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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Improving Oral Hygiene (When We Think We're Too Old To Do Anything About It)

It is something that we all know should be a priority but we seldom view it that way. If we're looking to be healthier and happier, there are key components of our life that we need to focus on. But when we feel that life is too short or there's nothing wrong with having that extra cookie after a while, these little unhealthy habits can start to impact our lives in subtle but detrimental ways. And as we get older, old habits definitely die hard. And when it comes to something like oral hygiene we may very well feel that it's too late to start all over again especially if you've made one too many trips to the dentist. But with this in mind, what can we do to ensure that we are improving our oral hygiene regardless of our age?

The Importance Of Regular Dentist Visits
Yes, as boring as it sounds, it's crucial to go to the dentist on a regular basis. It's one of those things that we may feel that we don't prioritize. But if you want to avoid root canal therapy or any painful operation, it's a good idea to go to the dentist to make sure that you have a good base level of health. And while we may very well avoid going to the dentist for our own individual reasons, perhaps it's too expensive or we won't like the outcome, it's a good idea for us to get into this habit. It's something where going to any medical specialist will get you into the all-important habit of prevention. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Maintaining Your Bone Health
It's important to remember that your teeth and your bones are linked ever so slightly. Looking after your bone health as you get older means that you should have the recommended intake of calcium, but you also watch your diet. It's something that we don't all pay attention to but if you have a hefty intake of tobacco or sugar, they can extract minerals from where it counts. And when you start to think about your teeth and your bones as the same thing, this is where you can start to take supplements that work for both. It's not just about calcium, but it's making sure that you have the right habits in place. Looking after your teeth is about flossing but it's also about making sure that supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin form part of your daily intake.

You Are What You Eat
And it's something that as we get older we may think that it's too late to change, but when you eat healthier you will feel happier. And this isn't just in terms of your oral hygiene, but it's about your health in general. Having an extra bit of spinach on your plate can make all the difference because of the high amount of vitamin K, but it's also important to think about a balanced diet. A lot of people don't like removing sugar completely from their diet but if you can minimize it, or at least have better habits such as swilling your mouth out with water after consuming sugary substances, there won't be as much decay.

As we get older, these old habits we have can die hard but when we start to feel the impacts of an unhealthy diet or poor oral hygiene these things can make us miserable. You make little changes and they will impact you in big ways.
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