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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

MP Magic | Egyptian Cotton Waffle Bath Towel Review

Disclosure: MP Magic sent me their Egyptian Cotton Waffle Bath Towels for review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

PR Sample: Hey Everybody! PR for MP Magic reached out to me and asked if I would like to try their NEW MP Magic Egyptian Cotton Waffle Bath Towels. I said, most definitely! My two favorite rooms in my home are my bedroom and bathroom. I enjoy pampering myself. You may be asking yourself, who is MP Magic? I know I did! Let me give you a little background information. They started in 2017 through crowdfunding, with their first product MP Magic Socks. They have since branched out into bedding (MP Magic Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheets) and bathing (MP Magic Egyptian Cotton Towels). Their MP Magic Egyptian Cotton Waffle Bath Towels are one of their newest products.

Not all waffle towels are made equally. What's been your experience with waffle towels? I've had some good ones and lots of bad ones. My main complaint with waffle towels is heaviness and stiffness. I'm happy to say that is NOT the case with MP Magic Egyptian Cotton Waffle Bath Towels. They are super soft (feel great) and extremely lightweight.

What are MP Magic Egyptian Cotton Waffle Bath Towels made of? They are made of 100% Egyptian Cotton. MP Magic uses Giza 86. What is Giza cotton, you may be asking? It's the best and most expensive cotton in the world. I challenge you to do a search. I did. It will tell you about the excellent quality of Giza cotton and its various grades. 

Are these towels durable? Yes. They are made extremely well and are of excellent quality. MP Magic uses the most advanced knitting technique compared to standard towel manufacturing processes. They show this technique in their crowdfunding campaign (linked above). With the combination of high quality fabric, high tech manufacturing, and knit design, MP Magic has made a winner of a towel. You want an excellent quality towel to have for years to come.

What about absorbency? The purpose of a towel is to absorb water. As you know, not all towels do this effectively. Have you ever looked for a 'dry spot' on a towel to dry yourself off? I have. HaHaHa You won't be looking for a 'dry spot' on these towels. They did an excellent job absorbing water and drying me off. Not only are they ultra-absorbent, but they are fast-drying and super-soft as well. It makes for a great combination!

Some other things to consider. Size. I love the size of this towel! I'm 6'0" and do you see how easily this towel wrapped around me? Do you see how easily it ties in the front? And may I add ... CUTE! None of my other towels do this! The MP Magic measures 59x31 inches (150cmx79cm) and weighs just 530 grams. These bath towels are certified with 100% Egyptian cotton by Oeko-Tex. That means they are completely free of harmful substances with quality assured. Because MP Magic uses a long staple cotton, there is no fraying, breaking or separating. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with MP Magic's Egyptian Cotton Waffle Bath Towel. I know you will love them as well as I do.

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