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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Fresh Sugar Caramel Hydrating Balm, Lip Polish, Lip Serum Advanced Therapy, Rose Tinted Lip Treatment, Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy, and Cream Lip Treatment in Buff Review

Happy February Everybody! Isn't this a nice gift!?! Little Luxury List gave me Fresh's Sugar Lip Prep 'n' Paint Set ($39) and these beautiful Maia Ming cup & saucers for Christmas. She is the sweetest! Let me review each product for you.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff)

The Sugar Lip Prep 'n' Paint Set ($39) Includes:
  1. Two (2) Colored Pencils for Drawing - Besides the cute Valentine themed packaging, this set includes a red & pink colored drawing pencil and a beautifully printed scroll that has a man & woman surrounded by hearts. The message on the scroll says "With Love And Sugar Kisses" in both English & French. 
  2.  Sugar Lip Polish (Sweet)- I reviewed Fresh's Sugar Lip Polish in 2014 and I still feel the same way about it. It's an excellent polish. I especially love it during the colder months because it moisturizes really well. Notice it says polish and not scrub! Although it exfoliates well, it's not as strong as a scrub. It gives gentle exfoliation. If you need more (and many times I do, I will use a scrub). I love Sara Happ, LUSH and Good Earth Beauty. Also, I've recently tried Foreo's Luna Play which is excellent for exfoliating the lips.
  3. Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15 & Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy (Supersweet) - In 2014, I reviewed Fresh's Sugar Rose Lip Treatment. It's a really good lip balm that not only moisturizes but protects your lips with a SPF of 15. It also gives your lips a great wash of color (strawberry red). BUT MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE LIP BALM from Fresh is their Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment (no color). IT IS MY FAVORITE LIP BALM! It is EXTRA moisturizing and keeps my lips in check. I recommend it to everyone! So glad they included it in this set. I just keep buying it. 
  4. NEW for me! Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy (Sweet) - I've been wanting to try this, so I'm glad this was in the set. It's a serum, that you can apply to your lips either day or night. Apply one drop to your lips! Your lips will IMMEDIATELY feel hydrated, it will smooth out any lines and plump up your lips. This is done with out any kind of sensation, burning or redness. You will feel nothing but hydration. It dries quickly. To put it simply, use this (lip primer) in the mornings right before you apply your lipstick or lip gloss. It makes an excellent canvas and preps the lips for whatever you apply. The moisture does not last, but the way your lips look does. It's an INSTANT problem solver for your lips. I just wish the moisture lasted longer.
  5. NEW for me! Sugar Cream Lip Treatment In Buff (Bittersweet) - This is another product I wanted to try from Fresh. These Sugar Cream Lip Treatments come in six (6) shades! The color below is Buff. It is GORGEOUS (as you can see from the swatch on my hand)! The tube packaging is gorgeous! So why the bittersweet rating? The color really thins & fades out when you apply it to your lips. It's not the same (very faint) as when you swatch it on your hands. At least with this color. But if you don't mind that, this is REALLY hydrating. But if you want hydrating, go for the Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment stick or one of the tinted ones. 
All of these Fresh products are offered as FULL SIZE! 
But for $39 (this kit is still available on Sephora's website). This is a steal and a really good buy! 
Deluxe samples are a great way to see if a product is right for you.

NOT Included In This Set:
The Fresh Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm (Supersweet) was a deluxe sample I received with a Sephora order. So I included it in this review to share my thoughts. Doesn't it look like a caramel square? So cute. Well it looks like caramel (but it appears clear once applied to the lips). It's lightly scented like caramel. The texture even looks like a melted caramel, less the stick! HaHaHa This is SUPER moisturizing to the lips! It's very creamy. I just wish it wasn't in a pot. LOL Does it provide 24 hour moisture as it claims? I used it during the day, which was long lasting and overnight (I woke up with moisturized lips). It's really superb. I just wish it was in a tube (it probably won't because of it's thickness). The Advanced Therapy Treatment Stick will give your lips a lot of moisture. But if you feel you need more, then pick up the caramel hydrating balm. Have you tried any of these?



  1. Oh WOW the packaging is just the cutest ever!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I havent tried any fresh products before, but they look amazing especially the rose tinted lip treatment <3! Also how adorable is the packaging!!! <3 xoxo

    Serene | I Am Serene L

  3. Fresh has been a favourite brand for me for so long now. While I don't love every single product they come out with, I love trying them all and finding the ones that I really love - the gift sets they do each season are so great for that. I received a similar one at Christmas that I was so pleased with.

  4. So awesome that they're all full sized, Kim! I have to try that tinted lip treatment:)

  5. Very cute set! I have never really heard of lip serum before. Lately I am into making my own lotions and serums so I will have to look into this since I am not getting younger!

  6. This would make such a cute Valentine's day gift.


  7. These are adordable sets! I'm glad you have had luck with MOST of the items. I never tried their sugar lip scrubs before just their balm and tinted lip balm which I really like!

  8. Cute set! I've heard so much about Fresh but I haven't tried them yet.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

  9. I'm glad you reviewed these products because I had seen them a Sephora, but decided to skip them because I wasn't familiar with them and decided to purchase something else. My lips have been SUPER chapped these past couple of days. I tried making my own scrub from scratch earlier, so we'll see how that toes. I didn't really seem to take away all of the dry flaky skin. If it doesn't work out, I'll have to try some of the ones you've suggested and try that polish. I mean, it DOES look just like melted caramel, yum! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you're having a great day so far!



  10. This set is adorable and the cups and saucers are lovely as well Kim. What a sweet gift! I can't believe I haven't tried their Sugar Lip Polish yet. I always hear good things about it. The Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy sounds really good even though the moisture isn't long lasting. I need to add that to my try list :)

  11. Oh what a cute and thoughtful gift! I loved the description of the serum - I've heard a lot about serums for your face, but never knew you could get them for your lips. I need something like that or the hydrating balm for winter, I always get really dry lips! :)

    Hope that you have been having a good week and have a nice weekend ahead. It's been a bit crazy here! The weekend will be a good change of pace. :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  12. I’ve only tried a few things from fresh, but it’s always a brand I want to try more of! This set looks so cute and nice! I’m interested in the serum!! Thanks for sharing Kim!

  13. Oh wow this is such a great value, I've never tried anything from fresh but the hydrating balm looks so good!!

    Sam Hodgett || Beauty & Lifestyle bits

  14. She is the sweetest! I like her too Kim. I love Fresh especially their lip products.

    xo Jo

  15. Oh, this is such a beautiful set, The packaging is so cute. I have not tried this brand ever but it's looking a valuable brand especially for their lips products. I love the concept of the lip serum as our lips are very delicate <3 Have a great day <3 Kisses <3

  16. What a beautiful gift Kim! I agree with you that samples are an excellent option to see if a product works good!

  17. This gift is gorgeous and so thoughtful of her. I love the cup and saucer set. Too pretty for words. I want to come over to your house for tea, Kim. Hehehe 😊💕

  18. What a lovely Christmas gift! I love the bilingual note, it's so sweet, especially with that adorable illustration pattern.

    This lip kit sounds amazing. All the products included seem really nice especially the coloured pencils.

  19. Oh wow - this looks like such a lovely set! Loving all the items and there's something about sugar balm which I love especially during the colder months!! :)

    Layla x

  20. Ooh what a great review! I had not idea Advanced Therapy was so great - can you believe i haven't tried it? The caramel hydrating balm looks fantastic and I'll have to pick it up sometime!

  21. Well, one out of the entire set not being good is not that bad... the packaging is too CUTE!


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