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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Snapchat Story Favorites No. 5

Here's a round-up of my favorite Snapchat Stories! See others HERE
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 $8 Colourpop "Monster" Highlighter vs $30 Lancome Glow "Buff Lights" Subtl Creme Highlighter 

(via Jeffree Star Snapchat)

I couldn't stop laughing when popular YouTuber Jeffree Star called out Lancome on Snapchat. "Lancome is scamming us!" he exclaimed. Look at the swatches you guys! They do look like the exact same formula (highlighters)! Only the Colourpop is $8 and Lancome is $30! That's a huge price difference! Jeffree calls out people all the time! He doesn't bite his tongue. He use to be homeless! He worked for MAC. Started a YouTube channel and his own cosmetic line. Now he's buying Birkins!

New Products From Tarte Cosmetics 

(via tartecosmetics & glamtrashmakeup & chrisspy snapchat)

Tarte is releasing a boat load of products TODAY! LOL They keep coming out with makeup! And what's bad is that they are NUDES! You guys know how I love nude shades!!! They have a new eyeshadow palette, lippie paint, their version of the beautyblender, and new blushes! Also there's a release date for the Swamp Queen palette for ULTA. I ordered mine from Tarte. As soon as it comes in I'll swatch it. 

New Releases From Lorac Cosmetics 

(via Michelle of readysetsnaps & loraccosmetics snapchat)

I love Michelle of ReadySetGlamour on YouTube. She's so personable! She attends a lot of functions and what I love about her is that she actually takes pictures of the products and swatches while she's at the event. So many forget to do that! That is why companies ask you to come!!! LOL She shares right away! I can appreciate that!

New Lippie Collection From Laura Geller (via LauraGellerBeauty snapchat)

This lipstick set, which is new from Laura Geller is on

Foil Eyeshadows From Milani Cosmetics (via MilaniCosmetics snapchat)

Foil looks are definitely making an appearance. They do make a statement! Milani sent me their foil lip glosses to try. I liked them, but I don't know if foil is for me. But these swatches are beautiful.

Foils From Lime Crime Cosmetics (via limecrimemakeup snapchat)

Lime Crime is such a tease! About a month ago they showed the cute outer palette, but not the inside. Now they show the inside IN BLACK & WHITE! LOL Well at least we know it's foil makeup. I guess we'll have to stay tuned :S

NEW Colourpop Sculpting Stix (via trendmood snapchat)

Sculpting? Contouring? Isn't it the same thing? LOL Well these sculpting shades are absolutely lovely. I guess brands are making sticks because they're easier to travel with than an entire palette.

Pinky Rose Cosmetics (via beautyconsnaps snapchat)

Have you heard of them? I was watching Beautyconsnaps. I think they were at Phame Expo and all of a sudden I saw this VERY CUTE PACKAGING! Little crowns and such! Then I saw swatches of the lip products. I don't know if they're cruelty free, chemical free etc LMAO I just want that packaging for my makeup collection. Isn't it cute? I did find out three sisters own this company. I think they're hispanic and out of California. They bring a different touch to the makeup game. I like it.

Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick (via sincerely_mels snapchat)

Now, these Melted Matte Liquid Lipsticks from Too Faced have been out for several months. I love the packaging, but honestly I was all liquid lipstick out when they came out with these. I had already purchased a lot from other brands. But these don't look too dry and COOL GIRL is calling my name. Looks like there are 17 shades in all! So this is only a sample. I'll have to go to Sephora and swatch them.

Stila HOLIDAY Highlighter (via stilacosmetics snapchat)

Stila just did the makeup at the Lilly Pulitzer Resort Show. They also gave a sneak peek of their new highlighter palette. Coming out for the holidays! I bet we'll be onto a new trend by then :P

NEW! Smashbox MATTE EXPOSURE Palette (via smashboxsnaps snapchat)

Interesting! MORE NUDES! LOL I haven't seen any swatches! For my pocketbook, let them not be good! LOL I doubt it coming from Smashbox :D

Sephora Favorites Summer Crush (via sephora snapchat)

There are EIGHT more days, before it's officially Summer! I usually ignore these kits from Sephora! But this really caught my eye! Kat Von D lipstick, Fresh lip gloss, Urban Decay setting spray and more! All for $40! That's a really good deal.

Kevyn Aucoin The Neo Bronzer (via trendmood snapchat)

I've never tried his makeup before! He has a pretty contour palette! Well this is an ombre palette that will help you bronze, contour, blush and everything else. You can use only the ends....the middle... or all of it. Very different! It looks like there are two of them!

New Ofra Highlighter (via OFRACosmetics snapchat)

Another brand I've never tried is Ofra. They're coming out with a new highlighter! Here are the swatches! 

Limited Edition NARS Orgasm Blush (via narsissist snapchat)

I keep dodging this every time it comes up, but now I want it. It just never gets old. Do you like this blush? Yes? No? Maybe So? Doesn't it look pretty on her?

New Products From Eve Lom (via beautylogicblog snapchat)

I tried Eve Lom skincare products, but they didn't agree with me. I'm currently using REN. But I thought their breakfast set up was superb. Here are there new products.

Marc Jacobs Air Blush (via marcjacobsbeauty snapchat)

I haven't seen swatches for these, but they look very interesting.

Maybelline Master Strobe Swatches (via maybelline snapchat)

I briefly showed you this last week, but Maybelline posted swatches of the two. Thought you might be interested in seeing how they look. I like both.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit (via abhcosmetics snapchat)

Last week, she swatched the fair & light palette. This week she swatched medium & deep.

Anastasia Purple Lip Glosses (via abhcosmetics snapchat)

She also swatched her purple lip glosses. ABH gets it! WE WANT SWATCHES!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Duo (via abhcosmetics snapchat)

I thought this was cool also. It has a shimmery & matte side. Beautiful swatches.

In Other Makeup News
Huda Beauty is coming out with liquid matte lipsticks. Here are all the swatches for the Kylie Lip Kits excluding glosses & metals. Morphe has just released a gunmetal makeup brush set. NYX has cosmic lippies :D They also have a new double stacked mascara where you coat with mascara, then the white stuff then go back with your mascara. Don't ask if it works! LOL And some swatches of the NYX lingerie shadows. 

Coach x Disney Collaboration (via fashionista_com snapchat)

These are so cute! Are you ever too old? LOL

Blueberry Oreo's at Target (via target snapchat)

The flavor list for Oreo's is endless. LOL I don't even eat them :D

Popsugar Lazy Girl Post Workout Snack (via popsugar snapchat)

Love the snack suggestion. Now I just need to work out! LOL

Popsugar Foods To Eat For Glowing Skin (via popsugar snapchat)

Okay, so forget highlighting & strobing! Here's how to bring out your INNER GLOW ;)



  1. Plenty of snappy glad Jeffreie call out Lancome. Love the food
    Images so true you get so much benefits eating all of ot.
    Have a lovely Sunday

  2. I always find out about all the new releases from your snapchat posts! I don't own any tarte products, but I really wish I did, they look gorgeous! I've also heard lots about the too faced melted lipsticks, everyone seems to love them!

    Musings & More

  3. Oh my gosh!!! I had no idea that so many makeup companies had snapchats! It's probably a good thing I don't follow them because just from reading this post I want to buy so many things lol. Those cosmic lippies from Nyx look so beautiful. Those Maybelline strobing sticks also look beautiful! They remind me of the new glossier highlighting sticks, except of course, with a much better price tag ;)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  4. Gosh Kim, I always feel like your snapchat highlights get me up to date on what's hot and upcoming in the world of beauty. I bet that Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in Cool Girl will look fantastic on you!

  5. I love Jeffree and I keep refreshing to see his snaps! :D Never thought I'd like snapchat as much as I do now! ^_^ x

    Jadirah Sarmad at Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  6. Great selections Kim! Those foil eye shadows look amazing! Blueberry Pie Oreos? That should be illegal! They must be delicious. I am doing pretty good eating skin glowing foods although the summer is too hot for my green tea.

  7. Paletas com cores lindas amei as dicas

  8. Since you're sharing all these snaps, I don't need to be on snapchat :) Thanks for sharing!

    Ela BellaWorld

  9. Wow Kim, this is a lot of makeup to look at and thanks for sharing from Snapchat! I love these posts. :)

  10. ugh this post is so dangerous lol. This week I bought my first Lorac palette plus two liquid lipsticks (Jouer) plus another foundation lol. And this post reminds me of the rest of my wish list but nooooooo I am banned from buying makeup and clothes for... at least 3 weeks haha!

  11. I saw those new tarte blushes! And they all look like those neutral shades that I love and am a sucker for! That's crazy they made their own 'beauty blender' too, I'm duel curious about it, and their highlighter looks gorgeous! The Lorac highlighters look gorgeous too, and I'm so excited about the pro 3 palette, I can't wait to get my hands on it! The Milani shadows look pretty, I haven't tried any from them yet. LOL to lime crime for posting in black and white, but the packaging looks super cute. I love the idea of the sculpting sticks from colourpop, but I prefer powder products to cream! There Stila highlighter palette looks so pretty too, I'm feeling overwhelmed with the amount of highlights coming out that I want now LOL. I usually ignore those kits from Sephora too, but that one does look like a good set! The Nars orgasm blush is my absolute favorite, mine is almost gone! That does look very pretty on her! I think it's a blush that you either love or hate, and I love it. The coach Disney collab looks super cute! I always feel like my comments on these posts are so long, but I always have so much to say haha!!

  12. I love the purple lip series!

  13. I feel like it could be dangerous if I started following too many beauty personalities on Snapchat - just looking at this post made me think of so many new things I might want to add to my make-up drawer. But the most interesting snap was undoubtedly the first one. Like clothes, make-up is often made in the same factories but packaged differently, so brands are indeed scamming us. If you ever like a Chanel product, you can buy the same thing in different packaging from Bourjois.

  14. Cool girl is definitely your shade! Oh and i agree, the Pinky rose packaging is awesome! I have to try NARS orgasm blush some day too.

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  15. Oh my gosh! So many things to want! :D I've never heard of Pinky Rose before, and the packaging look sooo cute. And yes to NARS that blush. Also love anything Kevyn Aucoin, so I want that palette too! Gaaaaah! Your Snapchat recaps are oh-so-bad for the wallet, Kim!

  16. The ColourPop sculpting sticks look really nice! I'm just so lazy with contouring now. I also like the ABH highlighter duo and the Lorac 3 look sos pretty!

  17. So many things to buy, so little money to spend. I have Smashbox Full Expoure and that Matte Exposure looks right up my alley! I have been really loving matte eyeshadows recently so that needs to be mine. And OMG, I love Jeffery Stars, I know he's not everyone's cup of tea but I love how he doesn't censor his words.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  18. So many new releases! I can't keep up! That being said, I am really excited to go look at the new Tarte products. Gotta love Jeffree Star for keeping it real. A lot of these companies need to be called out, so good on him! lol

  19. That blueberry pie from Oreo made me so hungry, why here we havent those products!! Btw, still want to try the strobing stick from Maybelline, just this evening I checked out the store but nothing, Im waiting it. The TF Melted Matte lippies are to die for! xo

  20. There's more than two of us here who's going crazy over highlighters. Oh and that new mascara by Lancôme! I loved the Sephora Summer kit! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose (my website is under maintenance right now, you can come share some love on my FB page if you like!)

  21. I love Jeffree Star's snapchat ♥ he's always supporting other makeup brands even though he has his own brand to promote.


  22. I really have to get on the Colourpop band wagon. I keep hearing about them but haven't used them yet. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  23. Those new tarte products has my heart beating!! Loving the pinky rose cosmetic packaging. I have never heard of that brand before.

  24. Aha! No wonder Sephora had Tarte and Lorac palettes on sale - making room for the new goodies :D

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