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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Social Media Clean Up: Three Things To Do Right Now

How long have you had your Social Media accounts? Twitter recently reminded me that my #TwitterAnniversary was yesterday and that I've been on their platform for 7 years! Same for Instagram. Well everyone is telling you to pack-up all of your holiday items, clean-up and clean out for the New Year ... so I thought it would be a great time to talk to you about cleaning-up your social media accounts. They get cluttered and overwhelming as well! So let's go.

1. Brand/Store Email Subscriptions - Do you subscribe to a lot of store emails? They're great, because they let you know when there are sales and they give you birthday discounts. But during the holidays, I received a huge influx of emails from stores. Some sent 3 emails a day! I got tired of deleting emails. So it made me honestly look at and evaluate the stores I was subscribing to. I was subscribing to stores I purchased things from in my college days (those days are long gone). I have different tastes and my style is different. I spent the holidays clicking on that UNSUBSCRIBE link (at the bottom of each email). Businesses are required to have that link! This made my email account very HAPPY!

2. Declutter Those Pinterest Boards - Pinterest is great because you can pin things you LOVE! But when was the last time you truly looked at your boards. Maybe you were pinning ideas for a party? Maybe you pinned your favorite hairstyles? or clothes? Is that project done? Is the party over? Do you really need to keep those? DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! Did you know, you can only save 200,000 pins on Pinterest. You can only have 500 boards on Pinterest. I looked it up! Get rid of what's unnecessary. I went through all of my boards and deleted pins that I no longer loved. It makes room for more things you do love and new interests :)

3. Have A Serious Heart-To-Heart Talk With Yourself Regarding Your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Other Social Accounts. Let me tell you! I had an EPIPHANY this holiday! When I started Instagram (7 years ago) I literally followed EVERY SINGLE BEAUTY & SKINCARE BRAND out there. Why? Because I had been out of the BEAUTY loop for years and was trying to get a feel of what was current & what brands had to offer. You guys know how many reviews I've done in those 7 years. Some products worked for me. Others did not. I don't need to follow 300+ brands anymore. Brands that didn't work for me, I hit DELETE. I'm down to following 126 brands & people combined. I want you to click on the FOLLOWING BUTTON for each one of your accounts. Take each person & brand INDIVIDUALLY and ask yourself... Do I want to follow this person or brand anymore? It's easier with brands than people, but I had to delete people as well. With people "I knew" via blogging, some never talked to me on an individual or personal basis. There was no interaction. With some, I saw a side where I didn't agree with the things they were saying or doing. You meet some people that constantly give off negative energy. I don't need that in my life. With others, we connected when we first "met" but then interests changed (either for them or me). INTERESTS  CAN CHANGE IN 7 YEARS! That's healthy. That's normal. There can be a number of reasons! I chose to hit delete. I can honestly say, that even if I walked away from a person I still wished them the best (but their style was not for me). I even check on those accounts from time to time and I'm happy to see that they're doing well (or are in a much better place). It makes me smile. In the past, I've been in the dumps (and no one wanted to be around me as well ... but it was something personally that I had to go through ... we all have those periods in life). Some people just mute people. Muting doesn't cut it for me! Let me tell you why! If you're a Blogger or YouTuber, brands not only look at your account but also who you follow. When you follow someone, you're pretty much saying you LIKE or AGREE with that person. A major makeup company asked me about two fellow bloggers I followed. I could WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend them without any doubts. So bottom line ... as years come and go ... re-evaluate the people and brands you follow. You go through little changes through the year. You will find that you go through BIG CHANGES every 3-5 years. Adjust your social media to reflect those changes. Paths bring us together. Paths lead us apart. I've even had paths that have reconnected me with people from the past.
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