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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Practical Issues to Consider When Buying an Engagement Ring

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Buying an engagement ring is one of the most daunting challenges a young man could face, and with so many things to consider, it is easy to be a little overwhelmed. If you are planning to pop the magic question anytime soon, here are some practical things to consider when buying a diamond engagement ring.

  • Consider Her Lifestyle – Your fiancée's lifestyle will have some bearing on the ring choice. If, for example, she loves horse riding and extreme sports, you want to make sure that the ring setting is durable and not likely to catch on fabric. If she works with her hands, then you probably should avoid choosing a ring with a prong or clasp setting and perhaps look at rings with a bezel or channel setting, which holds stones more securely than a traditional prong setting.
  • Her Personal Style – The last thing you want to do is buy a ring that she doesn’t like, so do a little research on her taste in jewellery. She might like fine things that age well, in which case, an antique diamond engagement ring might be appropriate, or if she is the kind of girl that likes to wear subtle jewellery, then you should choose something not too overbearing. Why not check out the Sydney engagement rings you can get from AE Design Jewellery, one of Australia’s leading designer jewellers with a wide range of quality rings, all at affordable prices.
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  • Your Budget – Avoid the temptation of getting into serious debt over an engagement ring purchase, as no woman would want to be the cause of such a thing. The smart thing to do would be to start saving one year from when you intend to propose, and by putting something aside every month, the purchase won’t have a serious impact on your lifestyle.
  • Know Her Ring Size – This is essential and you can do this in several ways – either ask a very good friend of hers to help, or borrow one of her rings, just long enough to know the size. You could imprint a ring onto a piece of clay, which is an accurate way of measuring ring size, only make sure that she wears the ring on the third finger of her left hand. This is not something to overlook, as it is rather an anti-climax to have to send the ring for resizing right after the proposal.
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Buying a diamond engagement ring is not something to rush into, and by taking into account all of the above, you should make the right design choices and your fiancée to be will be very proud to wear the ring that you selected.
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