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Friday, February 17, 2012

Wedding Invitations! What's Your Style?

Bride and Groom Day Invitation
"You are cordially invited to...A WEDDING!"

I received a wedding invitation in the mail this past week from a friend of mine. When you receive one, you immediately start to think...what will I wear? what shoes? her bridal registry? But have you ever just stopped and looked at the invitation?

Wedding invitations are an extension of the wedding's theme, bride and groom's personality and simply an announcement of their love for one another. I love looking at the theme the couple has chosen. It really gives you wonderful insight as to what kind of wedding you will be attending, the location, setting, time and formality.

I love that there's such a variety and choice now, when it comes to wedding invitations. Would you agree? Whether you're looking for something traditional, contemporary, vintage, or fun, there's truly an invite made to suit all couples tastes.  

Bride and Groom, an online retailer of wedding stationery, has an awesome selection. 
Let's take a look at some of the designs they offer!

Traditional Wedding Invitations
Top: Simplicity Day Invitation, Darling Duo Day Invitation
Bottom: Eternal Day Invitation 

Sweet Wedding Invitations
Cupcakes Day Invitation, Classic Cake Day Invitation

Travel Theme Wedding Invitations
 Paradise Evening Invitation, Jetting Off Evening Wedding Invitation

Contemporary and Charming
Wedding Invitations
Something New Wedding Invitation Pack, Damask Day Invitation

Vintage Wedding Invitations
Jasper Day Invitation, Lovesong Evening Invitation by Mandalay

Funny Wedding Invitations
No You Don't Day Invitation

The Happy Couple Day Invitation

What type of wedding invites tickle your fancy?

Are you...
thinking about renewing your vows, 
single and wishing 
(that would be me)? 

Tell me what kind of wedding invitation suits YOU!

Have a Great Weekend Everybody!

This is a sponsored post written by me for Bride and Groom.
All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. Aww those cupcakes are sweet... I actually recently broke off an engagement so weddings aren't really my thing right now ;)

  2. i was a classic one. when we got married our invitations are made directly from my homeland :)
    have a nice weekend my dear!!!
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  3. Those are gorgeous!! I love vintage ones..white with silver swirly handwriting and ribbon around it!! All of these are wonderful choices though, so much more than used to be!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend doll!! xx

  4. these are so cute, i love them all.... the elegant one is pretty

  5. I think that the invitations are so important! They set the tone to how a party is going to be and how one should dress. A tacky invitation usually leads to a tacky party...

    Great post! And I love the picks you chose :)

    Have an amazing weekend!!!!!

  6. I love looking at wedding invitation designs! That last one with the doggy couple is adorable! We had Chinese style wedding invitations but if I had to do it again I might do something more contemporary.

  7. I think wedding invitations are incredibly important, they have to set a tone so the guests have an idea how to dress.
    I am not sure what my style would be yet!

    The Urban Umbrella

  8. I think my favourite is the vintage one with the big bow. I have seen some very stylish minimalist ones and I also like cream ones with a few faux pearls. I'm sure you will enjoy looking for your outfit!

  9. I had to pause and think what mine looked like..haha...that was bad. Picking out a design is always fun but quite stressful when you have too many lovely choices to choose from. I should ne getting one this year from my sister in law, cant wait to see it.

  10. Oh man...I hard SUCH a hard time picking out our invitations. They are soooo many to choose from, as you know. I ended up going with something pretty simple & clean & I mainly chose them for the colors (I was able to mix & match the green & blue that were our colors - blue invitations, green RSVP cards, etc.)

  11. I love a nice traditional invitation, but I think it's all about personal style and what makes the bride happy, lol. Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

  12. It's always so fun to see all the different wedding invitations! We were on a budget, so we made ours! My mother-in-law did the church newsletter, so we used her professional printer. Then, we had to assemble everything. It was a picture of two Asian screens in front. When you opened it, the actual words were printed on vellum paper, and it was ties with a rafia bow! Sometimes, creativity comes from necessity! LOL! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend Kim!

    xo, sam

  13. I love those cards. I hate to say it I love going to weddings. I haven't been to much but soon I'll have a few friends getting's almost weird. It feels like yesterday when we were in high school. lol.

  14. i like them all..i personally am single and well someone who looks like jensen ackles would be fine!:D
    wedding invites which represent the couple's personaliies somehow are the best!

  15. I have never thought about my style in this context...but I would prob go with a funny one!

    Hot Pink Day
    Shop Blue Vanilla

  16. Since we're eloping, we don't technically have invites. However, we did a save the date for the reception. We DIY'ed them. It was a graphic photo of a tree with our initials and our fingerprints making a heart underneath. Does that make sense? I loved them!

  17. I love getting wedding invites! Definitely gives me something to look forward to. My favourite invites are the ones that come with bows! They're just so classy!

  18. my invitation had more of a travel theme to it since it was somewhat of a destination wedding. i have a friend getting married this may so i'm going to send this link her way!

  19. Great post Kim. I´m married for 12 years and I´d loved to have one of these original invitations..Kisses from

  20. I've never seen one of these but I think I'd lean towards a simple, classic one.

  21. I am married, and we got our invitations at the Michaels, and actually they looked a lot like the vintage ones with a pretty bow on every single one, and a satin lace detail... it was a box of 50 for like $25.00 and we pretty-printed them home... I know, but it looked very custom made :)
    Good luck!

  22. For my wedding, I did the DIY route! If I could totally afford them, I would go the box route invitation with all the details spelled out.


  23. I love the second traditional invitation. My wedding invites will be traditional, although I adore all different styles.

  24. I wish I could plan my wedding all over again!! These are great inspirations for people planning a wedding!!

  25. I wish I'd known you more than a decade ago so I get you to help me with my wedding invitations. A good friend of mine quietly told me that I needed to put some thought into mine. She was right. I have little interest in wedding planning and literally just posted out REALLY appalling wedding invitations. Even I know they sucked!

  26. i like the traditional!

  27. I love them all! I have absolutely no clue what kind of invites I will choose when the time comes :D But hey, luckily my fiance has great ideas as well, so he'll be helpful ;) xoxo ♥

  28. I think i would prefer the traditional or vintage one:)
    Have fun at the wedding!

  29. Ours were traditional but I love all kinds! Have a great time at the wedding :D

  30. when it comes to wedding, i have to say traditional all the way.

    hope you have a great time!


  31. I love the pretty colourful one beacuse it stands out!
    Melissah from Scrapbook

  32. So pretty! I made my own when I got married as we were on a tight budget- Almost makes me wish that I had a chance re-do my wedding exactly how I wanted it to be last time!

  33. Now there is so much to chose from. The range is endless. I had a damask print one.

  34. I think my wedding invitations will be a combo of funny and contemporary :) These are so cute! Love this post and I especially love those bride and groom cupcakes ;)

  35. Oh wedding invitations... it was almost hard because there are so many fabulous ones to choose from. We ended up going with something clean and elegant in white, silver and pale green

  36. I love everything to do with weddings, and invites are no exception! I can't wait to get married some day to plan mine :)

    xo Gillie

  37. i think plain classic invitations are nice. I wouldn't want to spend too much of my budget on the invitations over the decorations :)

  38. I love how creative people can get when making their invitations. I don't even know where I would begin when the time comes for

    xo erica

  39. Mine was very formal.
    Too many people invited - about 300
    If i could do it again, it would be half of the people.


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