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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Be Magazine Rita Ora and Chanel's New Flagship Boutique

Chanel just opened one of it's LARGEST boutiques in the world. Guess where? London! 158-159 New Bond Street to be exact! It's Chanel's new flagship boutique! One of my readers, Vanessa of Luxuria posted pictures of the boutique on her blog (read & see more here) and plans on going Friday. How awesome is that? So I'm praying that she does a follow-up blog post describing her Chanel adventures! I mean, don't curious minds wanna know? HaHaHa Psst...leave her a comment asking begging her so. HaHaHa Since I have Chanel on the brain, I thought this photo shoot featuring the effervescent Rita Ora on the cover of the French magazine Be, would be Be-fitting today! LOVE the cover shot! I'll take that red, white, and navy Chanel crossbody bag, the gold & pearl Chanel necklace, also the lego inspired purse...OHHHHH, my manners! Would you like something? HaHaHa Let's send our requests orders to Vanessa since she's going Friday! HaHaHa She doesn't know I wrote this. She's gonna kill me! Have A Charming Chanel-ly Day!

photographer: benoit peverelli / model: rita ora
stylist: isabelle peyrut / french magazine: Be


Francesca Giagnorio said...

Rita Ora is great :)
check my blog too: http://everydaycoffee23.blogspot.it
Francesca from http://everydaycoffee23.blogspot.it

Meghan Silva said...

London has it all *sigh* love this photoshoot too , she looks amazing !

Meghan Silva's Blog

Nicky mywishstyle said...

Love these Photos!


kim bim said...

Wow that's great news,not sure if i would be shopping there anytime soon hehe.... Maybe when i am super rich. I dont really visit the west end no more lol it's so tempting, you just wanna cry if you got an empty account Aha!!! I just stick on to my online shopping and vintage boutique it's less stress :)Rita Ora looks fabulous oh Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez she got swags.

Dawn Gibson-Thigpen said...

I love these pics! Love her lipstick!



Cee said...

I saw Rita Ora on the cover of Be the other day when I was in my local papeterie - literally, paper store - picking up a newspaper. And I fell head over heels in love with her look, particularly that bag! Although I must say, I am increasingly disappointed with the Chanel brand under Karl Lagerfeld... the constant price increases and now, declaring that the flagship store of a brand born in Paris will be in London, well, I feel like it's straying a bit far from the brand history and that doesn't sit well with me. Still, I'm sure the store is beautiful, but the flagship will always be at 31, rue Cambon, with Coco's apartment upstairs, in my eyes.

Natalia A said...

Like the cover shot - it was one of my favourite looks from the collection and the little bag is so sweet. Although I am still not a fan of celebrities posing as models...
I"ve read about this new boutique yesterday - sounds like a museum, which it will probably remain as far as I am concerned since I really cannot even imagine buying Chanel.

Janice Lunes said...

Great post !
I read the magazine too and I also
liked Rita's editorial :D

I didn't know about the chanel shop
When I visit London again I will definitely check it out :D


Mica said...

that is a lovely shoot, and you're right you can't go wrong with Chanel! I have an imaginary wishlist a mile long, if only I had the funds! Gotta win the lotto, haha!

Sad to find out about the Chanel store now, my sister was just in London last week. Hoping she saw it anyway, so she can tell me all about it, hehe!

Away From Blue

The Dainty Dolls House said...

She's so gorgeous! Love these shots and I would wear these things too. So lovely. I wish I lived in London or closer or I would go and see it too. Sounds fun. I hope she does do a follow up post :)) These are such fun shots, love them. Have a great day doll xx

Emmy said...

Oooooo....RIta Ora looks lovely:) And I went to Vanessa's blog to see the pics. WOWZA. That store looks mighty fine:)

Coco said...

Be a pal and leave me the Lego inspired bag!! Heading over to beg Vanessa!!
Coco et La vie en rose
Coco et La vie en rose on Bloglovin
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TheTinyHeart said...

Oh that Chanel bag is gorgeous! I would love to own one...someday!

The Tiny Heart
Scarf Giveaway!

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

O I like it. Reminds me of Rhianna for some reason.

Style Journey said...

She looks amazing! I love her hair in the braid and who wouldn't covet a Chanel bag?

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Wow, Rita is totally blowing up! I love her retro, sexy look in this shoot as well.

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Tr3nDyGiRL Fashion Blog said...

fab pics!!
I waiting you on my blog!
NEW POST -> Tr3nDyGiRL Fashion Blog

Linda Becaca said...

Yup, I remember when Rita was just starting to show up on the scene - I fell in love with her pumping music! She's definitely a woman crush for me too, haha, she looks amazing!

Trendy Teal

Kate Sullivan Corpuz said...

A classic Chanel bag is on my wish list- someday!

always, koru kate

Sara Gerard said...

She is cuuute! I really like all of her tats! Also, I really like all of the clothes she is modeling, very perfect for summer!

Jessica said...

I would love to visit London! Then I could go to the store myself!

Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

Kate said...

great editorial, I love the styling!
xx Kate

The Style Department

Sakuranko said...

Oh really cute scans sweetie!


miss b said...

I've just been reading about the store over at Vanessa's - truly luxurious and that little bag is so cute. That's a great front cover and I would be happy to wear the jacket too!

Lilli said...

Ahaha Kim! I'd love to see that largest store as well, how amazing must be! The editorial is cool, I want that necklace as well!:) Kisses dear! xo

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Awwwwh! thank you so much for the mention doll. I will try and take photos but in some of these exclusive stores you are stopped from taking photos; in Gucci and Prada (London) you are stopped from taking photos. I will try my best but if you see me on CNN news, you will know I've been busted ;-) xx

Renae Simple Sequins said...

Coco Chanel was the queen of black and white. My Mom used to tell me that no one dared wear black and white in the 40's and then Chanel broke the rule and the rest is history. Oooh-Oooh, do a piece on Chanel braking the rules. That would be a cool post to read here; getting your take on it. Your compliments to me were so FUN to read! (hug)

Pret Penser said...

i love her and she looks WOW


Lala H said...

oh yeah! that crossbody bag is too cute! i dont even want to check the price i just know its something i cant afford

Delightful Ideas
Bag Giveaway

Tina Bradley said...

Red lipstick, stripes galore--I adore Chanel's stylings--so very classic! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

jo said...

Hey Kim, Another excuse to go to London! I really want to get a jumbo flap but I've been spending too much lately. Hahaha

xo Jo


Rowena @ rolala loves said...

What are we waiting for Kim? Let's go to London haha :) The pics of that new Chanel flagship look fabulous. I love that gold and pearl necklace too. I still have never heard of any of Rita Ora's music but she's cute.

Rowena @ rolala loves

Aimee P said...

Rita is so cute! She always seems to be having so much fun.
xoxo Aimee

Sam said...

I love this cover with Rita, think its the best she's looked on any cover, i like the carefree fun appeal. Yes I saw Vannessa's post, it looks amazing!


Oh man, now I DEF need to check out the Chanel store when I'm in London next, although I feel like it's horrific temptation haha. I'm not a fan of Rita Ora, but I've seriously got my eyes on that Chanel pearl necklace. I'm even considering a fake one at this point. Is that bad?


Jessica said...

shes super cute and petite never seen her before..

Mighty B said...

Rita Ora is gorgeous! Loving the colors on her. Her photospread looks amazing.


Kierra Makayla said...

I love RIta Ora, she's so gorgeous. xoxo
Lovee, Kierra Makayla

MOSAMUSE said...

nice shoot


oomph. said...

i love the cover outfit as well...i want that bag, too! i can definitely see myself rocking that, haha!


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