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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Sephora Collection: Refresh And Prep Lip Scrubber Review

Not Sponsored: I believe in taking care of my lips! I use a combination of lip scrubs, balms and treatments. I thought my lip regimen was complete, until I came across Sephora's Refresh and Prep Lip Scrubber. Instantly I said to myself, "That's what I need!". For the record (in the past), I would apply lip scrub to my lips (really work it in), let the lip scrub stay on my lips a bit (moisturize) and then wipe the lip scrub off my lips with a washcloth. Well ONE, I always had to do this at the beginning of bathing because after washing your entire body who would want to put their washcloth on their lips ... Ewwww! Secondly, lip scrub on your washcloth and then to use it to wash your body :( There just had to be a better way of working lip scrub into your lips. Using your fingers is ok, but I really wanted to give my lips a good scrub. I tried using a toothbrush, but it was way too rough. So, I saw this scrubber online at Sephora. I'm loving it you guys! It's double-sided!!! It's silicone!!! So easy to handle and use. And most of all effective. One side exfoliates (short/thin bristles). The other side massages (round bristles). Using this tool with my lip scrub makes my lip scrub even more effective. It really works the lip scrub into the lips and gently exfoliates them. You can use Sephora's Lip Scrubber on dry lips as well. I tried it and you can see the dead skin flakes on the brush head. So this is also a great travel tool. Want naturally plump lips and get the circulation (blood flowing) going in your lips? Use the round bristle side. I was very impressed with this lip scrubber and recommend it. So I just wanted to share my thoughts about it with you. 

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  Sephora Collection: Refresh And Prep Lip Scrubber is Sweet
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