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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Beauty Influencers Are Getting Paid What? Beauty Brands Are Paying What? Oh, The Beauty Community.

Hey guys! I want to share a couple of YouTube videos with you. I was on Twitter this morning and some things came up about the beauty community. So much so, that it has my head spinning. Marlena Stell of Makeup Geek Cosmetics, stated in a video that influencers are asking beauty brands to pay them $60,000 per video and $20,000 for one Instagram post. She pretty much stated, as a small company they can't afford to pay those kind of prices. She is going to start supporting micro influencers who are genuine. On a separate note & topic, beauty companies ARE PAYING INFLUENCERS to give NEGATIVE REVIEWS of competitors products!!! WOW. Just WOW. The second video is from YouTuber & Influencer PrettyPastelPlease. I really liked her video, because not only is she an influencer, but she also worked in marketing. She sheds light on the above situation and confirms the price points that Marlena talks about in her video. I knew top influencers were getting money, but I didn't know on this scale. I'm trying to look at this from all sides. Makeup and skincare brands take in a lot of money. Some may argue, why shouldn't they pay influencers big money? But I think the bottom line to all of this is authenticity & trustworthiness. Some influencers accept the money, really like the product and give a positive review. Other influencers accept the money, don't like the product (won't let you know) but will give a positive review. Consumers are now leery about top influencers and only trust a handful of them. They are also reverting to following smaller influencers (trustworthiness). I saw this bad climate forming a couple of years ago. People buying followers. Accepting any product and telling you anything. There's now a backlash from the public. They're seeing through all of these things and it's not pretty. I'm glad these things are being exposed.

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