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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ballgowns and Crowns at Harrods

If you're in London, stop by Harrods Department Store.They have just launched a "Ballgowns and Crowns Exhibit" commemorating The Queen's Diamond Jubilee and it looks amazing.

I LOVE store window displays. It seems to be a dying art here in the States, unless you live in one of the larger cities (New York, Chicago, Beverly Hills etc.)

I've attached some pictures that were posted on The Very Simon G website, Harrods FB page and a really cool video that shows how the various designers came up with the theme of the crowns they designed.

This exhibit began May 15th, 2012. If any of my London bloggie buddies sees the exhibit, snap picks! I would LOVE to see more!

The Chanel Cruise Collection opinions were definitely mixed! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts. Your comments truly made me think about things.

For everyone that said the designs looked like costumes, you hit the nail on the head! When I wrote the post, I couldn't think of a WORD to describe the collection. For me, the word costumes sums it up. There's definitely a fine line between Haute Couture and what was shown at Versailles a couple of days ago. Have a Great Weekend Everybody! I'll be back with more Monday.

Roberto Cavalli

Carolina Herrera
J. Mendel
Elie Saab
A Replica of the Coronation dress
YSL's Jubilee bag
Marcus Lupfer crown tee
Bond No. 9's special Harrods Jubilee perfume

There's also an exhibit at 
The Victoria and Albert Museum entitled "Ballgowns". 
It looks back at the last 60 years of British design tradition. 

The exhibit will run from May 19 - January 6, 2013



  1. Ballgowns and crowns indeed. I have that exhibition marked in my diary. Must call round at Harrods too;-)

  2. Gorgeousness--I always have to stop at Harrods when I'm in London--ever the tourist!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. I will probably skip the Harrods as fantastic and gorgeous as those gowns are, but I would love love love to get to V&A some time this summer very much. x

  4. I will only say this: I WANT those dresses, hahahaha! I love them, I wish I was closer to go and see it!! xx

  5. What a gorgeous window display! If only I lived in England so I could go see it! I love seeing the window displays in Manhattan for Christmas, they're always so beautiful.

    The Tiny Heart

  6. WOW, what a gorgeous display. DC is missing window displays, there are some pretty ones in Georgetown but the rest of the city is severely lacking. Love that Cavalli dress!

  7. A lovely exhibition to visit if anyone is in London at that time:)

  8. OMG, I wish I was in London right now to see that beautiful pieces!


  9. There is so much going on here at the moment for the Queen's Jubilee but if I can find time I would certainly love to go down to London to see this.

  10. These are absolutely fabulous! Thanks for sharing, Kim!

  11. I would love to see this...such gorgeous dresses! BIG SIGH!!!

  12. So lovely. I wish I was going back to London this summer. Alas I will be here in Texas and must live vicariously through blogs. Thanks for the Harrods info :)


  13. omg that first dress almost looks like it has a butterfly ontop!! i want it just to walk around in and go grocery shopping you know??

    lmao imagine? hahah

  14. UH I LOVE IT ALL! Don't ballgowns turn you into mush? Maybe its just me & the childlike wish to be a princess :DD Wish I could jet off to London to seem em in person, luckily your entry gave me a good fill :DDD
    Many hugs your way Kim!!


  15. what beautiful dresses and crowns! Would be so good to see up close :)

  16. My thoughts? OMG OMG OMG. I was overwhelmed with the amazingness of those displays. Thanks for sharing, I am glad I did not miss this!


  17. Wow there are some really outstanding ballgowns in that collection...I would die to wear some of those!

    <3 Cambria

  18. amazing... i have no words to describe them! have a nice weekend!!!

  19. Yowsers I kinda need those gowns in my life, even though I've nowhere to wear them to right now!

    I'll be checking these out soon! I used to love seeing Harrods and HN window changes - they're always so inspiring!

    hope you're well Kim!


  20. Hey Kim! What a cool display!!! Sooo gorgeous. I love window displays too, they sure do them right at Harrods!

    Hope all is good with you!

  21. I love great window displays, too. Makes me think of the movie mannequin, which I loved, lol!


  22. what a fun exhibit! these gowns are gorgeous!

  23. Harrods is one of my favorite places to go in London - Valentino gorgeousness! Wish I could travel and go back.


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