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Monday, September 13, 2021

Reasons Why CBD Creams Are Popular Among Canadians

For Canadians who are trying to get into CBD, there is one product that they need to know: CBD creams. Recently, CBD creams' popularity has risen with more and more people started using them. Much like other CBD products, these creams offer many health benefits and can be used regularly or even incorporated into your skincare routines.

Nowadays, more and more companies are looking to expand their product lines by selling CBD creams. So if you’re planning to use creams from now on, you’ll have a lot more options than a few years ago.

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What are CBD creams?

CBD creams are cream products that contain CBD in them. Cannabidiol or CBD is a natural substance that is found in a hemp plant. CBD shouldn't be confused with THC, as it doesn't make you high at all. That's why a lot of Canadians are looking for CBD products without THC content. Not everyone wants to get high from THC, but everyone wants to get the health benefits of CBD.

So CBD creams are simply a cream or lotion that is infused with CBD. Typically, the CBD compound is added to the cream by using a CO2 extraction. This method of extraction is one of the purest and cleanest forms of extraction for CBD. The resulting extract is usually devoid of any trace of solvent. And this method also makes sure that there are no solvents left behind in the extracted concentrate of CBD.

Furthermore, to give the end product a form of cream or lotion, various different essential oils such as coconut oil or olive oil, and as well as sheer butter or cocoa butter are added. To find the best deals across Canada on CBD cream, visit CBD oil guides that compare the top CBD brands and offer current coupon codes as well as specials.

How to use CBD creams

Just like with other cream products, simply apply CBD cream directly to your skin. And as the creams are applied to the top layers of your skin, the CBD doesn't enter the bloodstream. Hence, this kind of product is called topical. You can also apply the creams directly to affected areas to ease symptoms of pain and help you relax and sleep.

Reasons why CBD creams are popular in Canada

CBD has been known to have many health benefits since man years ago. So it’s not surprising that CBD creams are also popular for the same reason. But there are also some differences that make creams stand out from other products.

Effective to provide relief in certain areas

Some people are feeling pain or discomfort in certain areas of their bodies. Creams provide precise relief to these areas without any hassle. The creams are able to penetrate the skin and provide targeted relief without entering the bloodstream at all. This makes them very effective for people who have problems in specific areas only.

A small dose is often enough

Some people need a high dose of CBD to relieve their symptoms. But with CBD creams and considering that you want to use them on certain areas only, a small dose is often sufficient enough. Simply put a little cream on the problem area and wait an hour or so. You can reapply the ream if you think you need more.

Effective for back and neck pain

A lot of Canadians are suffering from back and neck pain. It can be from sitting for too long or because of heavily physical activities. CBD creams are effective for this kind of pain. Apply them on the back and neck and wait until you feel better.

A great alternative to inhaling vapor

CBD vapes are very popular in Canada. They are effective, versatile, and efficient as well. But the thing is not everyone is willing to inhale vapor and expose their lungs to risks. That’s why products like CBD creams are popular alongside CBD vapes. They provide a great alternative to CBD vapes for people who want to play it safe.

Reduce signs of aging

Many beauty products promise the effect of reducing signs of aging. And guess what? CBD has it too. CBD contains antioxidants and anti-inflammation properties that can remove signs of aging such as dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. Furthermore, it can also provide you with soothing effects that can provide relief for itchy, dry, and red skin.


CBD creams are popular among Canadians for a number of reasons mentioned above. And all of the reasons have something to do with how good CBD is and how turning it into cream can provide many advantages.

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