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Monday, June 3, 2019

Fresh Sugar Hydrating Lip Balms in Coconut, Lemon, Peach & Chocolate: Review and Swatches

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Not Sponsored: Fresh came out with an assortment of hydrating lip balms last year. I was so happy they did, because I really enjoyed the deluxe sample of the Fresh Sugar Caramel Hydrating Lip Balm (reviewed here)(Sephora, Harrods). I received with an order. They now offer these lip balms in Coconut (Sephora, Harrods), Lemon (Sephora, Harrods), Peach (Sephora, Harrods), and a Limited Edition Chocolate scent (Harrods). These lip balms are scented, but NOT FLAVORED. Coconut is inspired by Coconut Cream. Its a really soft scent that smells exactly like a blend of coconut & cream. My favorite is Lemon. You guys, it was inspired by Lemon Meringue and smells exactly like lemon meringue pie. My second favorite is Peach. Its inspired by peaches & cream. Think about biting into a freshly picked juicy peach...YUM! Then you have the limited edition Chocolate lip balm. Its inspired by chocolate fudge. To me its scented like dark chocolate frosting. So they all have excellent and authentic scents. They are also VERY HYDRATING and MOISTURIZING! Fresh always makes excellent lip products. These will hydrate your lips for hours. If you read my initial review of their caramel lip balm, you will notice I gave it a Supersweet rating (but I listed some things that could be improved). Although these are superb hydrating lip balms and Fresh has knocked it out the ball park with authentic scents, I can't understand why Fresh didn't go the extra mile and also make these TASTE like the actual flavors. I can only assume they don''t want you to lick them off. BUT, sometimes you want that taste (at least I do). I know with lip scrubs, I want them to smell like their flavor AND taste like their flavor. It just makes them COMPLETE. ALSO, I prefer STICK lip balms or TUBE lip balms over pots. These pots require using a lip applicator, if you want to keep everything hygienic. These slim discs of lip balms are easy to transport, but I prefer the other types of packaging over these. So although great, I decided to give them a Sweet rating instead. I also want to mention, that when I swatched these on the back of my hand you see the "colors". But when you blend these into your lips, they become transparent (just glossy) on the lips. So if you're worried about the color showing up on your lips, you don't have to worry. They all turn clear. My all tame FAVORITE lip balm from Fresh is still their Advanced Therapy Sugar Lip Treatment (reviewed here and here) stick. It is so nourishing and still the best! It can be purchased at Barneys, Nordstrom, Sephora, and Harrods.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  Fresh Sugar Hydrating Lip Balms are Sweet

Fresh Sugar COCONUT Hydrating Lip Balm

Fresh Sugar LEMON Hydrating Lip Balm

Fresh Sugar PEACH Hydrating Lip Balm

Fresh Sugar CHOCOLATE Hydrating Lip Balm (Limited Edition)
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