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Monday, October 3, 2022

Accessorizing Your Man's Look

You may well be able to accessorize any outfit that comes your way but when you’re in a relationship, you can find yourself playing a bigger and bigger role in the fashion choices of your partner, too. When your partner is a man, then you might need to learn a few new tricks of the trade, and effective accessorizing is one of the best ways to do that.

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The eyewear

Not every man is going to need to wear eyewear for every occasion. If he has to wear glasses, then you can help him by working with him to find glasses that better fit his facial shape and have the right color and material look to suit his fashion tastes. The rules for selecting sunglasses aren’t that much different, but you have to be aware of how obscuring the eyes affects his look, as well.

The jewelry

Societal standards have long stated that jewelry is predominantly for women, but there are exceptions and those exceptions are widening to include more. If you prefer a more traditional look, then just a ring or some nice gold chains can be enough to add just the right level of bling to your man’s outfit. Be sure to match the accessory to the occasion, as well. A chain might look better over a t-shirt or under a jacket than it would with a suit, for instance.

The watch

Although we’ve already covered jewelry, watches are set apart from them as an essential part of any man’s look. The watch has long been considered a conveyer of status, wealth, power, or even just plain old good taste. Matching the watch to your man’s fashion is important. You don’t want anything too gaudy if he tends to spend most of his time in casual clothes, nor would you want him wearing a sports watch if he spends a lot of time in a suit.

The wallet

It might not strike everyone immediately as an accessory that needs to be considered with the rest of the look but a bad-looking, sorely beaten wallet can be a sorry-looking thing indeed and it’s not going to do any favors to your man’s look. A simple, classy wallet is all that he needs, but you need to make sure that he’s carrying one that looks relatively fresh.

The bag

A lot of men are carrying more than the traditional briefcase would have allowed. Indeed, the case seems to be going the way of the dodo, and messenger bags have come to replace it instead. There’s an emphasis on men’s bags to look a little more rugged, but you should always consider the practicality of the bag you choose as well. If he’s expected to carry around a laptop for work, for instance, you want to make sure he has plenty of space for it.

Equipping the man in your life with the essential accessories can help them find fitting fashion for a much wider range of occasions. With the tips above, you should be able to help them complete any outfit without too much trouble.

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