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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Karlie Kloss + Team USA + British Beauty Treats in Vogue

Model Karlie Kloss teamed up with some of America's top male Olympians in a really cool photoshoot (photographed by Annie Leibovitz) for Vogue's June 2012 Issue.

Ok, is Kloss super tall or are these guys short? Maybe I need to get my eyes checked. She seems to be what and what (as far as height) with basketball star Dwayne Wade. I like tall, robust guys! LOL Anyway, I digress.

The gowns she wears are really cool. She is "sporting" Vera Wang, Victoria Beckham, Lanvin, Oscar de la Renta, Stella McCartney, Haider Ackermann, Atelier Versace, Bottega Veneta and Alexander McQueen.

I also came across some sweet British packaged beauty treats that are limited edition just for the London 2012 Olympics. Have you seen them? I want them just for the packaging. HaHaHa

Let me know your thoughts on everything! I added a cool video below. Have a fabulous Tuesday everybody!

Jonathan Horton | Gymnastics On Kloss:Victoria Beckham tangerine dress, $2,750

Jonathan Horton | Gymnastics On Kloss: Vera Wang silk organza–and–tulle dress

Ashton Eaton | Track & Field  On Kloss: Lanvin rose-print brocade dress ($4,990) and heels.

Ashton Eaton | Track & Field On Kloss: Oscar de la Renta pleated dress, $4,490

Ryan Lochte | Swimming On Kloss: Stella McCartney gold lamé dress, $3,345

Ryan Lochte | Swimming On Kloss: Haider Ackermann silk-mousseline top ($860) and skirt ($1,750)

Dwyane Wade | Basketball On Kloss: Oscar de la Renta sequined guipure lace dress; Kelacala Q for Accessory Artists cuff. Manolo Blahnik pumps

Dwyane Wade | Basketball On Kloss: Bottega Veneta washed chiffon dress

Bryan Brothers | Tennis On Kloss: Atelier Versace suit with Swarovski Elements

Bryan Brothers | Tennis On Kloss: Alexander McQueen silver-sequin appliqué dress, embroidered mask, and platform sandals.

Watch the video below! 

It shows you how they got the cool shots!


British Beauty Treats for the 2012 Olympics
The Burberry Union Red Lipstick can be purchased now on Burberry's website. The Rimmel Union Jack eyeshadow palettes can found on a website called Boots (yep fellow Americans none of these products are here in the States. LOL) The Union Jack w/Crown ChapStick can be found at chemists (I guess that means drugstores) nationwide.
The Butter London Olympic Heavy Metal Collection (in GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE METALS/MEDALS) and the NEWLY repackaged "That Gal" primer from Benefit (found on the john lewis website; launches nationwide June 2nd) with various London landmarks (Big Ben, The London Eye etc.) doesn't seem to be out yet. Keep checking those websites!


  1. The men are stunning... I couldn't even see the fashion... Jajajajajajajajajajaja!

  2. OOh I love looking through these shots Kim. And it is so interesting how the guys are so short in some of the pics. The fashion is gorgeous, especially that neon dress. I can't wait until the Olympics and this issue..hehe. Thanks for sharing


  3. These are great! LOVE them! She's so gorgeous and love the whole theme of the editorial! Love the products too--how fun!

  4. The height was the first thing I noticed too. Especially when she looks taller than all the guys in the photo except for the basketballer. I went to google and is 180cm. 5 foot 11 inches.

  5. Love these photos, they are beautiful! The basketball one is my favourite :)

  6. Well, she is a supermodel so she's gotta be pretty tall! She makes the gymnast looks like such a shortie, ha. Love the action shots!

    The Tiny Heart

  7. Ohh, those men really are Brittish Beauty Treats!! LMAO Yum ;)

    I like some British products, but I haven't tried many. I'll have to give this a shot.

  8. lol i dont know whats funnier the random men in each post or the girl all dresses up haha cute post luv!!

  9. I'd say she's probably pretty tall, cuz she's about the same height as Dwayne Wade while wearing heels. Gymnasts are tiny so no surprise there!

    I like the tennis brothers, although the one standing in the locker room shot looks like he's auditioning for a Captain Morgan's commercial.

  10. Way too many beautiful people in one spot.

  11. As always, I love your posts Kim! And I totally agree with you...what is with all the shortness going on? Either she is uber tall or these guys are just compact...
    XO - Marion

  12. That is pretty darn fun...I like unique fashion shoots and some of these photos are terrifically cool!

    <3 Cambria

  13. Dang! She does seem impossibly tall!!! Impossibly tall and beautiful! What an amazing spread though. That Victoria Beckham dress and the Atelier Versace suit are amazing. Thanks for sharing.


  14. Great blog!! What about follow each other?! let me know!! :)


  15. Great editorial and great post Kim.Kisses from

  16. Kim, I love this editorial. I need that Victoria Beckham dress, it's gorgeous.
    The special beauty packaging is adorable, now I'm all excited for the Olympics. Hope all is well :)

  17. Wow! Could Karlie Kloss really be that tall? She is towering over some of those athletes! I mean, I know models aren't generally petite, but she looks like an amazon. I have to say, I just love that gorgeous purple chiffon Bottega Venetta dress she wears in the editorial - what I wouldn't give to find that in my closet ;) Although I think the Butter London nailpolish colletion for the London Olympics is probably more in my price range. And how adorable!! Hope you're doing well, Kim.

  18. Hot diggity Kim! I'm glad you posted this. I totally love the juxtaposition of Hot men and Glamorous Fashion...LOL

    Vogue has done some great work here. I'm all for it. :)


  19. She's tall and has heels but it seems weird that she is still as tall as the basketball player but I think the other guys like the gymnast are just small. Which is probably for the best because a really tall guy probably can not pull off those tricks! But I totally had that same thought when I saw the editorial.


  20. WHOA! Hello, male olympians. Excuse me while I retrieve my lower jaw from the floor.

    THANK YOU, Kim!
    ; )

  21. I just got my Vogue in the mail and I'm anxious to read it!! Thanks for the preview - it's such a cool editorial!

    xo, sam


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