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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A Very Sweet Blog Turns Seven & A Giveaway

Happy 2019 Everyone! I'm in a FESTIVE mood! Today is my blog's birthday! I've been blogging for SEVEN YEARS! Such a beautiful milestone. I look back at older posts and see how much I've grown and improved over the years. I've really learned a lot through blogging and continue to do so. I always like to take the first day of the year to jot down some goals. These are things that I would like to focus on this year. I will also be doing a giveaway in celebration (look for this picture on instagram later). I wish you a beautiful & prosperous 2019! May all your hopes & dreams come true.

Goals For 2019
Indie Makeup & Skincare Brands (Smaller Companies) - Last year, I jotted down the names of a number of smaller beauty & skincare brands whose products really caught my eye. I plan on purchasing some of their products, trying them out and sharing my thoughts with you. I'm definitely not alienating the larger brands, but "shopping small" is also important to me. There are a lot of small companies that make great products.

YouTube Videos - I started making YouTube videos the middle of last year. I didn't even have it listed as a goal last year. My channel is a little different, because its helping me learn more about the application of makeup (especially eye shadow). It's helping me personally. I can see what techniques work and what doesn't . I can make mistakes and laugh at myself. So doing the written review on the blog and also a video (for some products) brings it all together for me. Others have told me, that it helps them to see the product in action. So I'll continue making these and learning.

Organization - I've never been one to have a whole lot of STUFF (except maybe makeup LOL). Since blogging, I've really trimmed things down and feel I can do more trimming. As I go through things, I would like to share with you what techniques have helped me. Plus, I'm 50% complete in curating my makeup on Pinterest. All that's left are lipsticks, highlighters, blushes and nail polishes.

Entertainment & Lifestyle Videos - Get out and go more! Whether it's concerts, plays, musicals, traveling. or movies.  I will be sharing my time with you. I've thought about making lifestyle videos showcasing a little more of me :)

Baking & Cooking Posts - I've already eyed an InstantPot I would like to purchase. For Christmas, I received an InstantPot Cookbook. I have a beautiful pie recipe book I purchased from the musical Waitress. I've dabbled in the past, but would like to open my blog up to more companies that are in the business of food products. So look for more of this genre.

Fashion & Runway Pinterest Account - One of my goals last year, was to get back into fashion (especially runway). I use to go through each designer and pick my favorites. It was very rewarding but time consuming. I thought it would be easier to "pin" these favorites and keep them on Pinterest. I created a separate account to do just that. The one I have now will feature my current makeup and skincare, personal fashion that is in my closet and meghan markle board. 

Books - I want to read more. I want to share what I'm reading with you. I gravitate towards biographies. I love reading about a person's life story (both the ups and downs). It tells me a lot about a person. The experiences that one goes through in life really shapes a person.
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