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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You're Sweet!

Happy Valentine's Day Everybody! 

Just a quick note today! :) I have some of the sweetest readers in the blogosphere and I want you to know that I truly appreciate your readership.

To celebrate, I would like to send one of my readers a box of chocolate from Godiva Chocolatiers. So enter below for your chance to win!

Have a great day and remember to do something SWEET for somebody anytime you can!

~ Kim

***For US Residents Only***
Leave ONE comment letting me know what you did to enter!
(example: I follow you on GFC, Facebook, Twitter etc.)
I'll announce a winner 2/15/12 (in Wednesday's post)
Giveaway ends at 10pm CST

Follow me on GFC (see side bar GFC). (+1)
For extra entries:
Follow me on Facebook Here. (+1)
Follow me on Twitter Here. (+1)
Follow me on Bloglovin' Here.(+1)

Remember to leave your email address, so I can contact you! :)
*This giveaway is not sponsored by Godiva. It is sponsored by me. 
Good Luck!


  1. I love your quick posts. They are always peppered with sweetness;-)

  2. Very sweet ;-) Shame I don't live in the US... Happy Valentine's day xo

  3. that is so nice of you... Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Happy Valentines day!!

  5. You're the sweetest! I follow you via GFC, Twitter and Bloglovin'. Happy Valentine's day, Kim! :D xo

  6. how sweet! have such a great valentine's day!

  7. You're so sweet, Kim! Happy Valentine's day to you, too!

    I follow you via GFC, facebook and twitter! =)

    My email is!

  8. Gosh Kim, you are the sweetest!
    Happy Valentine's Day my dear friend!
    I'm following you on GFC, Twitter and Bloglovin'

  9. happy valentines day

  10. Kim,

    Amazing giveaway I know I was excited when your friend gifted you with six months of chocolate.
    Now we get a chance to see how awesome this chocolate is.. how sweet of you Kim.

    I follow you on gfc and facebook!

    Happy heart day Kim!

  11. happy valentine's day sweet,kind,inspiring kim!
    imaginary candy sent your way!:)

  12. Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day, Kim!

    To answer your q, yeah I got them in tan but found they didn't work for me.

  13. Happy Valentine's day Kim! You are such a doll & deserve lots of love today!
    xx Corinne

  14. Happy Valentine's Day, Kim! Godiva chocolates are amazing (but I know these won't be mine unless I move quickly to the US!!)

  15. Aww so sweet Kim! Happy Valentines Day :)....hope its special!

  16. You reall are one of the sweetest people I've ever met!! The whole Godiva thing is so nice :) I hope that you have a wonderful Valentine's day!! xo

    I follow you on everything.

  17. Such a sweet post - have a great day!

  18. Hey girl! I follow on GFC, obvi :o)

    HAPPY Valentine's Day!!! xo

  19. its good that this is for us residents only, imagine it making 10 days to come to greece or 3 weeks the chocolate would melt. lol. i think that you deserve all your loyal readers you have an awesome blog and i hope u never stop blogging as i've read that you had stopped for a while before.
    happy valentine's day.
    thank you for commenting and following me, it literally made my day. its so nice to meet you even via internet.

  20. Happy Valentine's Day!!!! I hope you have a very sweet day!


  21. hope you have an amazing day!

    xoxo navy & orange

  22. Happy Valentine's Day, Kim! I follow on GFC, but if I end up the winner draw another name-- I won a giveaway from your blog so recently that I'd feel bad! And also I'm lactose intolerant, so a lot of chocolates are no-nos for me.

  23. Happy Valentine's day, darling! We love you too! xxx

  24. That is very sweet of you. Happy valentine's day!

  25. Kim! You are so sweet!

    Happy Valentine's Day dear!!

    I already follow you on everything! :)

    xo, sam

  26. What a nice giveaway! Following with GFC. Happy Valentine's Day!

    The Tiny Heart

  27. I'm not eligible but I just wanted to say Happy Valentine's Day, sweet lady!!!!!

  28. i just had a fabulous workout this morning and i'm feeling guilty for looking at this gold box!! eh..who am i kidding?? enter me :)

    following on GFC, twitter, FB (beck young), bloglovin.

    Share the Love - Giveaway

  29. Hi dear, hope you had a lovely Valentines day, anti or not ;) This is such a brilliant giveaway, so sad I can't be a part of it. All the best to those taking part!

  30. Oh Kim, you are too sweet. I'm not entering, I just wanna say that I love reading your posts, so keep posting!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  31. Happy Valentine's to the sweetest girl I know! :)

  32. happy valentine's day, Kim! :)

    i love your sweet blog. i am glad you started this new blog, otherwise i might not have come across yours.
    i am not entering this giveaway since i've already won one of your giveaway recently. (feels i am being greedy, you know? lol) but i just wanted to say i love and appreciate your blog! :)

  33. Oh, how sweet! I do follow you via GCF, but you already know that! Is it 10pm yet?? I just got home from school :/ Happy love-day to you sweetie!!!
    Good luck!

  34. ***This Giveaway Is Officially Closed*** Skinny Moon Stick, you made it. LOL

  35. You are the sweetest Kim! I wish I could win this fabulous box of chocolates :( Good luck to all your US readers! :)

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Macarons and Pearls

  36. Hi Kim,

    You are the sweetest!! Love this blog for a tuch of sweet in a harsh big city,

    love K

  37. Kim, you're one of the nicest bloggers I've ever have the privilege to get to know. Such a big heart. ((hugs))

  38. Aww girl I think YOU are the sweetest :) Hope you had a fabulous day!


  39. hope u had a happy valentines day!

  40. Thanks doll..yes, that's where I got the idea from that website, I enjoy that page..just gave it my own twist & away I went :)) Am happy you like it! Would love to learn piano..maybe one day :)

  41. Hey Kim, hope you had a sweet and lovely Valentine's day. Sorry I'm late, it's been insanity with NYFW. Loving every minute. Thank you for all your thougtful and funny comments on my blog hon!



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