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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

AVEENO®: The Beauty Of Nature (Farm-To-Formulation)

This is a sponsored post for AVEENO®. I'm a 2014 AVEENO® Ambassador. All opinions are 100% my own.  
I received a gift basket from AVEENO®. The contents of the gift basket are fully disclosed in this post.

AVEENO®  sent me the cutest gift basket filled with yummy snacks yesterday! Thank You AVEENO®! They're celebrating the launch of a video series called, "The Beauty of Nature". It's really interesting. Have you heard the terms "farm-to-school" or "farm-to-table"? Well AVEENO®  has a farm-to-formulation system! "The Beauty of Nature" is a series of video narratives celebrating ingredients found in nature and their potential to help enhance one’s natural beauty. The first digital short (below) is narrated by Brand Ambassador Jennifer Aniston and highlights the compelling farm-to-formulation journey of the AVEENO® Brand’s first ACTIVE NATURALS® ingredient: oat. I wanted to share it with you. Have a great Tuesday!

Video Synopsis
Feeling Beautiful ... Naturally!
1. Everything begins with local farms & farmers who produce & harvest high quality OATS.
2. Those OATS are put through a special milling process that turns the grain into an extremely fine oatmeal
(the same quality as the oatmeal you eat).
3. These SUPER OATS contain FIVE (5) vital elements that can be found in healthy skin
(a. proteins b. antioxidants c. enzymes d. vitamins e. lipids)

"I’ve used AVEENO® Daily Moisturizing Lotion since I was in my 20s but working on this project and learning everything that goes into their skincare products – how they are conscious of the ingredients chosen, how they’re grown, how they’re formulated – has given me a whole new appreciation for the Brand.  I realize that what makes all the difference is actually the story behind the products so it's great to be able to help share that story,"
- AVEENO® Brand Ambassador Jennifer Aniston


Anonymous said...

All those candies are making me droll LOL xx

Unknown said...

I should not be reading your blog this late! I just got hungry! lol


PAPS said...

I love aveeno too. I use it on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

AHHHHH I LOVE JENNIFER ANISTON. That gift basket they sent you is so sweet! Haha everything always seems to link back to your AVSB. You must really love beauty products. I can't believe you actually order online and see what other countries have to offer. I have never heard of Harbour City Mall but sounds like I will have to do a bit of research!

Mica said...

they send you the best gift baskets! It's getting really exciting to see what they will send you next - I kinda hope they don't stop sending you things so we get to see more, hehe! :)

And of course, I want chocolate now :P

Away From Blue

Nails My Dreams said...

Kitkat! M&Ms! Snickers! I know I should focus on the healthy part but *drooools*... I want to sneak outside and buy them. lol.

The Adventures of a Shopaholic said...

I love Aveeno <3


Jackie Harrison said...

Nice gift basket cool to get appreciated for your hard work.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

That was so nice of them, looks wonderful!! Such fantastic products!! Happy Tuesday doll xx

Unknown said...

Ohohoho I would love some of that candy right now! :D As soon as I saw it I started salivating! XD

Elle Sees said...

i need those snacks! ok, i need breakfast first but those snacks! hehe

Unknown said...

I supposed to be on diet..I cannot see this basket! lol!
Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

Emmylou said...

I've always liked Aveeno, but I think that vid make me like it even more:)
Kim, that gift basket is just too amazeballz!

Lilli said...

What a yummy basket you got Kim, I wanna grab a snack! The video series is a nice idea, have watched their first and is really interesting, oat is good for skin. You made me want to buy their moisturizing lotion soon, have used it in the past and I remember is great . Kisses xo

Kelly @ [Big Apple, Little Bites] said...

The gift basket is too cute. Love Aveeno products.

Sam said...

Thats such a lovely and yummy gift basket! Enjoy it Kim doll :) I haven't tried Aveeno products before, I am sure a few specialist stores carry it here but I haven't seen it myself. I appreciate your kind visit.

TheTinyHeart said...

Yum, enjoy all those snacks in the gift basket!

The Tiny Heart
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little luxury list said...

Chex Mix, Skittles, and Rice Krispies treats - yum! I love using Aveeno and oatmeal in more beauty applications as well. Thanks for sharing the beauty review!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Rachna said...

I don't know why but, I seem to be craving something sweet :P


ALLIE NYC said...

That is a great video, thanks for posting. Nice when companies are aware of the environment and what is good for their consumers.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Cee said...

Oh my gosh, Kim! I've been trying to eat a bit healthier but that basket of goodies makes me want to throw out all of my good habits and eat a Snickers bar - or five ;) You lucky lady!

Unknown said...

Looks like such fun. I have been trying to make slightly healthier choices but after looking at the package Aveeno send you, I might for for a treat. Enjoy.

Sara said...

CANDY!!! lol! You lucky girl! Man, I am starting to like Aveeno more and more because of your blog!

RaeAbigael said...

I want a popcorn box filled with sweets too! haha :)


Jane said...

the video has really great storytelling. love how they explained everything!

Harlynn said...

Awesome goodies!!
That's awesome of them to send you that. c:
Also fun facts!!


LoveT. said...

Amazing Goodies Box!
Also interesting Post :) ,love your Blog <3


Unknown said...

Great quality products!!!!i use them, this basket is so crazy!!!
so jealous!!


Darcy said...

Ahh is that a candy bouquet!? So cute, I love it!! Aveeno products truly are amazing. I love their lotions!!

Kashaya said...

Oh yummy! I want that basket.=)

oomph. said...

for years, the one thing i'd associate with the brand was oatmeal....oatmeal scrubs, oatmeal face washes. MUST be SUPER stuff :)

Svetlana said...

Oh, all the candy *_*
Such a pity I am fasting right now :///

Svetlana from Lavender Star // BlogLovin //
Instagram // Faceboook

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I really like how transparent Aveeno is being about their products and formulation. And that is like a gift basket of fun :)

Rowena @ rolala loves

tr3ndygirl influencer e fashion blogger said...

aveeno products are all goods! nice review
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Unknown said...

OMG, that's so cute they sent you that gift basket. I've actually been seeing this with other bloggers and brands they work with and it's a good idea. How could you not share that much candy. hehe. It's really cool you're working with Aveeno too because I've used their lotions a lot especially for my hands and my mom always has for sensitive skin. I love that Jennifer Aniston is their ambassador too. What a perfect spokesperson. :)


jo said...

Hi Kim, that's nice how they sent you a candy basket. They look yummy! I use Aveeno products too! So happy they chose you to be the ambassador! Thanks for your sweet words on my recent post! You're very kind.

xo Jo

Tina Bradley said...

I am a "farm to table" fan! We love dining at these types of restaurants when we travel. Great video. I was a farm girl as a child, so this takes me back. I also know it's true that natural ingredients do make better products. Enjoy your sweets, Sweetie! T.

ChristelPaola said...

Very cool! really craving chocolate right now :)

Samantha Mariko said...

what a great campaign! and how nice of them to send you a cute gift package full of goodies! haven't had a snickers bar in forever!

Unknown said...

I love Aveeno product, one of my people told me to try their Lotion and the skincare, I have been trying the Lotion is been great so far.


Looks like such an abundance of treats for you to enjoy. The video just makes me love the brand even more. :-) Have a great week Kim.

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

awesome treats! love it!

Jo Rashi said...

Wow...awesome treat dear...they all look have a lovely would be great if we can follow each let me know honey...its good to stay connected...:-)

Rebeca Muñoz López said...

I am very pleased using natural products, I feel safer using products containing natural ingredients, you are very lucky that basket looks delicious Kim!

Unknown said...

I really like when companies are open with their creation process, when they aren't I feel like there must be some dark secret. Very cute gift basket, too! Thanks for sharing!

miss b said...

Wow! So many bars of chocolate - what a surprise for you. Well Jennifer Aniston is certainly a good ambassador for the product as she always looks so well groomed and fresh. Interesting video. I like to learn more about companies like this. I think it gives us more confidence in the products.

Mo said...

How can I get cool gift baskets like you? No, seriously. ;-)


Coco said...

I want to be an Aveeno ambassador too!!! You deserve every single treat you precious!
Coco et La vie en rose
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fabulouspetite said...

I love Aveeno products and I want to be their ambassador too. This basket is a dream for movie junkie like me. I love popcorn too. So cute and yeah I like JA. she's ageless.


Emdem said...

Haaa, you make me want to be an Aveeno ambassador too just to have that gift basket! HAHA, yum! Is it weird that I found the first video inspirational (in an artsy way, and to make oatmeal! *growlll)


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