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Thursday, February 15, 2018

All You Need To Have To Get Those Sparkling White Smiles

The state of your teeth determines a great smile and confidence of speaking freely in front of people, Yellowing of the teeth causes a person to lose faith in themselves and feel uncomfortable speaking or laughing in front people. Mostly the problem of discolored teeth is caused by bad eating habits; it can be due to lack of proper care of the teeth and also it can be hereditary. But the good news is there are various procedures and products that one can use to revive back the white and beautiful white color of their teeth.

Avoid Foods that Stain the Teeth
Some specific foods and drinks alter the color of your teeth, especially after prolonged consumption. Some of these foods and beverages include the wine, tea, and coffee. The foods that cause teeth to discolor are lemons, tomatoes and any acidic food. These foods cause the enamel of the teeth to erode hence causing the yellowing. Other things to avoid include the use of sweets or sweetened food like biscuits since they damage the teeth thus causing teeth decay. If you cannot restrain from eating these foods all the time, considering some are healthy to the body, eat them in moderation and always make sure to brush your teeth after eating them.

Lack of Proper Teeth Hygiene
It may seem like it's not a big deal failing to brush your teeth every day, but the behavior affects your teeth. Failure of cleaning the teeth causes the bacteria from the food to breed on the enamel thus causing the teeth to change. So, aside from resulting in bad breath, the growth of the bacteria also causes the teeth to alter the original color. So, make it a routine of brushing your teeth after every meal and use a medicated toothpaste. If you can't clean the teeth after all meals, ensure to clean at least two times a day.

Get your Teeth Whitened
If you want a quick remedy to gaining back your beautiful smile, then the best decision to make is to visit your local dentist. The dentists have all the necessary teeth whitening devices which work within a few minutes in retaining the white color of your teeth. Note that the doctor may require you to visit the hospital for more procedures to get your teeth white depending on the level of the damage.

Use Teeth Whitening Systems
If you don’t have time to visit the doctor to have your teeth whitened them a professional teeth whitening system is the best alternative. This is an easy to use kit that you can use at home to retain back your white teeth. One of the best systems to purchase is the pearly whites teeth whitening system which is available in various sales websites and outlets.

Get back your white teeth with the use of these procedures and products; they are easy to acquire and with available as well. When it comes to getting a whitening system, it is essential that you consult your dentist regarding its safety and if you are fit to use such devices to avoid further damage to your teeth.


  1. So many options! I refuse to quite tooth staining beverages but always brush after my morning coffee. I also do the swishing water around method while drinking red wine (that does double duty keeping my hydrated at the same time).

    My husband and I have been making our own toothpaste about a month now. Sounds gross but it works great and we know what is in it. I have not ventured into making a tooth whitening one yet. But have learned some unexpected things like tumeric is an amazing whitener! It stains everything yellow yet whitens the teeth!

  2. Too much coffee and wine stained my teeth and I tried a couple of remedies but nothing worked. Need to consult my dentist to find what would work for me!


  3. I’d love to get my teeth whitened! For now I just used whitening tooth paste and mouth wash, and a 5 minutes whitening kit!

  4. haha Kim, I could not stop laughing at that pic when I saw it in Bloglovin, I just had to click through to the article. Such a perfect one to accompany the post. Well done, and thank you for the giggle!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. Great recommendations, a good smile is so important!

    The Style Collector

  6. Hahaha...agree with Mica. That pic is too cute, Kim:D Anyhoo, I am really the worst lately when it comes to teeth coz I drink sooooo much coffee! Sigh....but hey, I'm pretty good with brushing my teeth so that balances it out, right? :)
    Happy Friday!

  7. I would love to get my teeth whitened professionally. Crest white strips are okay but I have sensitive teeth so even whitening toothpaste bothers me. I have a teeth whitening kit I have yet to use because its the mouthguard type which I'm just not willing to take the time to do.

  8. Such an informative post with lovely tips! :)

  9. Another thing that has a bad influence on teeth is anesthesia (it positively ruins them), antibiotics, chemotherapy and so on. I do agree that white teeth make a person more comfortable and certainly more confident. It is good to learn about ways we can keep our teeth white and healthy. I think we're happy there are so many opinions nowadays.

    This photo is adorable btw:)...gotta love that T-Rex and his shining white teeth.

  10. I need to finally focus on teeth whitening. I can't really change the colour of my teeth but at least maybe it can be brighter.

  11. I have already given up Soda and Coffee. Taking the journey one step at a time to have a prettier smile in the future.

  12. There are so many ways to avoid staining your teeth! Thanks for all of the tips!

  13. Very informative post, thanks Kim! I tend to avoid foods/drinks that are known for badly staining teeth, although we all have our weaknesses haha ;) Hope you're having a fab weekend!! x

  14. Heheh loved the dinosaur pic, thanks for the whitening tips :) Lovely post!!!

    Serene xoxo

  15. Good times. I'm proud of my dental hygiene but have been tempted to start teeth whitening to give my smile and extra glisten.

  16. I always pride myself on my teeth, but I always want them to be better haha. I would love to try out a whitening system, and these tips are all very informative.

    Have a good weekend :)
    Wandering Everywhere

  17. Letting go of coffee is the hardest for me!

  18. I used to be really self conscious about this but now not so much. There have been so many other health issues pop up the last few years that whiter teeth became less of a priority. That said I don't have overly yellow or gross teeth either. And I don't drink coffee or smoke so the main culprits that stain them isn't something I'm regularly confronted with!


  19. Thanks for these tips! Keeping your pearly, literally, white is not just for vanity purposes, but is also an indication of good hygiene. To help keep my teeth white, I also make sure that I get my yearly oral prophylaxis which, luckily, is included in our health card. :)


  20. This is such a informative post dear Kim. It's really nice that there are so many ways to avoid staining the teeth. I would love to try one of them. Thanks for sharing dear!
    Have a wonderful day 😘😘
    Kisses 😘😘


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