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Thursday, December 23, 2021

3 Ways Your Industrial Business Can Save The Planet

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Industry is always looking for a boom, and if you are a business owner who deals in the realm of industry and construction, you may be killing the planet. A lot of materials leave a carbon footprint while other materials give off greenhouse gasses. Some industries are cutting down trees, while others are rerouting rivers. There are a lot of changes being made in this field, and if you are a part of it, you can be part of the healing. Here are three ways that industry is making changes to save the planet.

Using Clean Energy

There have been so many advances in recent years when it comes to clean energy. A lot of commercial buildings are being powered with solar panels and large scale trucks and barges are finding ways to switch to electric. Companies like Volvo Penta have been developing the latest technologies in switching marine and industrial vehicles to electric while fitting existing vehicles with clean engines. 

Switching to renewable, clean energy is the way to go, and if you are a small business that ships with a particular company, you may want to see what kind of technology they are using so that you can either stay with them or switch to a company that is using clean energy.

Eliminating Concrete

Materials like asphalt are good for the environment. Asphalt doesn’t give off a lot of greenhouse gasses, and the process by which to create and use asphalt does not take up a lot of energy. Materials like concrete, however, are not great for Mother Earth. Concrete leaves a large carbon footprint when it is left to sit in the earth. Large buildings, streets, parking lots, and some homes are made with a lot of concrete and that’s lots of harm being done to the environment.

A big solution that is plant-based is popping up all over. Concrete and plants? Believe it or not, yes. Hempcrete is a new material that is making the rounds with construction companies. Hempcrete is made from hemp. The plant that is also used to make clothing and shoes. Hempcrete works just like concrete. It is durable, porous, and can withstand a lot of the elements of the world.

Hempcrete can also be used as insulation in homes and industrial buildings. It works just as well if not better than traditional insulation, and it helps the environment.

Fixing Infrastructure

There are a lot of factories that are just waiting for a makeover. A lot of industries want to expand and use new lands for new buildings, but recycling old buildings helps prevent the cutting down of trees and the stripping of vibrant lands. Fixing roads and bridges and making sure old buildings are sound will help keep existing buildings viable for future companies.

In fixing infrastructure, there is also the opportunity to add clean energy like wind turbines. Capturing wind energy will reduce the use of fossil fuels that could harm the planet. It works when everyone does their part.

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