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Monday, May 27, 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio: Jay Gatsby is A Sharp Dressed Man

I saw Leo DiCaprio. I mean The Great Gatsby! HaHaHa Thank God I knew the storyline you guys, because my entire focus was on Leo! I'll give you a review in a minute, but can I discuss him for a second? Start playing ZZ Top's "Sharped Dressed Man"! Oh yesss! That is his theme song! Leo was one hunk of gorgeousness in this movie! Did you know Brooks Brothers outfitted him for this movie? They even have a Great Gatsby Men's Collection. The Brooks Brothers suits, ties, cufflinks, shoes, and the watches he wore made me drool! The ivory suit, he wore for tea, made me forget about the cakes & macarons surrounding him. Now that says a lot! HaHa Then he lays back in a bed of colorful pillows wearing this gorgeous cream-colored sweater with linen pants. I tell ya, I should've seen this movie in 3D! HaHa He even looked good in a robe. Whoever cut his hair, did a hell of a job! His hair literally took shape based on his feelings and persona. Simply put, Leo out-shined the women in this movie! Ready to laugh? I was so enamored, I mistakenly dipped my fingers in the nacho cheese cup while watching the movie! HaHaHa

Spoiler Alert: A review? You want one? The movie was very good, but not great! It could've been magnificent! All of the actors and actresses were spectacular. They really got into character. The costumes, jewelry and makeup were gorgeous. No problem there. Let me tell you what the problem was! I've never seen it done before, but whoever edited the movie, jacked it up! It was so choppy, you could barely appreciate the storyline. Also anyone who read the book, knows they left out Daisy's daughter and Gatsby's father attending the funeral at the end (if I missed it looking at Leo, I stand corrected). Ewww, Leo even looked good in the casket! LOL

THE BEST part of the movie was the end! The ending should resonate in your heart & soul. Always remember, you cannot make anyone love you! If something doesn't work out, keep moving forward...don't look back (if it's meant, they'll catch up with you and make a point to be part of your life)! How YOU feel, doesn't mean someone else will feel the same way (nor can YOU force it)! For the most part, family will be there for you when no one else will! The people that party with you & say you're great today, may kick your ass tomorrow! Gatsby entertained MANY, and NONE even bothered to show up at his funeral when he died. Daisy, went on with her life and didn't even send one flower when he died (and he dedicated his ENTIRE life to her)! So sad! Did anybody see the movie? Please share your thoughts and insights. Have a great week everybody!


Linda Greaves said...

Who could bear to look away from the screen when Leo's on there ;) Especially looking this good! Wowza, he is HANDSOME!
Man, I feel like I'm the only one who hasn't seen this movie. I need to check it out after payday...

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trishie said...

I can't wait to watch this, even though it hasn't reviewed very well. I think the costumes and Leo and Carey Mulligan will more than make up flaws in the storyline!

Mica said...

He is very sharply dressed! :) Would love to see this movie just for the fashions and costumes alone - it looks good from the shots you've shared :)

Away From Blue

Meghan Silva said...

I kind of rushed past the spoiler hehe haven't seen it yet but Leo is always so amazing so glad you enjoyed it ... thoroughly haha.

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Anonymous said...

He looks so handsome! And he's a fantastic actor, I love Leo.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Hahahaha...the start was hilarious!! Loved that. My younger sister was over the moon for him years ago. I saw Titanic over 20 times in the movie theater with her. She had over 500 pictures of him on her wall & who put them up!?! Me!! Hahaha. i was so sick of his face. hahaha. But, I will give this a try, I want to see it. Great review doll!! Happy Monday xx

RNRFairytale said...

the visuals of the movie were amazing

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Irene said...

I haven't seen the movie yet but I'm deeply in love with all the gorgeous dresses I see in every photo!

Have a great Monday!
x Irene

Annie Sand said...

I think I need to watch this movie, just because of all the lovely clothes. Leo really looks gorgeous!

Lilli said...

Hi Kim! Lol, you made me smile everytime!! Have seen the movie last Sat and I totally agree with your thoughts! It was good but not great! In some way little disappointed me a few! He entertained all the people and then no one was at his funeral, very sad!!! Nick's charactere was my fav at the end:) You say right, always move on and never look back! Happy Monday dear, kisses! xo

Emmy said...

I LOVE LEO!!! I really wanna see this movie. Like you, my younger sis raved about The Great Gatsby too. I'm not a huge fan of Carey Mulligan, but who cares? It has Leo!

Dawn Gibson-Thigpen said...

I want to see this movie also! I looks amazing! Also, Leo is hot!




miss b said...

I haven't yet seen the film but I'm sure I would enjoy it if only for the gorgeous costumes and jewellery. You have treated us to a few great images here and I enjoyed reading your thoughts about love at the end of the post - true! Have a great week, Kim.


kim bim said...

Omg!!! Cant wait to watch.

Meg De Gala said...

I just believe Leonardo is one of the best actor in hollywood that he really deserves for an Oscar!!!
I love this movie I can't wait to watch it here in Italy..I love the costumes and the music and the glamour story!!!

xoxo,Meg of Sweet Gala's

TheTinyHeart said...

I haven't seen the movie yet but I really want to especially for the fashion. I agree that Leo is looking FINE!

The Tiny Heart
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Nails My Dreams said...

That hair! God, that hair! lol. And yes, I noticed that Leo looked good in the casket too. Hahahaha. And I'm really sorry Toby but I always think of Spider man when I see you.

LyddieGal said...

I'd definitely like to see the movie for all the eye candy, but I can't say I like the story. I don't understand what is so great about the great gatsby... there is nothing redeeming in the end.

Chic on the Cheap

Anonymous said...

I'm going on Sunday! (but I read the book ;-) )
I am so glad the Dandy is back! Even though I must admit, I like less polished styles too. ;-)


Heather said...

Ugh that is so frustrating! That's exactly how I felt about Oz... oh well - Leonardo looks incredible :)

Pearls & Paws

LoveT. said...

Amazing Post! Have to say ,i love your Blog <3 :)

Happy Monday ,kisses

Anya Jensen said...

OMGosh Kim, I a.d.o.r.e LEO..... I mean could he be any more fantastic. Great actor, very handsome, bit mysterious, a bit of a tormented soul. Haven't seen the movie yet, can't wait. Might have to go alone, as my hubby might think I am a bit mad swooning over Leo ha ha. Happy Monday lovely, great to be back,

Tina Bradley said...

The roaring twenties are my favorite era--so, I loved this movie for it's gorgeous sets and costuming--Leo, too, of course! :) xo T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

Nicky mywishstyle said...

Hi Kim, didn't see the movie..but have to do.. lovely and very nice post.


RedTagChicLosAngeles said...

OMG....it's easily one of the best movies ever made!!!


Marija said...

I really can't wait to see this movie as I have absolutely loved the book. Something just seems so wrong to check it out in 3D but I would definitely want to admire Leo and all his suits that way. Maybe I'll go and see both ''versions'', haha!



Sheila said...

Oohh I keep hearing great things about this movie! I wasn't planning on seeing it until it hit the redbox but I don't mind the spoilers! hehe.. I like to know what happens before watching in a way.. haha..

Great review Kim!!

xo - Sheila

Oh to Be a Muse said...

I've read the book and I'm actually really happy that I didn't see the movie. I didn't hear good things. But I do love the fashion from the movie. Jay Gatsby is a sharp dressed man.

Oh to Be a Muse
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bridechic said...

The book was magnificent! The 1974 movie with Robert Redford was too. I haven't seen the new version and really should because of my love of period fashion. I am concerned that what you said about choppy and fast moving--as most movies are now to keep our focus--might just spoil some of the dream-like quality Fitzgerald wanted to convey through his pages. ...

Macarena Limones said...

I can't wait to see The Gatsby, those Prada vintage dresses and Leo's suits are amazing.

Laura said...

I can't wait to see it!Great post :)

The Hipster Owl's Bookshelf said...

I am dying to see this movie!! Thanks for the great shots :)

p.s. I too heard that the movie lacked the splendor of the book :(

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Oh, Kim, I love Leonardo DeCaprio! I do! My daughter that is close to his age can't stand him. I have to see him in everything he is in! I haven't seen Gatsby yet, but I WILL!


Thank you for your well wishes. My break was just what I needed! Awh ~~~

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

I really enjoyed the film personally! =D I attributed the "choppy" editing to maybe the film being in 3D? I didn't watch the movie in 3D since I really dislike 3D in general...makes me unable to focus on the movie since I'm struggling to keep up with the effects (call me an old lady!).
Although some aspects of the book were left out I think they did a good job in incorporating a lot of symbolism and theme into the overall film. It's so hard when you read a book and then see the film version since there's always missing elements but overall, I was a happy camper. PLUS the gorgeous costumes, the actors and the jewelry!? SWOON! haha


jo said...

Kim, what a great review! Oh my, Leo is yummy! Hahaha! I love that guy! My sister watched the movie because of him and said that the movie was okay. I haven't watch it yet. I don't really know what the story is about but I'll probably watch it eventually.

Are you addicted to Candy Crush yet? It's pretty fun, isn't it? I'm not very good. I'm only on level 79 but I like playing it when I have to kill time. Haha. Make sure you get the wrap and striped candies. Those are the best!

xo Jo


Jessica said...

i love this!! i love the style back then! So clean cut very nice..

Sam said...

Leo is on a roll, he looks so incredibly dapper! I haven't seen the movie but shots of it and does seem really entertaining. Thanks for letting us know your review and thoughts about it. Will look out for the choppy editing!

Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots) said...

I loved this film. I couldn't agree with you more Leo looked great! My favorite look was the cream sweater. I ended up skipping the movies this weekend but we were going to see The Hangover 3. Hope you have an awesome week :)


Anngelik Martinez said...

I still need to watch this movie! I love how he dresses, so well dressed!


Aimee P said...

I am still completely enraptured by Gatsby and the entire film. Everything/Everyone was beautiful! :)
xoxo Aimee

ftashion said...

Haha I have to force myself not to finish your post because I haven't caught this movie yet! I'm so tempted to leave my baby at home and go for a movie date with hubby because of this movie!

Fang Ting

oomph. said...

i kinda just skimmed thru since i haven't seen the movie yet! i love the costumes, tho!


fluff and fripperies said...

Leo was magnificent - definitely stole the show. I loved the film!

Stylish By Nature said...

Waiting to watch this !!

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Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Had to skim 'cause I haven't seen this yet but it looks fab fab fab and I can't wait. I love Baz and Leo. Ahhhhh Leo. He's getting sooo darn handsome with age isn't he? He wears everything including age well. :) FAB post dear.

Fashionista622 said...

I saw the movie the weekend it came out and have been waiting with baited breath for your review!!! LOL
I read the book, saw only this movie version. I thought Leo was the cats meow in this film. He was as mesmerizing as you mention and I haven't been as enamored with a man on film since who knows when. Yes the costumes were on point. I saw it in 3D which was dissapointing b/c it wasn't worth it in 3D. They did not keep to the storyline as far as Daisy's daughter, Gatsby's dad & how about Nick in the asylum writing the book a la Fitzgerald? I would see it again BUT mainly for Leo. I didn't LOVE Carey as Daisy. The end like in the book had me choked up. It was so sad indeed.
Ok that's it otherwise I can go on & on...:)



Real College Student of Atlanta said...

wasn't it such a great film!? loved the party scenes and fashion! didn't want it to end!!! :)

Melissa D said...

Good review! I'm actually seeing it tomorrow, critics have been giving it a bad review but it sounds like you enjoyed it so I hope I will too!
I've just come across your blog and I must say It's so cute! I'm definitely going to follow you to keep up with your great posts.

I'm new to blogging so I'd really really appreciate if you could have a look at my blog. Please leave me a comment or follow me or just take a look :)


Kathleen Lisson said...

I love his outfits in this movie. Great style and love his hats.


Ooh, I can just imagine how gorgeous the clothes must have been for this movie. Carey Mulligan is very cute!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I need to see this just for Leo and Carey's fashion! You are so right as well - you can't make someone love you but have to find the strength to go on!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I haven't watched this film yet but I want to. I love your review and insights Kim! Leo's fashions in this are indeed killer and i heard his performance was amazing as well.

Rowena @ rolala loves

Margarita Bloom said...

I still haven't seen it yet but man, those pictures of Leo are def. drool worthy...those suits...hot! giggle... heehee, you dipped your fingers in the nacho cheese...giggle...I think I'd do the same thing!! *swoon....*

Jo said...

I love the artistic direction of The Great Gatsby and the content is almost true to the book. I forgot about Daisy's daughter and Gatsby's dad attending the funeral!!!

I also hadn’t imagined Tom to look like that and also Gatsby himself to look as charming as Leo. Ever since Leo got older and fatter, I’ve never every thought he was charming. However, he looked really dashing in this movie. I love his ivory suit at tea and his slouchy pullover sweater too! OMG. He looks so hunky in that sweater right? I kept whispering to my hubby leo is really good-looking in that. That outfit kinda look too modern for the setting though, don't you think so? I like the actress who played Daisy too.

My hubby isn’t a literature and arts buff. He was initially drawn to the show but closer to the end, he said it was a little boring. I kinda agree with him though I still love the visuals.

Stephanie G said...

i can't wait to watch this :) dicaprio seems to have gotten better with age, love the direction of everything i've seen so far!

steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

adnan ali said...

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sunny singh said...

I really enjoyed the film personally! =D I attributed the "choppy" editing to maybe the film being in 3D? I didn't watch the movie in 3D since I really dislike 3D in general...makes me unable to focus on the movie since I'm struggling to keep up with the effects (call me an old lady!).
Although some aspects of the book were left out I think they did a good job in incorporating a lot of symbolism and theme into the overall film. It's so hard when you read a book and then see the film version since there's always missing elements but overall, I was a happy camper. PLUS the gorgeous costumes, the actors and the jewelry!? SWOON! haha

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