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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Why You Should Buy Tarte Shape Tape Concealer From QVC: The Tarte Quickie Blending Sponge Review

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Not Sponsored: There's no denying, I LOVE Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. It covers everything I need for it to cover, without any hassle. I've purchased it so many times and it's the first concealer I reach for. You can read my review here. I think beauty enthusiasts will agree with me, that we purchase a a lot of our makeup from Sephora and ULTA. Since blogging about makeup, I also purchase from Nordstrom and Macy's. But there are so many other places to shop. I want to share something with you! I haven't been paid. I'm not working with QVC. etc. If you purchase Tarte Shape Tape Concealer on QVC ($28) it comes with a Tarte makeup sponge (Quickie Blending Sponge (QVC & Tarte), which retails for $16). Yes, Tarte Shape Tape regularly retails for $27, but for $1 more you get a great makeup sponge. I've been using this sponge and I absolutely love it! It's angled like Real Technique sponges. It also has the same firmness as a Real Technique sponge. It's slightly larger than a Beautyblender. I took the picture below to show you a comparison of each. I use to roll my eyes, when brands came out with different size sponges. I would say REALLY? REALLY? You just want us to buy stuff! But having the right tools makes a difference in your makeup application. I love the way this sponge fits under my eye, but I can also use it all over my face. I love Beautyblender sponges, but I use my Real Techniques and now this one more. I believe the tools you use is truly a personal preference. Use what is comfortable for YOU! These work for me, but may not work for someone else. I use a lot of Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, so to get a "free" sponge is worth it for me. That means I don't have to come out of pocket and purchase one. I've been using the IT Cosmetics Confidence In A Cleanser, Moisturizing Cream, Eye Cream and Bye Bye Makeup Remover Cleansing Balm. At QVC, I can get the Bye Bye Makeup Cleansing Balm, plus a travel size Confidence in a Cream for only $34.54! The travel size Confidence in a Cream is $16 alone. The Bye Bye Makeup Cleansing Balm is $38 alone. I pay $4 less and get a $16 product THAT I USE! I bring all of this up, to remind you to STAY AWARE...LOOK AT OTHER SITES for products you use AND see if others have a BETTER DEAL. That's SMART SHOPPING! Sometimes it won't work. If you have points or someone offers free shipping, then that may be the better deal. I just wanted to share my experiences. I also want to mention that BECCA (on QVC) often gives you a free makeup brush with certain products (like I received here). So shop around my friends! Shop, Shop around!

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