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Friday, April 22, 2022

The Secret To A Great Themed Party

Themed parties can be excellent for different occasions. You may choose to host a work event to celebrate your recent success, and picking a nice theme can add something to the party. Similarly, your wedding party might be themed to make it stand out and be different from what people are used to.
Unfortunately, you can easily host a terrible themed party if you’re not careful. There are certain things that you need to get right if you want the party to be a success. So, here’s the secret to putting on a fantastic themed party:
Pick a theme that actually works
The first step is choosing a theme that you can actually replicate. Not only that, but it must be easy for your guests to adhere to the theme. You want them to make an effort, but you don’t want it to be too complicated as many people might avoid going to the party altogether. 

For example, a casino theme works really well. Here, guests have to dress up as though they’re going to a fancy casino. It might require a bit of dress-up, but most people will have smart clothes to wear to capture the essence of the theme. You can also rent casino games for party purposes, making it easier to capture the theme at the location. It’s simple, yet really effective.

On the other hand, if you picked something like an animal theme for the party, you’re asking a lot of everyone. People have to find animal costumes - which cost money and they’re unlikely to use again - or they might have to paint their faces. Some people love this, but others find it too much effort and won’t bother coming. Stick to a theme that actually works and is easier for everyone to adhere to.

Send out themed invitations

Your party actually starts when you invite people to it. Invitations are super important as they help you create a guest list. However, for a themed party, the invitation takes on another role. In essence, it does the job of setting the scene for your guests before the event begins. People should see the invitation and instantly be intrigued. This doesn’t look like a normal party invite?

Upon opening it, they should be met with an invitation that follows your theme. Going back to the casino idea from above, your invitations should be super fancy. It should feel as though your guests are genuinely being invited to some exclusive casino for the rich and famous. This helps people understand the theme of your party, but it also gets them excited. They love the invites and can’t wait to see what else you’ve done to fit the theme.

Immerse your guests in the theme

Too many themed parties are not up to scratch. Without wanting to sound rude, they’re a bit lazy. People might wear costumes or themed outfits, and that’s about it. It doesn’t do a great job of setting the scene and making your party a proper party with a theme.

Instead, you need to immerse your guests in the theme. Find a location for the party and decorate it to feel like it fits your theme. Let’s say you’re hosting a Harry Potter party. It’s a popular option for children and adults, but would it make sense to just host this in a bar? No, you need a location that allows you to decorate the interior to look like it’s a scene from Harry Potter. People should walk in and feel as though they’ve stepped foot into a different universe that revolves around the theme.

Decorating the setting is one thing, there are still other elements to immerse your guests. Think about the food and drink you have for them. Try to make them match the theme! Halloween parties are great at doing this - you can have food but give it weird names to make it seem scary. Again, going back to the casino example, you should try to craft your refreshments to match those seen in casinos. So, fancy canapes and other little bits to eat - with glasses of champagne of course. For one night, your guests should feel as though they’ve been taken out of their world and dumped into a new setting that revolves around your theme.

And there you have it; the secret to a great themed party. It all starts with your theme, and then you have to make it a real experience for every guest. If you don’t want to go to the effort of decorating a setting or making themed refreshments, don’t bother with a themed party! Choose a more traditional one instead, so you don’t leave anyone disappointed.
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