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Saturday, June 5, 2021

BARU: A Latin Caribbean Restaurant | New Orleans, Louisiana

Not Sponsored: I had planned on eating at a restaurant in downtown New Orleans, but unfortunately the environment around that restaurant has drastically changed (so I changed my mind). I decided to pick a restaurant on Magazine Street. You guys know last year, I tried a couple of restaurants on this beautiful thoroughfare and I promised I would patronize more. BARU, caught my eye. People sitting outside looked peaceful, content and (most of all) enjoying their food. So, I thought I should eat there. I didn't have a reservation (and it was busy), but the hostess gave me a great big SMILE/WELCOME and found the perfect spot to dine. A couple had just finished eating outside, which led to the perfect table. I really love the ambiance of BARU. It's intimate (small). Its minimal. You get personalized attention. They treat you like family. If you're looking for another restaurant that gives you this kind of personalized attention, let me recommend Tito's Ceviche & Pisco, which is also on Magazine Street. The food at BARU is really good! It's considered a Latin and Caribbean Restaurant. For an appetizer, I had the Ostras Fritas (cornmeal crusted oysters cilantro alioli carmelized onions lime) and Ceviche (gulf fish, avocado, leche de tigre, sweet potatoes, red onions, cancha corn). You HAVE to order both, if you visit this restaurant. I thought I was in heaven. They are so delicious!!! I could've eaten both all night long. SO GOOD! Ceviche is also good here and here. For dinner I ordered the Pescado Frito (whole fried snapper, coconut rice, tostones, mango slaw) and Lechon Cubano (slow braised pulled pork, cilantro rice, black beans, maduros).  The fish, was so meaty and white. It was really delicious! I couldn't get over how meaty it was. Everything was delicious and well prepared. If anyone from the restaurant reads this review, I just want to give my compliments to the chef, the hostess and wait staff for a wonderful evening. I highly recommend them. I'll definitely visit BARU again.

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