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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Couple Of Questions...

Corinne from Cat Eyes & Thigh Highs blog, was bestowed the Liebster Award and posed a couple of questions for her readers to answer. I was away in Cincinnati during the time, so I'm just getting around to answering them. So below are my answers to her questions. She wanted to know some fun facts about us all. Hope you guys enjoy.

FYI - I've followed Corinne's blog for quite some time now and her posts are truly a joy to read. She's just a beautiful person inside & out and it truly comes across in her blog. If you haven't subscribed to her blog already, definitely check it out. Her posts will really put a smile on your face.

1. If you could trade closets with any person (alive or dead), who would it be?

Answer: Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Vintage - I adore reading her blog and LOVE her style. Everything she wears is classy, feminine, and wearable. I think she is so well rounded. She's in a relationship, writes beautifully, travels, has friends, own's her own business, and simply has FUN doing it ALL.

2. What can you not leave the house without doing/having on your person?

Answer: This may seem a little OCD, but I'm always checking to see if I've unplugged the iron, blow dryer, toaster and flat iron. It's probably due to question #5.

3. What is one thing you wish you could change about yourself?

Answer: I really love myself inside and out. I do have my quirks (weight, wanting longer hair etc.) But I hold the power to make those changes. So, no excuses for moi. To put it bluntly, I just have to get off my ass and get it done. LOL But as far as a nose job or any kind of major sugary (i mean surgery!)...Nah!

4. If you had the time & money, what is one thing that you would want to learn how to do?

Answer: To be a fabulous pastry chef and cake decorator like Peggy Porschen. Sign me up for Le Cordon Bleu London! That's where she graduated from. Plus, I love London!

5. What is your biggest fear?

Answer: Burning Up! Is that clear enough? No. Ok, catching on fire! Also, having to jump off of a really tall building or anything! Oh gosh, I don't even want to think about it. Maybe I should always carry a parachute and fire extinguisher with me at all times. HaHaHa

6. Worst fashion crime you've ever committed (as in so bad, even you knew you shouldn't have but did anyway!)

Answer: Neon in the 80's! I had the bows, shirts, jelly shoes and all those bracelets. But I was  super young back then. I'm sure I can be forgiven :) Right?

7. Favorite song of the moment:

Answer: This is Love by Will.I.Am - I really like the instrumental version. For some reason, I prefer the instrumental versions of all my favorite songs.

8. If money were no option, what single item would be in your shopping cart THIS SECOND? :)

Answer: A Classic Chanel Bag! It's classic. It's gorgeous. It goes with everything.

However, as I get older, I see things more as investments. If I had to sell it, I would get a good return on it.

9. If you could live in any decade besides the present, when would it be & why?

Answer: The 80's - It was a super fun era, Duran Duran ruled, John Taylor was going to be my husband and the stock market was truly great back then! I would've invested heavily. HaHaHa

10. When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Answer: A Model! I adored Kimora Lee Simmons. She modeled for Chanel under Karl Lagerfeld. In my book, she could do no wrong. HaHaHa She was very different and unique for her time. I could relate to her and drew inspiration from her looks and style.

11. What inspired you to/why did you start your blog?

Answer: The first fashion blogs I literally stumbled across (looking for other personal blogs) were four ladies from Vancouver, Canada.

It was Mina of Faboulista (her new blog is now Glitter In My Veins); Jen Tam of Her Waise Choice , Cara of A Fashion Love Affair and Cee of Coco and Vera (she just moved to Paris, France). I still read and comment on Cee's blog. Those four always had so much fun together and their blogs were great. I was like, what is this!?! I couldn't get over their pictures. That's when I hopped on the fashion bandwagon.

Again, I did some personal blogging before this, but thought beauty and fashion blogging would help keep me up to date with the newest things out there and re-ignite my love for fashion. I use to eat, breathe and live fashion. It kind of got thrown to the back burner when I went through graduate school and started my career. So it's nice to be back and I think it will help me get back on track. It's a lot of work, but I'm enjoying it.



  1. Lovely interview, enjoying reading it!!!

  2. Loved this post! It's always fun to learn more about our favorite bloggers. I would totally buy the Chanel bag too if money was no object :) Heather

  3. This was marvellous doll! I enjoyed your answers :) I would live in the 80's and continue to be a hot mess, haha! That was the 80's, but it was fabulous. Colour and unique people everywhere. You wore what you wanted and as loud as you wanted :) Plus, I wanted to marry one from Duran Duran too, haha. Who didn't!?! Love Kimora, it's great when you see more and more models like her out there. I can identify with her being mixed and she has such sass, I love it :) Hope you have a super day doll!! xx

  4. Loved reading this and leasrning more about You. Dont you just adore Kimora;-)

  5. This was so fab!!!^^


  6. i loved your answer to #3, that's how i feel! and everytime i open my door to leave i have to go back inside and see if my straightener is off, it's total ocd!

  7. this was a delightful read..i would indulge in a chanel bag too if money were no option..and i need to see a photo of you in that outfit!!trust me it sounds rad!

  8. Love this post, it was great reading more about you! I agree with #8, I'd totally go and get a chanel bag too! And I always check to make sure I unplugged everything before I leave the house too! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. I loved getting to know more about you, Kim! Just on Monday I panicked on my drive to work thinking I left my flat iron on. I had to tell my landlord to go into my apt to check! Maybe I need to be more like you and check better :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Win a chain link necklace!

  10. Random thoughts:
    I'd love to be an awesome pastry chef too!
    Wow, Kimora's nose is totally different now!

    Ahh and finally we do have the power to change ourselves and I'll remember that too!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  11. Great post! I am a huge fan of A Fashion Love Affair, I think Cara is absolutely stunning and I find her style really relatable!

    I totally agree with wanting a Chanel bag, they are beyond classically beautiful - I am in love with em!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  12. Wonderful way to learn so much about you, Kim! I had no idea you had such a fear of burning in a fire.

    I would probably record an album if money wasn't an option, and I would totally live in the '80s as well.

    Off to check out Gary Pepper and Mina's new blog.

  13. Enjoyed reading your answers Kim! Hope you are having a good week:)

  14. Gee, I was young in the 1980s and I have to tell you times were great financially but fashion was extreme. Also there were drugs everywhere. The good things about the 80s--well . . . . We all lived through totellabout it ...

  15. Well, I've just popped over to Corinne's lovely blog and I'm now following! I enjoyed your answers - I'm also someone who has to go back to check the iron!! Wonderful version of 'This is Love' too(and of course the bag is an excellent choice!!!) Enjoy the rest of your week, Kim.

  16. This was so lovely to read. I really enjoy learning about the creative individuals behind their blogs. I'll have to check out Corinne's blog.

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}

  17. I wish I could own a Chanel bag, but that would be my entire paycheck. Can't do that just yet! Maybe someday. :)

    I'm definitely OCD. I always check to make sure the doors are locked, everything is turned off and unplugged, the garage door is closed, etc.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  18. I enjoyed reading more about you... would you believe i had never, ever heard about Kimora until her reality came out ?

  19. I´m with you on your answers to questions 8 and 9! What an interesting read. :)

  20. Aw, Kim!!! This post warmed my heart and brought a little tear to my eye. Fashion blogging has brought me so many wonderful opportunities and, more than that, introduced me to so many incredible people, including YOU! You are a true gem - passionate, creative and so generous. Its always a pleasure to visit zour space and see what things are exciting you. Thank-you so much for this post, and for just being your fabulous self!

  21. Now I got to know you a little bit. The number 4 answer you have here is also my answer. I like to cook but not to bake I do not know but I look at it as as very tiresome but I do love to watch shows about baking and just wishing I could do what they do ^_^. By the way, if you may allow me, I would add your blog to my fashionista list thanks!


  22. I liked Kimora better when she was a model..before she turned into a "reality star." No what I mean? She is pretty fab though. Did you see her on Fashion Police a week or so back? I loved how she didn't care if she was the only one that liked an outfit, she spoke her mind! That's one thing I've definitely always liked about her.

  23. Looooove this post because I love learning more about you. You're such a fabulous person, and there are truly so few of those left these days. :)

  24. Such fun questions and great answers, I loved your reply on Q3, thats inspiring to know, Would also like to take a patisserie course. I think that that must have been super fashionable in the 80's so it was never considered a style crime ;) Ohh Chanel Bag is on my wish list too!

  25. Enjoyed this Kim - especially the positive notes of your answers! Always nice to find out more about the bloggers I follow.. ;) I totally cracked up at #6 - I once wore ultra baggy cross colors in the 90s, so possibly a contender for your 80s style cromes (though, there's been a revival so perhaps it's not so bad after all? i love neon!)

    So.. why not take up pastry? :o)

    steph /

  26. Hi Kimmy, I really enjoy reading this post. I love Nicole too! I just wanted to let you know, that the reason, I'm still blogging is because of readers like you. Thank you so much for your kind comments and support.

    xo Jo

  27. Fantastic interview! I love Nicole's style too! I've been following her since she started!

  28. The Gary Pepper Vintage blog is one of my faves too. Nicole is gorgeous and her outfits and photo compositions are fantastic!

  29. SUPER fun interview, thanks for sharing!!!

    <3 Cambria

  30. Congrats on the award! These questionnaires are so fun. Your answers are so cute and loved how you supplemented them with fun pics =)

    Suzie Q

  31. word to the 80s!! haha. that era would definitely be my pick...and i would love to own a classic chanel, too.


  32. I love all of your answers! I would definitely buy a Chanel bag too!


  33. great interview! i love how positive she is! btw i love Kimora as well!!

  34. So fun reading more about you Kim! :)

    A Chanel handbag would be a great investment...but once you get one you'll never want to sell it, trust me! haha!

  35. LOVE this interview. And I'm glad you wouldn't change a thing about yourself...God made us the way we were for a reason, we just have to be proud of who we are.


  36. Ahh I love this! Thanks so much for writing a whole entry/answering the questions, this is fantastic! & let's run away & become pastry chefs together :DD love all your answers :DD
    big hugs!!

  37. I love getting to know my fellow bloggers! I am afraid of burning (fellow compulsive un-plugger) and would love to own a classic Chanel purse one day!

  38. It was great to read your interview and get to know something more about you!xoxoxoxo

  39. I have the same fear about leaving the crack me up. Stove, lights, dryer, curling iron. Check
    I can't get out of the house sometimes. Congrats on completely deserve it. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo.

  40. so neon jelly shoes are still totally the sh*t, i'm going to put it that way because it feels all clueless in the 90s. i love those. and neon is back! so you were just hip before. and i love how you incorporated imagery into this - it helped me read a lot and really stick some of the stuff in mind! my husband is a serial un-plugger too - he scours the house especially well whenver we leave for a weekend

    <3 katherine


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