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Sunday, February 4, 2024

Create A Work, Holiday, Vacation Calendar

Not Sponsored: So, we're ONE MONTH into the NEW YEAR! How's everybody doing!?! HaHaHa I hope this year has been good to you so far. Are you already thinking about the next holiday? Do you have vacation on the brain? I know I do. Well now is the time to prepare and I am going to help you!

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Map out available days!

The first thing you need to do (at the start of every year), is write down the days and holidays, your work gives you off on a calendar. Where you work, should have a list of ALL holidays you'll have off throughout the year. If you have a significant other, write down the days and holidays their employer is giving them off. See what days, matches with yours!

Figure out your annual or vacation time!

Most employers give you annual (or vacation) and sick time. How much have you accrued since being employed? How much do you accrue on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis? Figuring out the number of hours you have, will also tell you what kind of vacations you will be able to take ... and for how long. 

Mini or Weekend Getaways 

Whether you have a lot of annual leave or very little, you can still take a vacation.  Using 8 hours of time either on a Friday or Monday, will allow you to get away on the weekend. If you have Friday's off, use 8 of your hours that Monday to extend your trip. It will be a shorter vacation, and maybe you can't travel as far, but getting away for a few days makes all the difference in the world. 

Bridge the gap!

As you look at your calendar, are their holidays that fall on an odd day (like a Tuesday or Wednesday)? You may want to use 8 to 16 hours of your time, to take a longer vacation. For example, you may want to use your hours to take that Friday and Monday off! That will give you a vacation that is longer (from Friday to Tuesday or Wednesday).

The long and short of it!

Once you fill out your calendar, you will be able to visually see, when you can take short or long vacations! Count the possibilities by MONTH! Write down (for yourself), in FEBRUARY, I can take one short trip. In April, I can take a long vacation. For each month, write down the possibilities! You'll find that you can travel more than what you thought.

Make a list of places to go! 

I touched on this topic in a blog post last year, called Make A Travel Wishlist. But you really need to have a list of places that are within your area (locally), within the state you live in, within the United States and Internationally that you would like to visit. Those are what we call CHOICES and OPTIONS! Depending on the number of days you have available, will lead you to where you can go. Write down the places you want to go and categorize them as to city, state, US and International travel. Research these places by using my blog post Google Maps: Navigational Travel Companion and Trip Planner.

Get to planning!

Don't let another month pass you by! Start researching and planning the places you want to go and HAVE FUN!


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