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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Jouer Long-Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick Collection Review & Swatches

This past Sunday, I featured Jouer Cosmetics in my Snapchat Favorites blog post. I didn't learn about Jouer until this year, but their very first products launched in 2004. Christina Zilber is the creator of Jouer and her daughter Amelie often helps her mom by modeling the company's products. They're an awesome duo and are based out of Beverly Hills, California. I learned a lot about Jouer via Christina's Snapchat Stories! Her snapchats are long, but she explains the ingredients, colors and performance of all her products: lipsticks, lipglosses, highlighters, eyeshadows, skincare etc. She really takes pride and puts a lot of hard work into her company. She's also not afraid to take a stand on various beauty topics. She also does a lot of community service. This is NOT a sponsored post! I'm just sharing what I have observed, since the beginning of this year. Below is my collection of liquid lipsticks from Jouer. I didn't purchase them all at once. She's offered discounts to Snapchat readers and I took advantage of them over several months. Below are my thoughts on EACH, as EACH has it's own "personality".

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  Jouer Long Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipsticks are Sweet

Let's briefly talk about packaging. Her liquid lipsticks & lip glosses are packaged just as you see here. Very sleek & sophisticated! Clear plastic (almost glass like encasing). Soft applicator. One side of the packaging (as all her products have) has a groove. ALL of her makeup CONNECTS to one another! So if you purchase a blush, eyeshadow, highlighter, lipstick etc. You can connect all four things. I thought that was a very SMART concept. Now the liquid lipsticks!


(matte warm deep pink)

Almost all Jouer products have FRENCH names! This has to be the HAPPIEST pink ever! I wasn't sure how this pink would look on me. But it turned out great and was very complimentary to my skin tone. It looks like a carnation pink. All of her lip products smell like cake. It must be a California thing, because Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kylie and Jouer almost smell the same.

Creme Brulee 

(matte warm nude)

Creme Brulee applied a little patchy. It took several swipes to get this coverage. The color is ok on me. I think it blends a little too closely to my skin color. It kind of reminds me of a ballet slipper. I think it would look better on lighter skin tones.


(matte cool muted violet)

I love purple! That's my color! The color Cassis is very refreshing. I don't have any matte violet lipsticks in my collection. It's soft and perfect for Spring & Summer.

Jouer Petale De Rose 

(matte cool deep rose)

Petale de Rose is another soft shade. It's a nice wash of color for the lips. 


(matte warm chocolate brown)

Noisette is what you would call a WEARABLE brown! This is the toned-down version of Kylie's True Brown K (Christina even said it herself HaHaHa) And she is right! It reminds me of a milk chocolate candy kiss.

Fraise Bon Bon 

(matte cool berry red)

This is a blue red and it is BOLD! I can rock a red lip and this one is beautiful! I didn't mention performance of these liquid lipsticks because I was saving my thoughts until I got to this one. ALL of them have staying power! They will not budge! Apply, but when they dry...they are glued to the lips! HaHaHa BUT THIS ONE ESPECIALLY! Three makeup wipes and I still had RED LIPS! HaHaHa From Friday to Sunday! This one will laugh at your makeup wipes. You better bust out the Micellar Water, Cleansing Oil and anything else in your makeup arsenal. I would only wear this if you're going to an event wear you want your red lipstick to STAY. LOL Also don't make a mistake applying this, because the red stain will be REAL! LOL


(metallic cool bronzed pink)

Jouer's metallics (the one's below) are exactly that! Expect shimmery lips! Some can be worn on their own and others I prefer as toppers. These cool tone metallics would look great on lighter skin tones in my opinion. I think the darker the hue, they start looking disco-ball-lip-ish. I love Praline. This is one that will compliment all skin tones. It's very pretty and I love the name.

Citronade de Rose 

(metallic ballet pink)

This is one that I think would look better as a topper. Pretty, but might be too much on it's own.


(mettalic warm peach)

Beautiful soft peach color, but works better as a topper.


(metallic warm gold)

It's a soft, beautiful gold! But I think it would look better as a topper.

You'll notice, that many Jouer products are labeled either COOL or WARM. Some of both worked for me. In my opinion, many of these liquid lipsticks are VERY cool-toned. So you should consider that if you're a more Warm Tone Girl. Through trial & error this year and year's past I'm realizing cool tones don't always compliment me unless they are a darker color. THE QUALITY of her lipsticks are EXCELLENT. The harder part is finding a color that will compliment you (especially if you're medium to a darker skin tone). Jouer is very diverse in their campaigns (I definitely applaud that). I just find her makeup compliments a lighter skin tone better (nothing wrong with that). That's just my observations and personal opinion after sampling these. But they're an excellent company. Also realize Jouer is a small company that is growing. So products run out fast and may not come back into stock right away. Sometimes it takes a couple of months. So if you want something, get it. They're sold at Nordstrom and these retailers.


  1. Oh wow they sound like they have incredible staying power Kim! Awesome if you want to just put your makeup on each morning and not worry about it until you get home that night, wow. Probably a pain if you want to easily remove it at the end of the night though, haha!

    That red is really pretty on you too - easily my favourite of the bunch :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Framboise has to be my favourite!! Not too sure about the other shades though. Very well reviewed, Kim! Love liquid lipsticks <3

  3. I love Cassis and the true red shade, they look great on you. These look so wearable and I love that they last for ages.
    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

  4. Great shades my favorite Petale rose is soft and pretty.

  5. OMG, these look sooo amazing!
    Can I have all of these, please? :D

    xoxo, Colli

  6. You're so lucky Kim in that everything seems to suit you! There are loads of these shades I want but I think the matte ones are more my cup of tea - Framboise is a beaut!

    Emma |

  7. I love Cassis on you, but Kim, you really pull off the blue reds! Love that shade on you:)

  8. That's a great colour selection. I am not sure about metallic ones but the rest are so pretty. My favourites are red and deep rose! Long lasting red lippie doesn't sound bad, especially when it is boiling hot outside.

    Ela BellaWorld

  9. There are so many reasons I don't wear a lot of liquid lipsticks but I had to laugh when you said don't make a mistake, because that's happened to me with darker shades of Colour Pop liquid lipstick before and then that colour is there to stay! I'm leaving liquid lipsticks to gets with steady hands because of that, ha ha ;)

  10. I love the clear packaging so you can see the color! It looks like there is a shade for everyone here.

  11. Wow these are so pretty! I haven't tried anything by Jouer. I like that they can snap together. The warm matte deep pink, the matte cool deep rose, and the warm matte chocolate brown are my favs on you.

  12. So many lovely lipsticks! They all look fantastic on you.

    Framboise looks gorgeous on you. It is such a lovely shade of pink. I usually don't like pink lipsticks that are very bright but this one is just fabulous. It is a noticeable pink that is very radiant but still looks natural....well, as natural as a lipstick can look, I mean it looks really sweet and lovely on the lips.

    Creme Bruelle is lovely too and it reminds me of ballet slippers too. It is quite close to your skin tone so perhaps Framboise is a better choice for you. It still is a nice shade.

    Cassis is amazing! I love violet lipsticks...and this medium violet ( not too dark, not too light) looks perfect on you. Such a lovely lipstick, perfect for both daywear and nighwear. This one is a great choice for any occasion.

    All the others are quite lovely as well...the metallics are pretty cool, but the one that really caught my eyes the most is the red one!!!!! Frais Bon BOn is wow! Dramatic red lip at its best. You made me laught with your comment- yes, I imagine one shouldn't make a mistake when a lipstick is that hard to remove...but we all want a lipstick with a good staying power, right?

    So, the majority of these is better for cold tones? Well, at least they do have a great selection so it seems that everyone can find something for themselves. I think I'm a warm tone girl, but I'm not sure.

  13. Cassis is a winner in my book, but they all look good.

  14. Great review and I loved how you showed a variety of shades and how they look on you. I have never heard of this brand until now. Thanks for putting it on my radar.

  15. All these colors look so pretty! Creme burlee looks right up my alley lol!! I loveee the Cassis and Petale de Rose color on you, Kim! Those we stunning! That's so cool how all of the products can connect to eachother too!! I've never seen that before so that's awesome. I agree that a lot of liquid lipsticks I seen look more cool toned, which I have a hard time with too!

  16. Wow all shades look lovely on you!! My favourites are Cassis and Fraise Bon Bon! :)


  17. Wow all shades look lovely on you!! My favourites are Cassis and Fraise Bon Bon! :)


  18. Amazing review! All of the shades look gorgeous and it sounds like a really nice product! I especially love Creme Brulee, Noisette and Fraise Bon Bon.

  19. I love those pink shades on you Kim! Lots of lip fun. Thanks for the review and have fun wearing them! :) Julie

  20. This is such a great review, Kim! The lipsticks seem to be of great quality and I love the color selection! I REALLY love the way Framboise, Fraise Bon Bon and Praline look on you especially, SO pretty! I also appreciate how you addressed the undertones of each shade, making it easier to select the most flattering colors for the different skin tones, very helpful! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you're having a great week so far!



  21. Matte shades have always looked so cool, I love the dark ones especially :) Great post
    My blog :)

  22. You're so lucky Kim because cool and warm shades both work on you so well.Thank you for showing so many of the shades and I'm loving the Framboise color. How cute about the mother daughter duo and marketing their products on Snapchat. I am still behind and not on it yet, but I'll follow you for sure when I am. :)


  23. These colours look so beautiful and pigmented. The colour Cassis really does suit you
    Vanisha xo

  24. I've seen Jouer products around but I didn't know much about the company so it was fun to learn more about them. So cool that it was started by a mother and daughter :) You selected some really pretty shades Kim! Fraise Bon Bon is especially gorge on you! And it;s good to hear that the quality is as good as the range of shades. I totally trust you when you praise a product!

  25. I agree that warm tones compliment you the most. I think noisette is the one looking best on you. Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST

  26. Such stunning shades! I absolutely love Jouer Petale De Rose, it is such a beautiful rose tone. I haven't tried anything from this brand...actually this is the first I've heard of it. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Keisha xo

  27. Literally been dying for Petale De Rose and Fraise Bon Bon. Like those two I I passed up on them when they were stock for a half a second and now regret it. :( But now framboise and cassis look amazing too! Envious of your collection hehe!

  28. I was unaware of this brand until now, it looks amazing. The color selection is pretty good. Great swatches and review.

  29. Kim, Beautiful Lip colors... great swatches... love them,.,.. xoxo, Neha

  30. I've been reading more reviews on this brand recently, I think yours is the third review that I came across this week. And you my dear friend, is such an enabler, I need Cassis in my stash! LOL! I don't think I have anything like it and it's such a gorgeous shade.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  31. Okay...I have been eyeing Fraise Bon Bon for a while and this has totally convinced me. I need it. You have enabled me hahah! Thanks for the super helpful review!

  32. Oh Kim, they all look so good on you. My favorites are the creme Brulee and Noisette. And yes it must be a Cali thing, :).

  33. Ooooh these are all so gorgeous! I'm especially crushing on Noisette and Praline - I don't think I have any shade like those in my collection!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Visit my YouTube channel!

  34. Cassis is such a pretty shade and it looks lovely on you Kim. xxx

  35. I haven't tried anything from Jouer, but the brand has been on my radar for quite a while now. These sound like really great quality! Cassis is such a beautiful and unique color, and it looks wonderful on you!

  36. The packaging looks very qualitative- I had never heard of this brand Kim.

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