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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Soak It Up! What's Your Soak-In-The-Tub Regimen?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for AVEENO®. I'm a 2014 AVEENO® Ambassador. All opinions are 100% my own. I received a 12 oz bottle of AVEENO® Daily Moisturizing Lotion and a $100 Visa gift card for participating in the #AveenoDailyChallenge. Come with me on my three week personal journey, as I commit to activities that will help me de-stress, meditate, reflect, and take time for myself. I'll be using AVEENO® Daily Moisturizing Lotion everyday, along the way.

Challenge #4 - Soaking In The Tub... Is there anything NEW to do? A classic way to de-stress, is to soak in the tub. I was back & forth on whether or not to write this post, because I questioned whether or not there was anything NEW to learn. However, if blogging has taught me anything, there are ALWAYS new ways to look at things. Just when you think you've heard it all, someone comes up with something you never thought about. HaHaHa So today, I'm sharing MY soak-in-the-tub regimen and turning to YOU to find if you do anything differently.

1. A long time ago, someone told me to shower before I soaked in the tub. They said, "you don't want to soak in dirt!" HaHaHa So I've been doing it ever since. 2. I make sure my bathroom and towels are clean. How can you relax in a dirty bathroom? HaHaHa 3. I use a towel to rest my head, but if you want to get fancy, invest in a bath pillow (Google it! there are so many styles to choose from). 4. I use the Pandora app (cell phone app) to play music (safety: remember to keep all electronics away from water). 5. I set a timer. It's easy to lose track of time when you're in the tub. (I still have my ice cream cone timer - ebay). 6. I place drops of aromatherapy oil into my bath water. I like respiration, relaxation and meditation oils. Lately, I prefer aromatherapy oils over bubble bath.

7. I sip on water with lemon or a cup of tea while I soak. I know a lot of people like alcohol, but I'm always scared to mix a warm bath with alcohol. 8. I fill a small saucer with strawberries, blueberries, pineapple etc. to snack on. I like little sweets too, but I try to be good ;).


9. I like bath bombs and bath salts, but you have to be cautious. Not all are good for you and can cause irritation. I'm really loving these colorful ones by Feeling Smitten (all their bath & body products are sulfate, paraben and phtalate free). The colors alone perk you up. 10. Scrub-a-dub-dub I love an awesome scrub! I recently learned, there are scrubs and there are polishers. Scrubs are grainier than polishers. I find both beneficial. 11. I love candles, but didn't show them, because they can be very dangerous (they make me nervous). I always suggest flame-less candles for bath-time (check ebay or qvc). They're safer and give off the same effect (other than scent). 12. For some reason, I can't read books or magazines in the tub. Either I get droplets of water on them or product. For me, it's just not the place. Maybe I need one of those racks that go across the tub, but I would still probably mess the book/magazine up. LOL Lastly, I put on lotion. I'm really loving the Daily Moisturizing Lotion AVEENO® sent me. Thank You AVEENO®! So this is another way, I de-stress. Hope you enjoyed! I'll have another adventure for you tomorrow :)

Do you take baths? Share your bath regimen.


Irene said...

Wow, that's a real relaxing ritual! I had never paid that much attention to the act of taking a bath. It is something I only do once in a while and I just bother to fill the tube, add some scented salts and enjoy. But now I know better! I like the first step, showering before bathing to not soak on dirty water, very clever hehe. And I had no clue that there existed such thing as a flameless candle.

Great post, thanks for sharing, Kim! x

Anonymous said...

Holy moly I cannot be trusted with a bath. I drop everything in there from my phone and magazines to my toothbrush (why is my toothbrush even near the tub?). Fortunately, I'm not a bath lover! I know it relaxes a lot of people, including yourself, but I just get totally choked up by the steam and have to be out of there after about five minutes.

Just to let you know, I beauty tagged you so you might want to check it out and give it a go! I know you're really busy at the moment especially with posting every day, so leave it a while and 'de-stress' if you need hehe. Rosemary x


Natalia | Fashioned by Love said...

This sounds so indulgent (and those bombs are just the prettiest!) x

Maria Hussain said...

Omg....I love the bath bomb.....soooooooo cuteeeeeee......xoxoxo....:D

Mica T said...

Oh this sounds like a lovely way to de-stress Kim! :)

We don't really "do" baths here as we are most always in a drought, and showers are more water efficient :) Most units or town houses don't even have bathtubs! We do have a tub currently, but I've never used it once in the whole 5 years I've lived here, prefer showers :)

Away From Blue

oomph. said...

i'm not really a bath person. i guess growing up, my dad would always harp on us about saving water. he'd freak if i filled up the tub, lol. then as an adult, most of my places had only showers. i do love the idea of it, though. sounds so relaxing. i have a tub now, but with all of us (the kids) showering in it everyday, it takes too much effort to clean the tub before filling it!

The Adventures of a Shopaholic said...

They looks so good :D


Lilli said...

Hi Kim, soaking in the tube is one of the best way to de-stress and relax..I dont do that from ages, lol maybe thats why Im pretty stressed recently! But I prefer showers, faster. But you inspired me, this weekend I will soak in the tub following ur steps, I just need some new bath bombs and scrubs now. Kisses my friend xo

Jackie Harrison said...

Perfect post I like to soak in a bubble bath or bath salt.

Ester Ulaya said...

waoo this seems lovely...bathing should be relaxing


Pilar Bernal Maya said...

uuhhmm they're like candies!
new post: http://tupersonalshopperviajero.blogspot.com.es/2014/04/my-beauty-experience-with-massumeh.html

Tropical Colours said...

Aw I love this! It's super cute!! I think that it's a great little relaxing evening planned out! I really should start doing them more often :P
I love the lemon water idea!!


Emmylou said...

Gosh....I can't remember the last time I took a bath. Seriously.....the kids would be knocking on the door within a minute....heh!
Your post made me realize how much I'm missing, Kim:D

Fernanda Azevedo said...

I absolutely love to take baths, they are SO relaxing. BUT, I don't have a bath tube in my house so I can only do it at hotels ;-;

Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

Lynette said...

Hae to say, LOVE your photos ... And love your routine. My bath time routine basicly includes a soak, scrub and moisturiser . And an occasional body mask.


TheTinyHeart said...

It has been years since I've taken a bath! The only ones who use the tub are my dogs :) I always take a shower!

The Tiny Heart

Jane said...

a bath is always a good way to destress! i love taking them. this post is seriously making me want to pick up some bath salts and some candles. yes!

Rebeca Muñoz López said...

Hi Kim, just read your bathing ritual you made me feel relaxed, :3 So cute your ice cream cone timer <3


Stanislava E. said...

I don't have a tub at home and it has always seemed to me really exotic. Everything described above is just perfect for chilling at home after work. I'd opt for a glass of wine though. Also, I think taking baths is not only relaxing, but refreshing too. Oh, so nice!


The Dainty Dolls House said...

Oooh...I love a good soak in the tub indeed!! So relaxing...I agree, have a shower first and wash and stuff, then relax in the bath, don't want to bathe in dead skin, hahaha!! yuck. These photos are gorgeous!! Happy Thursday doll Xx

Vett Vandiver said...

I do love a good bubble bath with some smell good salts!!

Cheryl van den Berg said...

I must admit that I'm a shower girl, not a bath girl. But the scrubs here look so cute. And I've been drinking way more water with lemon recently. I dig it.

Joie Fatale said...

I love baths, but I like the Japanese style where shower first, then relax and soak.

Cee said...

I'm not really a bath gal - but every once in a while, a relaxing soak is just what you need. I like to get in with minimal fuss, just warm water, a few salts and a good book!

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Your baths are more fun than mine. I've been having mineral baths 2x/wk since I suspected that my vertigo might have something to a magnesium deficiency. I do a bath with 2.5 cups of epsom salt, 1/4 cup coconut oil and 12 drops of lavender oil. To detox, I add a 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide. I usually drink a glass of water before and after to prevent dehydration and I use my iPod speakers and bring in a magazine. I don't care if I get them wet LOL! I do come out of the experience all relaxed and soft. It's also been good for my bad ankle too :)

Rowena @ rolala loves

Anya Jensen said...

Amazing bath ritual.
Do you know - I don't know anyone who has a bathtub in their home here in Denmark. It wasn't until I moved to London that I had an actual bath in a tub. And I never loved it completely - I get bored so easily, so I soaked for about 2 minutes, washed and got out ha ha. In this country - we are way to 'green' to have baths, even though my Hubby (British) would love one in the Winter when it's really cold. LOVE your routine though, and your products ;-)

Darcy said...

We actually just moved into a new townhome so I have a bathtub for the first time in years!! I have not taken advantage of it as much as I should... they are the best!

Alicia Mackin said...

I still need to pick up that skin brighting cream from Aveno. It is still on my list!

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Jessie Langley said...

Oh my gosh that cupcake... is that real or a bath product?! Either way I want it!

jo said...

Kim, I LOVE all the steps! I take a bath once in a while or if I can't sleep. It's indeed soothing and relaxing!! I can't read either but I always have some relaxing music and Aveda bath oil. Btw, Love how you didn't realize those were my falsies (all this time). LOL!! You're too cute! Have a great day my friend :)

xo Jo


Danielle Styles said...

Great way to relax in bath! I also tried to read in bath but is doesn't work for me as well, but listen to music is also very relaxing!


Lauren Michelle Major said...

This looks absolutely awesome! I never thought of showering first, but I always feel like I don't really get clean from a bath, maybe that would solve it! I'll have to start doing that. :) Thanks for sharing!


Maddie said...

Whenever I go to the bath ( I also have a shower in my apartment) I always take a bath bomb with me! I just love the scent that remains on my skin for almost 2 days after using it! :)
And aww how cute is your ice cream timer! Adorable!


nancy @ adore to adorn said...

I actually don't take a bath but this would be very enticing!! haha


Sam said...

I don't usually take a bath, I find showers more energizing but reading this post makes me want to relax in the tub, how cute are those bath bombs!! I am thankful for your comment, Happy Friday!

Laura B said...

That cupcake bath bomb is so cute! I'm not a big bath person (weird I know), but I love scrubs and lotion afterwards is a must for me, too! Our little one uses Aveeno and we love it! :)

Lorena said...

Oh wow Kim, this sounds and LOOKS amazing..
I had my last bathtub bath about 3 weeks ago… its was not as soothing as yours looks!
I have a tub like bath at home but never use it, so i took advantage of the tub in the hotel I was staying in.
The thing is whenever I am in the tub, I cannot wait to get out!

Ozden Ozdogan said...

I definetely love your reviews and photos!! they smell so sweet :) I mostly take baths,I don't shower.And it takes a long time lol.Scrubbing your body is really refreshing
Style Of OzOz
Style Of OzOz Facebook Page

Jessica said...

I like bath bombs when I take a bath. And I always take a quick shower before taking a bath too.

Jane said...

That sounds so relaxing! It's been a while since I've taken a bath. I need to do it more often. So true about taking a shower beforehand, I never thought of it until someone mentioned it to me too, and then I thought about it and it made a lot of sense to me.

Linda B said...

Haha I never took baths exactly because of that reason. I thought it was gross to soak in your own dirtiness, but the showering beforehand trick would fix that! Now I'll have to try a soak in the tub :)

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Punctuation Mark said...

I haven't taken a bath is a long time... We'll, I don't have one at home... Ha!!! Your routine sounds fantastic and oh so relaxing!

Anonymous said...

great post dear :) i love relaxing baths ! :) xx

Anonymous said...

great post dear :) i love relaxing baths ! :) xx

Elle Sees said...

that timer is the cutest thing ever!

Missy May said...

Oh what a great way to de-stress. Great post dear and yes to always learning something new through blogging. :-) Have a good weekend.


Coco said...

Dear Kim, I take relaxing baths too. I just don't need a timer: after some 20 minutes hubby calls up the stairs that mommy time is over :-) sometimes I add oat flakes wrapped up in cotton cloth: the water becomes milky like Cleopatra's and your skin is baby soft. When I feel very tired and swollen (legs), I add like 300gr sea salt, to relieve tension and drain. Let me know if you try either :-)
Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

Coco said...

Dear Kim, I take relaxing baths too. I just don't need a timer: after some 20 minutes hubby calls up the stairs that mommy time is over :-) sometimes I add oat flakes wrapped up in cotton cloth: the water becomes milky like Cleopatra's and your skin is baby soft. When I feel very tired and swollen (legs), I add like 300gr sea salt, to relieve tension and drain. Let me know if you try either :-)
Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

Pamela RG said...

Looks so relaxing and soothing Kim. I hope you enjoyed it.

Jo said...

Reading this post of yours make me feel like having a bathtub! Everything from your ice cream cone timer, to the aromatherapy oil in the bath, to the bath salts and bombs, to the fruit snacks and beverage sound simply divine. I'm sure you have certainly learnt how to destress and pamper yourself more with all the Aveeno challenge.

I can't do anything in the tub too. My hands would definitely be wet and I don't understand how people read in the tub too. I would drench my whole book.

Selina Kyle said...

Oh, Kim! Where do you get these products from!? That timer is so cute!! :'(
I loved this post. Am bookmarking it for later ;)

Svetlana said...

That sounds super relaxing :)
I love eating fruits (it's so far better than all those sweet stuff, I mean, we want to do something good to our body ;I ) :)

Svetlana from Lavender Star // BlogLovin //
Instagram // Faceboook

Tina Bradley said...

Bath time is a fave self-care regimen of mine! Like you, I enjoy scented oils and bath bombs (Lush is my fave). I always light a candle, too. It's a must for a soak in the tub. :) T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

Samantha Mariko said...

I hear bath oils are perfect for relaxation! and that cupcake bathbomb looks edible - how cute! I also drink lots of tea and I drink a hot cup of half a squeezed lemon with honey every morning for good health :)

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