow palette you are going to create some strong eye looks. Usually with a bold eye, you want a soft lip. But you'll see from the look I created, I went strong all the way, which I normally don't do. When you remove Juicy from your lips, expect to see some leftover sparkle. You will need a makeup removing balm or some type of makeup remover to completely remove those sparkles. I show that in my video as well. I didn't expect a peach lipstick with this collection, however when you read the back of the eyeshadow palette it contains peach & pink colors. So that explains this color.

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Vice Lipstick in CHERRY $18 - Sweet 
This is a cherry makeup collection, so it should have a cherry-colored lipstick (ULTA, Sephora, JCPenney, Macy's). It's beautiful! It's dark. It's vamp. It's evening and night. This is the color I love on my nails and have had as a lipstick before (from other brands). Not everyone get's dark lipsticks right! I've had some that were streaky and not rich. This one is perfect. It applied well. Looks great on the lips. It's perfect for Fall & Winter. I do want to mention that the lipsticks in the Cherry Collection have the cutest packaging. I love the cherry design on the lipstick cap. I'm glad Urban Decay didn't stop with the box. They really thought it through. You pull this out of your purse and expect OOH LA LA!!!!!! HaHaHa  >.<

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette $49 - Sweet
When I first saw that Urban Decay was coming out with a Cherry Eye Shadow Palette (ULTA, Sephora, Macy's, JCPenney), I immediately said it was going to be an assortment of purples, reds & burgundies. When I opened and swatched it, I was like WOW, there are peaches, pinks, browns and purples in this palette. It wasn't until I looked at the back of the outside box that Urban Decay confirmed those four color groups were incorporated into this palette. All the shades swatched really well, both on the back of the hand and on the eyes. There was a little more fall out then expected when I applied them to my eyes. Because of these four color groups, I was a little stumped when creating a PURPLE look. You don't have a lot to choose from. I used CAUTION all over my eye lid to the brow bone. I then applied DEVLISH to my lid, crease and used a smudger brush to line underneath my bottom lashes. To add definition I used PRIVACY in the crease. I then applied YOUNG LOVE to the lids of my eyes. I applied TURN ON to the inner corners of my eyes. I lined my eyes with Urban Decay's LOVE DRUG eye pencil. It created a pretty look. The purples in this palette are very grown up and I feel will compliment many skin tones. Plus, I love the assortment of 12 cherries on the cover (which correspond to the eyeshadows) in this palette. The design of the palette mimics heat. It's very modern. The brush design has changed! You get a blender on one end. Smudger on the opposite end. Full size mirror. You can go light to dark with this palette.

First Six Eye Shadows
The first six eye shadows are more of your whites, creams, pinks and peachy tones.

Last Six Eye Shadows
The last six eye shadows are more of your berry, cherry and brown tones.

The Look I Created
See the description above to see what I used to create this cherry look. I used five of the shades on my eyes below. Again, I was very pleased with the outcome. Usually I don't do BOLD from top to bottom. But the blush is light and the eyes aren't too dark. I thought it created a uniform look. You can watch my video to see the process from start to finish.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in LOVE DRUG $21 - Supersweet
I have no complaints at all when it comes to Urban Decay's Eye Pencils. They come in an array of colors. They don't smudge. You'll see in my video where I rub my hand off. LOL The color payoff is excellent. They're easy to apply. I wear contacts so that's always a sensitive area. This collection has two shades: Love Drug (ULTA, JCPenney, Macys) and Black Market. Love Drug compliments the purples in the eye shadow palette and also the cherry lipstick. I'm glad I purchased it.

Urban Decay Cherry Scented All Nighter Setting Spray $15 - Bittersweet
Urba Decay's setting sprays are so awesome! I did a review of it in August here. They collaborate with Skindinavia. I've never tried Skindinavia, but I always hear great things. What I love about Urban Decay's setting sprays is that they keep your makeup in place. They also provide a nice dose of hydration to the skin without moving your makeup around. So why the bittersweet rating? It's the cherry scent (Nordstrom, ULTA, Macy's, JCPenney). To me it was disappointing. It was so light, and barely there. Also it was a bit artificial. Honestly, I was expecting more. I wouldn't buy this again. If you want to try their setting sprays, just buy one of their other ones. I think many will be disappointed with this scent. Superb formula. Disappointing scent.

Urban Decay HEAT vs CHERRY
The last thing I want to mention, is that both the HEAT & CHERRY palettes have a great modern design. I love the covers for both and I look forward to what Urban Decay comes up with next. The boxes for the two are different. HEAT has a slide box, where you slide out the palette. CHERRY just has a box. I felt it was easier to get the HEAT palette out without opening the box. But it's no BIG DEAL. I didn't really follow, but for them to make that change people must've complained. I STILL love my HEAT palette more, but I can create some really nice looks with CHERRY and look forward to creating some lighter peachier looks in the Spring. If you're interested in the entire collection, save yourself some money and buy the $100 vault (Nordstrom, Sephora, ULTA, JCPenney, Macy's). I wish I had LOL! Also the holidays are coming up and there should be some sales/discounts. Take advantage of those. It will save you some moolah :) I hope this review helps & happy shopping.

To see all the products in action, click here or on the picture below.
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