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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Spa Girl Wreath

Not Sponsored: It was love at first sight when I spotted this wreath. I eyed it for a month and decided to hit the purchase button before I had any buyer's remorse or regrets. It was just something about it that made my heart pitter patter. I've never thought about purchasing a wreath for my bathroom. LOL Pictures? Yes. But a wreath? Hmmm. My longtime readers know I remodeled my house a few years ago. Well, I'm now just getting to the point of "filling things in" as far as decorating. There was a small space of wall in my bathroom that needed something. When I saw this wreath, I knew it would fit perfectly. I love spending time in the bathroom taking care of myself. It's such a joy looking at this wreath. The center focus of course is the girl with her spa robe & slippers on. She has a towel adorned with a flower on her head. She has cucumbers on her eyes. Her legs are crossed and she is relaxed. There's a "Spa Session In Progress: Please Do Not Disturb" sign hanging at her feet. What's so gorgeous are the flowers and ribbon all around her. I love the colors and it compliments my taupe neutral color scheme not only in my bathroom but throughout my house. I'm so glad I purchased it. I feel very strongly about putting things in your house that bring you joy. That put a smile on your face. Its so important. You have to look at it everyday. I wanted to share my purchase of joy with you.

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