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Sunday, June 30, 2024

ShutEye: Sleep Tracker App Review

Not Sponsored: I've been on Facebook a lot. I usually hate a lot of advertisements, but for some reason they've been showing me a lot of interesting things that I enjoy: travel, cooking, new clothing stores etc.  One day, there was an advertisement for ShutEye, which is a sleep tracker app. It caught my eye, because it said it can detect snoring. You receive a 7 day free trial, so I said why not, and downloaded the app.

So how does it work? You put your phone near you and press a button when you're ready to go to sleep. This app is amazing. It monitors sleeping stages (light sleep, deep sleep etc), if you snore, if you cough and the environment around you. This app records clips of those instances. I've been told I snore, but I didn't think I snored this often. This app recorded 12 clips of me snoring. HAHAHA I'm so embarrassed. It was definitely me. There was 1 clip of me coughing (again the recording didn't lie). There was a clip of my environment. It captured my neighbor talking one night. Unfortunately I think he has hearing damage/loss issues, because he speaks abnormally loud at times. Hearing loss is irreversible, so monitor the dba decibel levels of music, tv, video games etc. you play. Some people don't realize it until its too late. When you wake up and press the button for the app to stop, it generates a personal sleep report for you. I don't have any animals, so maybe it heard me purr or bark in the night. HaHaHa

This app offers some other great things. One thing being White Noise. White Noise is as old as time. You can listen to rain, campfire, the ocean etc. But what's different about this app is you can create a mix of these things. Isn't that cool? If you want to listen to a light rain along with rain, MIX THEM TOGETHER. This app also allows you to increase or decrease the intensity. If you want to listen to the flicker of a candle along with your rain, DO IT! So I really love the options that comes along with White Noise.

Not into NATURE? The ShutEye App offers sleep meditation, guided meditation and even stories you can listen to help you relax and go to sleep. Listening to these was so relaxing!

This app also provided colored noise options, tranquil and relaxing music to listen to and if you would like to take a nap, set a timer and chill out. I used these a lot while at work. Eat your lunch and then use the rest of your time to just get away from it all. All of these things are also helpful while traveling.

ShutEye also works with various artists and provides articles for you to read in a section called Sleep Solutions. So this app provides a lot of solutions to help you get a better nights sleep. They give you 7 days to try it for free. I ended my trial a couple of days early and a pop-up screen offered me 7 extra days. I thought this was really generous. So I just wanted to share my experience and most of its features on the blog, in case you were curious. I also did a short review on CALM awhile back.

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