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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Logan's Roadhouse Restaurant Review | Meridian, Mississippi

Not Sponsored: I've been to a couple of Texas Roadhouse Restaurants (also one in Cincinnati, Ohio), but I've never been to a Logan's Roadhouse. They're really similar. Logan's Roadhouse Restaurants are scattered throughout the United States, so definitely do a location search on their website. I went to one in Meridian, Mississippi. It's across the street from a Hampton Inn Meridian, Hilton Garden Inn Meridian and next door to Drury Inn & Suites Meridian, Mississippi. Logan's Roadhouse received really great reviews online and the food looked absolutely delicious. Upon being seated they serve you their delicious hot rolls. They're soooo good! I swear I could sit there all evening and eat basket after basket of these rolls. I had to stop myself. HaHaHa For an appetizer, I had their artichoke & spinach dip. Scrumptious! I then ordered a 12oz rib eye steak (well done) with a loaded baked potato and caesar side salad. I was in heaven. The ribeye had a delicious smoke taste. It was juicy and tender. I thoroughly enjoyed mine. The baked potato, loaded with sour cream and cheddar cheese was also delicious. For dessert I ordered their Mississippi Brownie. We've all had brownies with ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauce, but was yours sprinkled with marshmallows? Ah-mazing!!! So, from beginning to end the meal was FANTASTIC! If you see a Logan's Roadhouse, don't hesitate stopping. Their food is delicious and doesn't disappoint. Also, the management, waitress and staff were very nice. 

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