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Monday, April 6, 2020

No Sheet Sherlock! Cutting Down On Paper Usage In Business

Part of growing your business is about cutting corners. It's important that you don't cut off crucial supplies to your business, especially when you are concerned with your budget, but there are things that you can do right now to improve your financial situation and the productivity at the same time. Right now, minimizing paper usage is a fantastic way to save money but it's also a great way to save the planet. But how can we reduce paper waste for the greater good?

The Digitization Process
Many businesses have a backlog of paper and as a result, it can make for a very long transition to the digital world. But there are cyber security practices to minimize paper usage while also working to protect your business better. Upgrading to a cloud server can result in a far better user interface when it comes to accessing paper documents. Scanning the paper copies onto the system can be a lengthy process but it is a necessary evil. As many businesses are taking to online file storage programs it doesn't just provide simple access and significant storage but it also allows better control over your data.

Do You Have To Print?
An obvious question but if you want to reduce paper in an office environment this is the question you've got to ask yourself. When you go to meetings it's become a well-worn habit that you print out numerous handouts. But when you start to see that these handouts are either left behind or thrown away at the end of the day, it's worth considering just how much of a waste this is. Instead, you can add the agenda to your email invitation or just email the presentation in advance. It's not just a way to cut down on paper usage, but sending the agendas in advance allows them to prepare and make comments which will result in a more productive meeting.

Reinforce The Message
Throughout your business, you must remember the importance of cultural significance. There are things that we can all incorporate into our business, like hot-desking, but the thing that really helps is to have a culture that reinforces the message. Take inspiration from other companies that have already gone paperless but also think about how much paper you use in your everyday life. You might communicate the importance of minimizing paper within your business but if you use a lot of paper in every other aspect of your life you are not leading by example.

And possibly the most simple approach is to incorporate more opportunities to recycle. Most businesses have a receptacle for garbage and one for recycling but if you get rid of the garbage receptacle, how much would go into recycling? A lot of people don't have the enthusiasm to put anything in recycling. So if we are to increase the opportunities to recycle there is no excuse. This is one little thing that can catapult your business into the next phase of being more environmentally friendly and go towards an ethically sound mindset.
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