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Monday, March 3, 2014

Tokyo Milk: Let Them Eat Cake & Bon Bons Review

If you easily fall for pretty packaging, lock your purses and ice your credit cards. HaHaHa I'm about to introduce you to a brand called Tokyo Milk. Tokyo Milk is one of FOUR brands or "worlds" (Lollia, Tokyo Milk, Love and Toast, Library of Flowers) created by Margot Elena. I'm familiar with Lollia, because my favorite perfume (and I am NOT a perfume girl) is WISH by Lollia (here me rave about it HERE). Well, I decided to delve into the glorious "world" of Tokyo Milk. Tokyo Milk is both sweet & dark (the dark side has a femme fatale and fate & fortune section...mysterious huh!?! every "sweet" girl has a "dark" side *snicker*). I decided to stay on the sweet side for my first review. So, let's talk frosted & glittery cakes, bon bons, and sweet cream. These are beauty products with a sweet theme.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff)


The notes for this perfume are sugar cane, coconut milk, vanilla orchid, and white musk. Spray it. Let it set. Then sniff. It's light. It's sweet. It makes you smile. It's not a bakery scent! It's exactly what the notes are above. There's nothing loud or obscene about it. You just smell sweet, feminine and beautiful. I love it. This is a special occasion perfume.

Can we talk about the perfume bottle for a second? Tokyo Milk along with the company's insignia is inscribed into the glass bottle. You can also visually see a beautifully decorated pink iced cake, on a pink cake stand (through the bottle). So gorgeous.

What you'll find with all of Margot Elena's products is her attention to detail. She leaves nothing undone. I love her for it.

It smells like baked vanilla cake! The description is so on point. I can definitely detect the french vanilla and coconut scent. This lip balm contains sunflower seed oil, beeswax, vitamin E, aloe vera and shea butter. My lips stayed moisturized for hours! It's been 5 hours and my lips are still moisturized. HaHaHa The box is exquisite! There's a picture of Marie Antoinette on one panel. Her gown & headpiece sparkles! There's also a cake with glitter, on the front panel.

When you open the box, there's a quote! It says, "Where should one use perfume?" a young woman asked. "Wherever one wants to kissed," I said. - Coco Chanel Well Ooh La La! HaHaHa The little jar of lip balm is really cute. The only thing is you have to make sure your hands are clean or use something to apply it (contamination). No taste. Just scent.

This lotion is encased in a slide-out (matchbook style) box. It displays a gorgeous decorated cake on the front. There's also gold foil in and around the inner box.

It's a fabulous tube of lotion, that has just the right consistency for when it's cold or warm. It will work from season to season. It leaves your hands moisturized and feeling very soft.

The reason I only give it a sweet rating, is because of the scent. It's really light and barely there. The lotion makes your hands feel really good, but there's barely a scent. This lotion is NOT sticky or greasy.

I didn't know hand soaps could be so decadent and moisturizing! HaHaHa When you wash your hands, this soap lathers a LOT. It's creamy. It's rich. It feels really good to your hands. They feel moisturized. You're not grabbing the nearest lotion afterwards. They're that good. The soaps are lightly scented. Sweet lightly sugared & fresh. Full description in link above.

You receive THREE! Each is wrapped in a different wrapper: strawberry shortcake, frosted cupcake w/cherry on top and candy bon bons. The paper they're wrapped in is so cute & hearty! They're fabulous.

All of her products definitely make for awesome gifts. The packaging alone is pure delight. HaHaHa


Wow! I think I love the Sweet Cream lip balm even more than Let Them Eat Cake! HaHaHa It has an even sweeter scent. It contains the same ingredients as Let Them Eat Cake, but it's vanilla bean, spun sugar and carmelized cream.

It comes in a really cute box! The cupcake on it sparkles! Cute iced cupcake with a cherry on top, that's frosted with glitter. This lip balm lasts hours on hours. Again, 5 hours and still going. HaHaHa A real delight. No taste. Just scent. The quote for this one, "is not a kiss the very autograph of love?" - Henry Finck. Fabulous details! No taste. Just scent.

Hope you enjoyed! Have a great Monday!
All products reviewed were purchased by me.



Anonymous said...

Lovely <3

Emma Henderson said...

That perfume sounds delicious! I've tried this brands lip balm in the past and really liked it. X

Mica T said...

Such cute packaging, especially the perfume! :)

I really like how the lipbalms have the scent but note the taste - would mean I'd be less tempted to lick it off all day, hehe! :)

Away From Blue

The Dainty Dolls House said...

These sound absolutely wonderful...love the themes and wrapping as well, gorgeous products and they work too, makes it even better! Am happy you enjoyed them...I hope you get better doll, I know the flu is no fun...take good care, rest when you can. A big hug from me to you!! Love you too doll :)

Anne said...

What adorable fun packaging....hope you have a lovely week Kim:)

Harlynn said...

Oh my gosh that perfume!
Gimme gimme gimme! XD


Emmylou said...

Oh...em...gee. What a super duper cute line. Kim, you were right to warn us!!! I want them all!

PS Love that quote from Coco Chanel in one of the lip balms:)

Lilli said...

Hi Kim! You know how much love sweet stuff too, Id love to grab each products now! Love the packacing, when a brand put much effort also to details, it has more points for me. The product inspires me most is the perfume, I really want to try it. Im reading Kizzy comment and Im sorry you arent well dear, hope you get better soon. Stay warm and take care, tons of hgus dear xo

Kelly @ [Big Apple, Little Bites] said...

I love flavored soaps. And you're righy: the packaging is too cute.

I also may have to try the Wish perfume you linked to bc I've never been a perfume girl either but I'm trying find one I like!

Jackie Harrison said...

All items look amazing love the packaging.

Natalia | Fashioned by Love said...

Aw, they are so pretty, especially love the soaps and balm packaging! Thank you for the review and all the photos, Kim! Hope you had a great weekend. x

Sam said...

Where do you find these amazing beauty brands, its impossible to say no to all this sweetness! Feel better soon darling.

miss b said...

I've probably said before here that I'm drawn to gorgeous packaging and you know about my love of cupcakes etc. so just looking at these products has me hooked! The lip balm and the hand cream would be two items I would try. Thanks for introducing us to such cute and original products, Kim. Hope your week goes well!

Dee Kay said...

These look so yum! Great review Kim and love the packaging, very fun and great attention to detail!
Ms Dee Kay

MaysaAndSunshine said...

Awesome reviews Kim. I came across this line a few months ago at a random boutique and the name really caught my attention. I sampled at least 5 scents and loved them. Cant remember which one was my fave though. Good to know the other products are great too.

Adeola Naomi Aderemi said...

OH MINE OH MINE!!! This review make me want to go get them!!!

TheTinyHeart said...

Those lip balms are calling my name! When I was younger I had a Lip Smacker (remember those?) that was cake scented...these remind me of it!

The Tiny Heart
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Rainbow Gatherer said...

how I wish I could try that lip balm, they all look adorable :)

alexis said...

Okay, I could barely focus through this review, as it left me craving chocolate. Seriously, I looked over at my husband and asked him to run out and get me a bar (he declined)…. clearly a "super sweet" line!

~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

Alicia Mackin said...

Ah again for me it is the packaging that gets me. I generally do not care for food scented beauty products with the exception of cucumber I love that scent. But these products would make wonderful gifts for those that do.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Who is that Girl Mo? said...

Great packaging! You do know your sweet stuff. :-) I like how cake is inside of the perfume bottle. Cool!


Kashaya said...

Adorable products.=)

Amicia Rai said...

Gorgeous products as always, and they always make my mouth water even though they aren't actually edible! :D

Jane said...

love the packaging. i totally bookmarked their site and i can't wait to check it out! thanks for the intro!

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I've only tried Tokyo Milk's lip balms which are divine. I didn't know that had such other sweet products which I will definitely be seeking out now. Thanks for the review Kim!

Rowena @ rolala loves

LoveT. said...

Love the wonderful Packaging! Thank you for the great Review ,love your Blog :)


Sara Gerard said...

I SO need to check out their perfume! That sounds so wonderful, and I am always on the hunt for new scents!

inge said...

I have smelt the perfume and it is lovely. I also like any hand dream with Shea butter. Lucky you with weather in the 70's. Have a lovely week Kim.

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

adore the packaging. Great stuff! =D


Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots) said...

Everything is so pretty and sounds fabulous. I want to buy everything! Going to un-ice my credit cards now haha.


Tanya W. said...

Your reviews are really much got me into it somehow, the way you talked about it. Just like this one, the bottom of the Perfume is looking cute, the smell sounds pretty sweet! happy March Kim! ox


Anya Jensen said...

I love these - so cute and nice :)
Happy Monday dear Kim,

Lauren Michelle Major said...

I think I would want to eat these if I got them! They sound like the smell so delicious. That perfume sounds especially good. :)


jenn f said...

!!! i've wanted to try this brand for a long time. there's a store in toroonto that carries some of their perfumes but i haven never setllted on one. this latest collection sounds decadent!
A Beautiful Zen

Corinne said...

What lovely packaging. As always, more cute things on your blog.

Corinne x

Ozden Ozdogan said...

OMG!! These are just sooo cutee and their packaging as well.I need these in my life hehehe
Style Of OzOz
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Rebeca Muñoz López said...

This products is so cute!


Pamela RG said...

This product is so unique. Looks so pretty and sweet too. I bet they smell so good.

Cee said...

I am obsessed with Tokyo Milk - at first I just fell for the cute packaging when I was browsing a local boutique years ago but when I tried the products, it was the quality and the incredible scents that kept me coming back. Thanks for a great review, Kim!

jo said...

Kim, you always find the coolest and cutest items!

xo Jo


Rakhshanda Rizvi said...

Hi Kim, Your reviews are really much got me into it somehow, the way you talked about it. I would love check out their perfumes. I came to know that you are not feeling well! I'm so sorry for that honey, I wish you to get well soon! Take care of your self! Kisses <3

Leah Symonne said...

These look amazing! :)

x leah symonne x


Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle said...

I'll have to remember this brand, because I enjoy anything that smells like dessert. The name is cool too. I checked out its website - really good stuff. Thanks for the introduction.

Joie Fatale said...

I had a Tokyo Milk bon bon Balm...But it got lost in my move :'(
So sad, but this review reminds me that I maybe I need to go get one :)

Linda B said...

Mmm, yes, these all certainly sound like supersweet products!

The Dragonfruit Diaries

PAPS said...

Wow they look great. Where do you get all this stuff Kim? You always manage to introduce some lovely stuff.

Akiko said...

WOw such cute products! I haven't seen them before, but love to try them for sure. Thanks for sharing it :) xo akiko
Style Imported

Selina Kyle said...

I have no idea how you find this stuff kim! You always find the cutest products!
I love the packaging!!


Tara Honeybird said...

Nice review! This looks super cute :)

Nails My Dreams said...

For some reason, when I read the words "Let them eat cake", I immediately raised my hand and said, "me! let me eat cake!"..... lol. Sorry, I was a bit hungry. Anyway, products these days are sooooo adorably packaged. I want to buy them all so badly. Hihi.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I just want to eat all of the lip balms! Ohh and the flavor profiles - vanilla cake, perfume with vanilla and coconut milk - yum, yum!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

rachna sharma said...

the packaging looks really cute!

Anonymous said...

these all looking so lovely :) xx

Sam said...

Its always great hearing from you.

Carmen said...

OMG the musk sounds so good!

Kate Sullivan Corpuz said...

The soap & lip balm packaging is so cute!

always, koru kate

Akshara Vivekananthan said...

The packaging is so, so, so adorable. Anything with a sweet scent to it is pleasing for me! I need to try the Let Them Eat Cake Parfum!

Subha Bose said...

I want to try the perfume, all the other products packing is so cute n unique.


Corinne said...

these are adorable & awesome!
xx Corinne

Diva Desle said...

The packaging is so cute!!! I love the look of the lip balms and hand creams. The packaging is so pretty:-)

Manhattan Image and Style said...

Gorgeous packaging! Great review! <3

New Blog Post: [Outfit Idea] A Trendy Day

crafty-zone said...

wow, amazing products! I adore this perfume, great idea for those, who love sweets!


Tr3nDyGiRL Fashion Blog said...

darling :) your reviews are all always cute and yummy! i'm hungry :D
would you like to pass from my blog?

Anonymous said...

what a cute packaging, this perfumes look so good! Love your post as usual! Bye

Viky --- MySecretFashionPoison

Tina Bradley said...

These products sound so decadently yummy! Super-big hugs, Kim! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

Stephanie G said...

somehow you always find beauty products that look almost edible! the packaging is too cute x

steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

Samantha Mariko said...

Coconut, musk and vanilla seem like an amazing combination! those are some of my favorite scents at the moment :) The packaging of all of these products is so adorable, and the photos really show that! Great review!

Elle Sees said...

i have 4 perfumes from TM and they are ok. it sounds like this is the one i need! adding it to my wishlist, stat! thanks, kim!

Blond Duck said...

So cute!


Yes, I love the packaging and attention to detail. Although, I don't normally want to smell like cake, I would try all of these soaps, lol. Beautiful! I may get my sister some of these, she loves this stuff. :) Have a lovely Wednesday Kim.

Dale Janee said...

I definitely fall for pretty packaging easily so I already want to buy these, especially the soaps because I love how they're wrapped and how you say they're super soft. I could see these being such a cute gift idea for girl friends too in a gift basket.


Coco said...

Hello Kim! This is one of the most inviting collections you have reviewed: I'm a huge fan of vanilla, white musk and Shea butter, therefore I'd love to try the perfume! I'm also a lip balm addict - it's getting serious - and these cute tins are delightful! As for the hand lotion, I think it's a bit pricey for a hand lotion :-) tons of hugs dear
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oomph. said...

oh my...these are too cute!!! love the packaging!! this is the stuff you want to have on your vanity!

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Shea Coleman said...


I loved this review!! Packaging always draw me to a product and this package is fantastic marketed. I love anything that the lip balm has Shea butter in it. I am huge fan of it. I cannot believe that it lasted for five hours…I need some of that in my life!!

Lorena said...

The packaging is just exquisite Kim!

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