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Sunday, February 11, 2018

How To Be Fashionable While On A Budget

Whether you love to shop or not, we all have one common goal, and that is to look good. Buying clothes comes with high expenses especially if you are buying the latest designs or if you are buying from the high-cost boutiques. On the other hand, you can still look good without even having to purchase designer clothes with the aid of the following tips.

Focus on Quality
If you have set up 150 dollars to spend on your outfits, make sure you buy right clothes that will serve you for a long time. Sometimes we get carried away when we go shopping whereby we get attracted to buying the cheaper clothes as you can purchase different outfits within your budget as compared to buying a few outfits. But the draw side of this kind of behavior is that you may end up not wearing these outfits since they don’t fit your type of fashion. So instead of buying too many outfits that you will end up tossing or piling in your closet, choose some of your favorite and recent trend on the market.

Ask for Help
Not only do you get to have fun shopping with your friend but you also get the best advice regarding the outfits you buy. Even if you are shopper pro, getting a few tips and critics from your friend can help you in maintaining a good fashion sense. Keep in mind that you are getting an opinion from another party which is good for your fashion looks.

Shop Online
Online shops are the best platforms if you want to learn about the best trends on the market. This is because a lot of dealers have realized the need to sell their products online to reach out to the different customer in different regions. Even if you are not buying from the sites, you will get an idea of what to look for when you go shopping at the local outlets. Visit Tee Amazing to get a few tips and the latest shoe trends that can work with different outfits.

Have a Budget
This is an excellent tip for impulse buyers. If you are not able to control your expenditure when shopping, the best way to avoid overspending is a strict budget. Ensure that you carry the exact money you want to spend in buying your clothes and buy clothes that are within your budget. Also, ensure that you don’t have your credit cards as you may be attempted to use it for more purchases.

Understand Your Body
Knowing the kind of body you have makes your clothes shopping experience to be comfortable and fun. Not all trends can fit all people based on the sizes and the body shape. So, choose clothes that flatter your figure and makes you look good.

Whether you want to shop for fun or you would want to change your wardrobe collection, use the above-discussed tips to help you in controlling your expenditure in buying your favorite clothes. Have a budget to guide you in choosing the kind of clothes you like.


  1. I always buy or order from sales, either January or August and I find great deals!! 70% off everything makes me crazy haha!!!


  2. Very nice tips for shopping Kim, I always try to buy on sales. It's a very helpful article <3

  3. These are good tips Kim! I find shopping online best for the budget as you can always find an extra discount somewhere, haha!

    Hope you had a great weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. Very practical tips! You can never go wrong with d=focusing on quality and I'd add choosing classic styles as well.

  5. Great tips Kim! I used to love clothes shopping when I was younger and had a ridiculously large wardrobe. These days I love the ease of buying online and keeping my wardrobe classic.

  6. Great tips! I'm at the point where I'm tired of my winter clothes and I want to buy summer clothes.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

  7. These are some great tips. I definitely consider myself a budget shopper. I never shop without a coupon in the stores that I know offer them!

  8. I love these tips! Setting a budget and buying quality things are definitely important!

  9. great tips dear! I actually spend very little on clothes but I still get a lot of compliments, family members and friends are always commenting on my outfits. My trick is to always pay attention to quality. You listed that as one of the tips and I couldn't agree more. it is very important to invest in a few high quality items that go well with everything.

  10. Great tips Kim.
    For me it's been more about second hand shopping - its therapeutic and my bank account appreciates it-


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