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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Search For A Cell Phone Cover!

Ok, so in yesterday's post I told you guys how I got a new cell phone and didn't have to pay much for it because of Gazelle. The next step was to find a cell phone cover! The lady at Apple showed me some, but I didn't want those plain janes! I was determined to find one on my own.

Ok so, The Scream was not the cell phone cover I purchased for myself. I know you all are saying WHEW! But I did FEEL like SCREAMING when I perused Etsy looking for one! HaHa

Do you guys know how many cell phone covers are listed on Etsy? 30,952 but who's counting! LOL Do you know I scoured the entire listing!?! Talk about torture!

I needed to find something that was ME! Something with Pizzazz! Something SWEET! Please GOD help me! I came across some very interesting prospects (it's funny that all of them are food haha). They were cute, but I wanted that SPECIAL cover that said "Kim, this is the one!" I can't believe someone actually made a tv dinner cover. OMG'd! HaHaHaHa

HALLELUJAH! So after searching and searching, the angels started singing! A bright light filled the room! And fire works appeared! I found the cell phone case for ME out of 30,952 listings! Let me purchase it! Let me check out! Omg'd it's from FRICKIN'...HONG KONG??? Out of 30,952 choices, I like the one from Hong Kong! LOL Go Figure!

Just Give Me My Damn Cell Phone Cover! Y'all, I had to go to the post office and sign my life away to receive it. First and last name. Address. Signature. They wanted a vial of blood. Just kidding. But I did have to do all of that. Chocoo Co. is the designer! I was very pleased with my cover. They make each one different. Below are the photos on their Etsy page and a side by side comparison of what I received. I really liked it.

Is it ME or what!?! HaHa Sorry my photo is dark. I didn't take it until night, under a lamp. The chocolate was darker, but I love how I have a LOVE heart shaped cookie, pie slice and sugar wafer instead. Again, each one is unique. I was afraid all the little doo-dads would fall off, but it's truly sturdy.

I did buy another case for my cell phone. The one to the left serves a purpose. If you want to video, you can stand your iPhone up! How cool is that!?! I found it on eBay! Ok, you guys have a great Tuesday! :)



  1. Love all those cell phone covers, they're really creative!


  2. LOL...I love that!! It's awesome. Just be careful not to sit it down anywhere, someone or dog might try and eat it!!! So cool, it is you for sure :))) Hope your week is going well so far!! :)

  3. Haha, that phone case is awesome with all the desserts! I'd probably get so hungry every time I looked at it though, hehe. I have a boring pink case on my phone since they don't seem to make the fun ones for Droids :(

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  4. Hey lovely are killing me with that cell phone cover. For a girl who loves to eat, I would have a hard time doing anything but focusing on all the food options. I LOVE it...very clever!!

  5. that case definitely has a load of personality behind it!!! :) very cute and yummy! lol

  6. Oh my gosh, how fun!!! I hadn't seen any like that before.

  7. You are sooo funny!!! Hahaaa well at least you fineally received it. Very unique doll face

  8. Kim this is so you, and I want to eat it. Love this idea. thanks for sharing. dawn suticase vignettes xo

  9. so cute! my fav is the gumball!!

  10. This is TRULY unique! it will unquestionably stand out in a crowd :) x

  11. These are SO CUTE!!! I just have a boring pink Kate Spade one b/c I was too lazy to go online and browse. I got mine right outta the Apple store. Hahaha!

    Yours will definitely stand out in a crowd! I always see at least one girl somewhere with my phone cover...

  12. I honestly thought you bought the SCREAM. lol

    Your cover is so unique. It looks almost edible but it is quite bulky eh? I often see people carrying those bling bling bulky ones but never seen fruits and cookies. I'm a bumper kinda person, simple and sleek.

  13. Cute case Kim, it's definitely you!
    I would be terrified looking at all the yummy treats would make me hungry all day haha.

  14. Hi Kim,
    Great post! I have been on the search for a "fashion" themed case (some on the market are pretty plane janes). Thanks for the Etsy idea!Congrats on the new case, quite tasty right. :)


  15. You are dedicated to search through all those listings!

    I love the one you chose in the end though - so fun! :D I bet it gets you lots of compliments every time you use your phone :)

  16. That phone case is so perfect for you!

  17. Wow, crazy! Temptation haha! I'd probably get the scream one! lol. Great selections!

  18. Kim,

    I love your new cell phone case so creative!! And fierce!!!

  19. i LOVE it, kim! i got into this at one point...they call it deco-den, something like that. my friend even went to japan and bought me all the little cabochons to put on, but i never got around to doing it, lol!! you certainly have a one that is YOU! love the video stand one, too!


  20. Your cell phone cover is too cute! Def worth signing your life away at the post office for. ;) I love that it's 3D and so yummy looking. I need a snack. ;)

    You Like It? I Made It!

  21. literally drooling all over your cell phone cover! I love it!


  22. Wow i amazed at the variety of cell phone covers. The pastries one is ultra cute!


  23. How adorable is your cell phone cover :)! Hope your well Kim - things have been so swamped but wanted to get back to my blog reading.


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