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Monday, October 17, 2022

How To Give Your Parties That Extra Glamorous Edge

If you want to throw a party in the near future, you’re probably in that panicked planning stage right now where you need everything to be perfect. Don’t worry - we all fall into it! We want our event to go swimmingly, and to be the best night our friends and family have attended.

However, it’s incredibly hard to put yourself under this kind of pressure! Your loved ones are going to have a good time simply because you’ve gone to all this effort, and that’s key to keep in mind. But if you want to find a surefire way to impress them, it’s best to include an extra glamorous edge. Here’s how to do just that.

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Take Your Decoration to the Next Level

The decoration you put up for your party is the crux of the whole event, but you already know that! Which is why you need to go to the next level here. Those string lights are fine, but what about string lights that flash along with the music? This is the kind of glamour we’re talking about here, and it’s not as hard as you might think to grab an internet connected set that can match tempo no matter what!

Serve Up Restaurant Level Food

Sure, restaurant level food might sound like a spread you’re not quite capable of, but a lot of the fuss is simply in the presentation! So invest in items like a Wood Charcuterie Board, silver cutlery, candles and other accessories for the table, and provide a waiting service of your own. Then you can order in or try to cook food of your own, but presenting the whole package will do the most work for you here.

Place Your Lighting Carefully

While string lighting is a big yes, so is more intimate, careful lighting too. A standing lamp turned on in the corner, table lamps bracketed by flowers, and even a live flame in the fireplace (if you’ve got one). It all helps to add to the atmosphere; a party is always a festive occasion, but putting a cozy flare on it will always make it feel more glamorous. And seeing as most parties are held in the evening, it’ll certainly make your ‘do’ deliciously warm as well!

Sprinkle In Some 1900s Style

The early 1900s was a time of drinking and being merry - for the rich, anyway - and that’s something we want to invoke here. A drinks trolley, flower bouquets along the table, plenty of champagne on ice, and even an old fashioned jazz twirl in the evening! All of these elements add a good hint of glamour, and you can pick and choose them as you like. Go ahead and mix and match them all for the best glamour party results!

A good party always has a little something extra to offer, and that goes a long way when you’ve got glamour on your side. Use tips like these to give your event that extra edge.


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