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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Learning To Understand And Accept Yourself

Ah, there’s just no escaping ourselves. While there’ll be times when it feels as if everything is going well, there’ll be other times when it feels as if you’re feeling a little lost and confused about yourself and where you’re going in life. Thankfully, there is a remedy to this sense of confusion: learning to understand and accept yourself. This isn’t something that’s promoted all that often, but it’s an important journey to go on. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the key tasks you can incorporate into your life that’ll help with this objective.

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Out of Your Comfort Zone
If you stay trapped in a small bubble, then you’ll never know what you’re capable of. Part of understanding your capabilities and also figuring out what you want from life is to push yourself and step out of your comfort zone. There are any number of ways to do this. Indeed, it’s probably best to think of any issues you have and think up an activity that’ll help to combat that issue. For example, if you don’t feel as independent as you could do, then you could take a trip by yourself. If you’re scared of making a fool of yourself in front of people, then you could sign up for a comedy improv class. You might just realize that many of your personal issues have been greatly exaggerated in your mind.

Shaping Your Values
There’s something that all people should do, but only seldom few actually do: shape your values. Many people just accept the values that were instilled in them by their parents/community/country, but what if they’re out of sync with what you really feel? This happens more frequently than is realized. Part of understanding yourself (as opposed to understanding your culture) is to figure out what you believe in, what you don’t believe in, what’s noble, and what’s not noble. This won’t just have a positive impact on you, either -- the world becomes a better place when people have values and stand up for them.

Look to History
We’re all prone to thinking that we’re simply a product of our times, but that’s not really the case. That’s the default setting for all of us, but it’s not as if there’s nothing we can learn from history. There’s plenty to learn! We can do this via many different means, too. You can learn about personality and numerology, which people have used for thousands of years to help understand themselves and their place in the wider world. You can also read books by the great minds and thinkers of days gone by; you might just discover something -- a way of thinking or way to see yourself -- that you have never heard anyone in today’s world mention.

Process Your Emotions
Despite what some people say, we’re all emotional creatures -- it’s just that some people show it more than others. But let’s make no mistake: we’re all guided by those little moments of happiness, sadness, anger. In some cases, it could feel as if we’re being taken for a ride by our emotions, rather than guiding our own lives. Happily, there’s a historical way to combat this. It’s called meditation. Just practicing for twenty minutes a day (in two different settings) can have a profoundly positive impact on your life, in large part because it puts a gap between you and your emotions (which can be so easily influenced). In the process of your meditation journey, you’ll learn the tools you need to understand and accept yourself better.

Write It Out
Part of the problem of understanding ourselves is that it can be so difficult to process our thoughts. Even if we do have a moment of insight, the thought could be gone and forgotten pretty quickly. That’s why it’s highly recommended to keep a journal and write out your thoughts and feelings. Much of what you write may be unimportant, but when you read it back the next day, you might see something you’ve written that makes you think. If you’re not a writer, then talking things through with a friend can also work. It’s all about getting your thoughts and feelings out of yourself.

Finally, be sure to practice self-love! This isn’t as difficult as it sounds. It’s all about eating well, exercising, and listening to the needs of your body and mind -- and also giving yourself a hug when it’s needed. It really can make a positive difference to your life.
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